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  1. Could some one well-versed in making campaigns explain to me what exactly the lines "REFIT" & "REPAIR VEHICLE" do? Is it basically replacements for my Core Units? Like if I put both values at 50%, does that mean they will replace 50% of the units and vehicles I lost with new, similar ones? Or are we actually talking repairing damage (like damaged sights etc.) on the existing vehicles I just took into battle? And what about walking wounded, incapacitated, and dead soldiers? The manual is not at all clear about this, please help!
  2. Thanks guys, I'll get back to you when I have something ready, presumably this weekend.
  3. I'm currently developing a campaign for SF2 (base game - no modules), in which I try to do things a bit differently than the stock campaigns. Read about my ideas here I think it will have about 8 missions. I'm looking for feedback about bugs, oversights, and especially balancing issues. I think I will be able to release a test version this weekend (23-24 Feb.) Would anyone want to help me out?
  4. From my testing, it would seem like any Syrian unit from the "Special Forces" category require Marines module. Weird, since I seem to remember Syrian SF being on the base game. But now I know...
  5. Well I sure didn't use any Marine units, because I don't have that installed. I believe I used elements of a US MOUNT battalion (core campaign unit), some other minor us units, and Syrian special forces. I guess I should experiment a little so see what works.
  6. In the editor, it is possible to have US and Syria together on the same side, if you change the missions presets back and forth. Unfortunately when I did this, it seemed to corrupt the scenario, telling me I needed "Marines" to open it again. Wierd... Is there a way to actually make this playable, or am I just dreaming?
  7. It was a setup AI issue! Thank you guys!
  8. I deleted a ton of AI plans from the mission I based the map on. But I'll look more carefully into this.
  9. I didn't make a zone, but there might be an old one on the map I didn't catch as I didn't start from from scratch. It's not within the current borders of the map however.
  10. Sorry if this is a dumb question... But I'm building a scenario, and I deployed OPFOR (red) in the editor to spawn them in certain places on the map. But when running in Scenario Author Test mode the OPFOR is on location during setup phase. But the moment I hit start, the OPFOR actually spawn to the far Eastern side of the map! wtf!? They spawn just fine when playing as red. Is there anything I selected by accicent that might cause that?
  11. Great ideas. Will definitely implement those! Also got me thinking I should build a few more compounds with odd angles, just to mix it up a little.
  12. Hello I'm well underway in making a map which will be the location of most of the missions in a campaign. (I have explained the idea here http://community.battlefront.com/topic/134457-campaign-idea/ ) And since maybe 70% of the missions will take place on this map, it must of course be solid. It is not completely done yet, but I'm getting there. I'd be really greatful if anybody would take a look at it, and give me some pointers in the right direction. I am just looking for feedback on the MAP! Any units, objectives, etc. will be changed in final version. Location markers are just a brainstorm of ideas I might implement in the missions. Thanks! Download: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=10203666768401448600
  13. puje

    Campaign idea

    I do plan on doing something sort of like this. One of the early missions will be to escort an engineer squad to examine possible locations for a new COB. I will of course have artillery be an important part of the arsenal available to US troops. I'm thinking I'll get around the building damage mostly with barring the unit from causing collateral damage to buildings (I dont remember what the order is called in the editor). I probably can't make continuity 100% perfect, but if a wall comes down people rebuild, right?
  14. I've been thinking about making a small campaign inspired by Afghanistan documentaries such as Restrepo and Taking Fire. It would revolve around a couple of platoons stationed in remote COBs in a mountainous environment. I'm thinking I'd like to make one large map (maybe 2km x 2km), and have all the missions (or most) play out on the same map, just in different areas. It would mainly be infantry focused, so getting to remote places would be time consuming, and discourage going too much of course. Missions would mainly be patrols in the AO (I have a few ideas), and not so many pitched battles. Do you think it would make for a good campaign? Especially the one map idea, would it get too boring?