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  1. After months in the making, I have finally completed my campaign Valleys of Death. It turned our to be quite an ambitious project, with 11 missions! The campaign revolves around a US Army light infantry company, manning a remote combat outpost in an Afghanistan inspired terrain. Unlike classic CMSF, which highly favors shock and awe and maneuver warfare, Valleys of Death deals with the issues of small units operating in a clearly defined AO. This means that, like in real life, you will conduct operations on the same map many times, with each mission focusing on different areas and objectives. By the end you will come to know the area very well, and this knowledge is key to defeat the enemy. Features: 11 missions A large 2X2 km map and 2 additional maps Modern counter-insurgency infantry combat Heavily inspired by Afghanistan related media (Restrepo, Taking Fire, etc.) Base game, no modules needed Download from Dropbox Please let me know ASAP if this link doesn't work! I'm not exactly a Dropbox wizz
  2. Is the ground texture a mod? Looks very interesting!
  3. Would be great if some one had time to do some in depth testing. Unfortunatly Im not raising my hand right now
  4. Very valid question. It can mean all the difference in the world!
  5. "Refitted" means filled up with replacement soldiers, right? I did a few tests in my campaign, and my problem seemed to be that then Strykers were knocked out and drivers/gunners were killed, a new Stryker complete with crew would spawn in the next battle. At least, if the Stryker was the only casualty. I'm fine with some wounded being healed up (they heal up, previously wounded returning to their units etc.) But the Strykers... In story of my campaign, it just doesn't fit very well that a whole new Stryker just magically appears after being blown to kingdom come... Another problem is that walking wounded soldiers don't seem to heal between battles...
  6. Could some one well-versed in making campaigns explain to me what exactly the lines "REFIT" & "REPAIR VEHICLE" do? Is it basically replacements for my Core Units? Like if I put both values at 50%, does that mean they will replace 50% of the units and vehicles I lost with new, similar ones? Or are we actually talking repairing damage (like damaged sights etc.) on the existing vehicles I just took into battle? And what about walking wounded, incapacitated, and dead soldiers? The manual is not at all clear about this, please help!
  7. Thanks guys, I'll get back to you when I have something ready, presumably this weekend.
  8. I'm currently developing a campaign for SF2 (base game - no modules), in which I try to do things a bit differently than the stock campaigns. Read about my ideas here I think it will have about 8 missions. I'm looking for feedback about bugs, oversights, and especially balancing issues. I think I will be able to release a test version this weekend (23-24 Feb.) Would anyone want to help me out?
  9. From my testing, it would seem like any Syrian unit from the "Special Forces" category require Marines module. Weird, since I seem to remember Syrian SF being on the base game. But now I know...
  10. Well I sure didn't use any Marine units, because I don't have that installed. I believe I used elements of a US MOUNT battalion (core campaign unit), some other minor us units, and Syrian special forces. I guess I should experiment a little so see what works.
  11. In the editor, it is possible to have US and Syria together on the same side, if you change the missions presets back and forth. Unfortunately when I did this, it seemed to corrupt the scenario, telling me I needed "Marines" to open it again. Wierd... Is there a way to actually make this playable, or am I just dreaming?
  12. It was a setup AI issue! Thank you guys!
  13. I deleted a ton of AI plans from the mission I based the map on. But I'll look more carefully into this.
  14. I didn't make a zone, but there might be an old one on the map I didn't catch as I didn't start from from scratch. It's not within the current borders of the map however.
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