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  1. StieliAlpha

    Personal tank

    Just in case you guys need a x-mas present inspiration: https://mobile.twitter.com/cheddar/status/902995615675645952
  2. StieliAlpha

    Concept: Forum Operational Campaign

    Eh, sorry, I forgot to mention: You do not need to re-invent the wheel. All of your concerns have been tackled in countless board games already. I.e., the mechanics are there. The challenge is, to convert them into computer code.
  3. StieliAlpha

    Concept: Forum Operational Campaign

    See my previous post. For that you would need an umpire to set up the CM battles. BTW, I do not know if has been mentioned here already, but there was an attempt to build an operational level CMx1 game a looooong time ago. Unfortunately it was abandoned after a while. But one should find it in this Forum and it may be a source of inspiration.
  4. StieliAlpha

    Concept: Forum Operational Campaign

    Kohlenklau used an existing operational level computer game as overlay for CM. The concept in veeeery broad terms: - set up two teams of “generals” and “field commanders”, plus an umpire (aka Kohlenklau) - the generals played the operational level game - Kohlenklau would convert the battles of this game into CM QB’s, trying to capture the landscape on quickly drawn, pretty rough maps and trying to convert the operational level game units into CM forces - field commanders played the CM battles - Kohlenklau carried over the results - the generals played the next operational level turn - Life, Die, Repeat (sorry, I had to include this movie title) For practical reasons the operational level Campaigns were quite short, say 6 turns. And he limited the number of CM battles per turn. The scale of those battles could vary wildly. In my replay (we played just the CM battles and Kohl narrated the “in between’s”), we had a strange little night battle (with very little actual action. In the end, I won because I retreated off map fast enough, avoiding battle as well as I could) and a huge full scale attack on a town. Re „narrating“: In his original Campaigns, he did a very good job to narrate the operational proceedings so, that field commander, too, understood what was going on. And yes, as mentioned elsewhere in this thread: It could happen, that CM battles were “unplayable” in CM terms. I would consider that quite normal. I once played in a similar “Age of Sails” Multiplayer campaign. There we had the same phenomena: Many actions were not much fun for one side. That’s somehow the name of the game: “Don’t look for knightly feuds, but crush the opponent quick and dirty.”
  5. StieliAlpha

    Concept: Forum Operational Campaign

    Reminds me quite much to Kohlenklau’s approach. He used, what, Panzer General?, can’t remember right now, as operational overlay. He realized quite a couple of multi-player campaigns a few years ago. Good concept. Unfortunately, I only re-played one. But it was still time well spent.
  6. Don’t be impatient, my friend. Your guys will soon enough see, what they are up to. I sent the last on Thursday. And the next file is planned for tomorrow.
  7. Quite off topic, but these days are exactly the right time to commemorate Erich Maria Remarque. Another German writer in the ranks, though he wrote more about lost battles and souls.
  8. I quickky checked on Amazon. You can get all CMx1 titles there. Though for CMBB, they have mostly the (European) CDV version.
  9. Yep, this “contextualise” is what I miss, too. No really, that touches what I mean. For a good QB, one almost has to develop it into a properly designed scenario.
  10. Ah, and, following my previous post: I agree with Bulletpoint.
  11. Hm, one could ask, how “realistic” QB’s are, anyway. I find usually they are not too realistic. More “chess like”. Problem is for me: Normally they are meeting engagements with a rush to the VP areas, with pretty “accidental” force compositions. I know, one could try and set up attack-defense battles, but that would create similar issues with a different aspect. So, my conclusion: The Maps are not necessarily realistic, but often good for the “strategic games”, which QB’s are.
  12. StieliAlpha

    I need some help

    You may have to put CM onto your anti-virus softwares exception list. I remember, that was an issue for me, when I changed to a new computer. Strangely not for all CM titles.
  13. StieliAlpha

    Until we get Stalingrad digitally!

    BTW, do you know „Stalingrad: Inferno on the Volga“? A board game with probably the best Stalingrad map ever seen. Apparently the map is puzzled the map together from loads of aerial fotos.
  14. Hm, let me think about that one. I’ll find something. 😃
  15. Hehehechrrrrr, your treaser question triggered me. But probably, I interpreting too much German into the question. Let‘s stop the discussion or we‘ll end up with „tiny hands“ and „horsefaces“. 🤔