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  1. If you're still not sure where to start try to look at this. As you can see, the "new texture" is super simple. I just put the tiger stripe pattern side by side to fit the right areas and drew in some pockets. It won't win any awards, but it is a good place to start.
  2. It is actually not hard to make a simple uniform that looks half decent. You don't need to draw in all the wrinkles of the fabric or anything like that. Just pasting the flat texture in will look okay-ish.
  3. Oh okay, I like to try and get into it. You wouldn't have an example of earlier work CM I could study, would you?
  4. Okay I know about tranparence in pngs. But since the game files are BMP and can't be transparent, I guess that's beyond my knowledge to mess with.
  5. How do you do this alpha channel ting? Is it something everyone can do, like making new skins, or does it require specific programs?
  6. Time is a very challenging thing to calculate when designing. When I made Valleys of Death I could blaze through some missions in 10-15 minutes because I knew where to be careful, and when not to. Players probably took 1 to 1.5 hours to do the same.
  7. Tour of Duty is great. I'd never heard of it before I found the dvd box set in a raghead shop on base in Iraq. Watched it while doing my own tour of duty. For the record though, I don't remember hearing Fortunate Son in it, just in all other other Vietnam War related popular culture
  8. Just did some quick testing. I have only the base game, so not sure if things are maybe different in other versions. Conclusions: It seems as only taxis and cargo pickups can carry US troops. US troops can mount an empty taxi US troops CANNOT mount and drive an empty pickup. If US troops are set to spawn in a pickup, the original driver will be driving. Pickup driver leaving area indeed seems to knock out pickup So basically everything I said before wasn't really true
  9. No you can't delete the crew directly. I have often wondered why they didn't include it in this game. But you can remove the driver and place him somewhere else. So in your example, unless you're okay with some friendly uncons on the map, I don't see how you could do it. But maybe you could say he is from a friendly militia or something... I believe the only vehicle that has a strictly removable crew are the humvees in the Supply Platoon.
  10. Okay I'll be the first to ask what I know everone's thinking: WILL IT HAVE FORTUNATE SON IN IT????
  11. I think a boonie would be a better choice for VC. I really don't see how wearing a half meter wide, yellow hat would be a good idea in a jungle combat situation.
  12. Don't Syrian Airborne troops have individual NVGs though?
  13. So as far as I understand it, the difference types of troops are drawn from different slots in the game data? So while Syrian reserves and regulars might look alike in the game, their stats and looks come from different data? Am I getting this right? I assume you are basing US troops on Syrian Airborne because their skills and equipment would the closest equal to Americans in the Nam era?
  14. Well yeah, and tiger stripe camos ❤️ 😁 I'm not sure how much modding you are actually able to in this game. I've ever only made a re-skinned US uniform. Would it be possible to, in one desired, to eg. remove the helmet and have the soldiers with no headgear?
  15. I would be tempted! But probably a bit shorter this time 🙂 BTW have you considered LRRP units? Or would that be outside CM's limitations?
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