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  1. You get points when purchase units in a quick battle. But how to translate the HOI points value in CM is another question.
  2. sypox

    Question about Javelin use...

    Can we expect a lower hit probability if the guy doesnt have the 'antitank' label?
  3. The 47/32 was an artillary piece.
  4. sypox

    CV90 Crewman, ask away!

    This is the trick for dealing with the sealed odor. Also washing the fish in fresh water will make the real flavors to make magic. Bottom line is to not be fooled by your nose. Same thing with fresh durian fruit.
  5. sypox

    CV90 Crewman, ask away!

    Is there a norwegian word for opsec?
  6. Touch objectives is suitable for probe missions. Objective to verify enemy presence or observe important road networks works well.
  7. sypox

    FOs Conduct of Fires Net

  8. sypox

    FOs Conduct of Fires Net

    @TheForwardObserver Nice videos! What do you think about the difference between the vehicle mounted vs the portable lasing tool. Is it out of scope for CM or do you think it could be modeled?
  9. sypox

    Wanted: CMSF mods

    Exactly. But where is the rest?
  10. Just installed Shock Force again. Epic game, but where is the mods? Repository replaced with 3 mods?
  11. Probably the best way to return incoming AGL fire is to find terrain with the least exposure to splash damage from sharpnel, like a crest.