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  1. Did you see the gorilla in your first try? I have seen this in a few live presentations now, and never did anybody (including me) not knowing the experiment note the gorillas.
  2. Yeah...But waiting for them kept you focussed on the balls. 🤓 In a classroom situation, one would offer a reward for the right count. But that seemed to obvious for our forum situation.
  3. Smart reply. Watch this and keep your eye on the white ball:
  4. I don’t see much of a problem here. Only recently, I killed a Sherman behind a hedgerow, which my guys could not spot. I only had an „assumed sighting“ and fired a few rounds at the place. Most of them for no effect, but one shot obviously went through the bushes at the right spot. I only noticed the kill, when the smoke plume rose. On the other hand, I lost many tanks to foes, which my guys never noticed until the shell impacted.
  5. Yep, that‘s kind of shocking. Well, at least Germany is not alone with this issue.
  6. Hope you kept a copy of V3.12. That one was „highly acclaimed“. Some people still play it.
  7. @kohlenklau once created a T34/76 „Beutepanzer“ for his Malta-Mod, I believe it was for CMFI, to be used in his Malta Campaign.
  8. Yes and no. I gave up on CMSF and got hooked only later, when CMBN came out. But I, indeed, have two friends, who did not manage the transition from CM1 to CMBN.
  9. To support Erwin: Yep, CM1 was quite much a “game”, while CM2 tries to be (and very many ways is) a serious simulation. I cannot fully agree that it is easy to change from CM1 to CM2. Some of my friends gave up in despair. That was, however, in the old days, when CM2 was “less refined”. As Erwin indicates, the frustration level can be quite high. Trying the demos is certainly a good advise.
  10. I am still using FRAPS for CM screen shots and video clips.
  11. I agree with Kevin, unless you have very special requirements, any „gaming Computer“ in the USD 1000 to 1500 will do. Just look out for a sale, probably even if a last years machine, and you should get a decent enough quality and performance.
  12. I understood, it is supposed to disappear in April. Hm, that would probably be next year then...🤔
  13. Hi Kevin I did not comment, because I decided to leave it at that after your explanation. However, since you seem to ask for a comment: Ok, I took it as humor after your explanation. From my own experience, I am certainly aware, that “Humor“, especially “local humor” in a forum is a difficult thing, as obviously not everybody has the same background and the same sense of humor. That said, with my background and in the given context, I did find the perceived naming of Germany a PR embarrassing and the idea of trying to compare Germany to a PR indeed as „stupid“. Now, one could discuss, if „taxation, regulation and lax immigration rules„ make a place resemble a People’s Republic. Being an engineer and having achieved some things, I feel entitled to have an opinion: I don’t find the joke a very clever description either.
  14. Too much Tito? That’s where the “alternate reality” comes from? 🥴
  15. PR Germany? Never heard about such a thing. In what alternate reality does it exist?
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