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    Thanks a lot, appreciate it!
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    Hello I've played CM for a few years but have never gone into the multiplayer aspect of the game. How with CMSF2 one the way, I have a friend who would like to play with me, but I'm not sure what is actually possible with the game. I have questions! What is WeGo? It's mentioned so often, and I don't know what ot means. What is PBEM? (I'm guessing Play By E-Mail?) Can I actually play with my friend online through Join Network Game mode, or is it LAN only?
  3. How do you do that? Specifically the spy? Wont other units activate it as well?
  4. Too bad you can give the spy a touch objective only he could activate.
  5. So I'm guessing it was basically a counter assassination mission from my first post?
  6. With SF2 around the corner, I'm looking forward to playing with the editor again. However the standard, "capture ground" objectives can get a bit stale at times. What are some clever/different/interesting/alternative way of making mission objectives? Eg. Assassination mission Now, I'm sorry I don't recall the exact game terms. But if you reduce an enemy unit strength (eg. HQ squad) to a single man, and set the unit as a "unit goal" (am I remembering this right?) with a very high point award, you will win the battle when you kill him. Also add an exit goal, so your soldiers must escape, and the mission will be an assassination mission, in the style of the Bin Laden raid.
  7. Obviously "kill enemies until they surrender or time runs out, while at the same time capturing some target areas" is at the core of Combat Mission. But what "alternative" gameplay scenarios is one able to create in the scenario editor? And how do you make it in the editor? Examples: Assassinate enemy commander - give BLUFOR unit objective to destroy certain enemy unit (in this case, the commander). Points solely based on whether this is accomplished or not. Escape - Unit must escape from map by reaching an exit point. Enemy might be so overwhelming that resistance will be futile. If they do not make it in time, they will be counted as "lost". Done by making an exit point and giving OPFOR a unit objective to destroy BLUFOR.
  8. How exactly do Exit objectives work in terms of winning/losing conditions? I am trying to make a scenerio where I want a unit (alpha) to reach a base (X) to reinforce a smaller unit (bravo). Once the entire alpha reach X I would like the mission to be completed (cease fire). Is it possible to use the exit objective to make this a win?
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    Kieme's Maps

    The cars... where do I find those??
  10. Having played a lot of Shock Force, and just a little bit of Black Sea so far, I'm still not sure I understand how the AI works when clearing buildings. Let's say you have a plain 2 story building. If I send my men to occupy the first floor, will they (ever) spot enemies on the second floor? Can fire be exchanges between floors? If I send my forces to occupy the roof of a building, will they clear floors as they climb the building? What about buildings that join through a door, can they fire between room? Finally, what order do you use, when changing floors in a building that might contain hostiles?
  11. Yeah, but I can't edit the first post for some reason? But here's a new one: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=95489368985052445724
  12. Yeah I caught that too just after releasing it. But then I though, "Nah, people don't care that much about street lights!" I figured people would rather notice eg. the vending machines in the "Haystack" section. Or the plow in "Pallet". But that's no mistake though.
  13. Hi, I made a guide so you can easily identify the right flavor object your want to use for your map. It is made with game v1.00 in mind, so there might be changes at some point. Format: PDF file Size: About 4 mb. Can be found at: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=95489368985052445724
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    down load speeds 100kb/s

    I think it took 4-6 tries. Using Firefox, I just pressed "try again" after each failure, and the final time it's didn't take very long.