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  1. Eh, are you coming? I will certainly be there with a few friends.
  2. Yep, there is a reason for the song „D-Day Dodgers“ (https://www.google.ch/search?q=d-day+dodgers+lyrics&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=de-ch&client=safari#sbfbu=1&pi=d-day dodgers lyrics) BTW, I have it as intro music to CMFI. Fits perfectly and sets the right mood!
  3. Just in case somebody happens to be in the area, i.e. Switzerland, southern Germany or eastern France, on 9/10/11 August: https://www.convoy-to-remember.com/ The „75th D-Day Anniversary“ Edition. So it sounds like a big show this year, with something 600 vehicles on display. I wonder how they get them moving in a convoy.
  4. I haven‘t read that far yet, but understood that the stakes can be quite high.🤢
  5. Yeah, but the game play.... I tried to play for a while in a group of British soldier guys in Bielefeld, Germany, a loooong time ago. Unfortunately, they were quite fixed to table tops. Ancients, IIRC. Anyway, one night during a session, they became quite agitated. Started mumbling something like “mega killing”. 😱 After checking rules and tables, the calculating started. And after only 15 more minutes they decided to remove one small unit from the table. 🤔 Needless to say: Being a board gamer, I was not too impressed. 😎
  6. Ok, then it‘s clear. I have „use of weapons“ and „the player“ in my „starter package“ and will follow your advise. Your description of „The state of the art“ reminded me to Horst Evers „Alles ausser irdisch“. Evers is a German comedian, one of those story tellers. “Alles ausser irdisch” is a “Comedy Science Fiction”. Quite funny, but with only a slight change in tone, it could be a dead serious science fiction. In fact, “Consider Phlebas” reminded me a lot to it in the beginning. Very similar, with all those strange people and technologies. Like “anything goes”. If you need a new rule: Invent one. Though Evers draws a somewhat brighter picture than Banks.😎
  7. Ok, I just finished Consider Phlebas. And must say: Whow! It starts somewhat slow, but ends action packed. Would certainly make a nice movie. Eh, what‘s next? Is there any specific order of the books?
  8. But I‘ll get back to the Culture right away. Still half an hour to waste in the train and hordes of homeward bound Swiss militia around me...
  9. Next to Ian Banks „Culture War“ cycle, highly recommended by @Sgt.SquareheadI started reading Orlando Figes „Crimean War“ today. I had it resting on the shelf since years now. Big mistake! Obviously an interesting and obscure topic, but easy reading.
  10. Ah ja, „Secret“ and „confidential“. Good that you say so...
  11. Eh, who is „them“?🤔 Just to make that I am not on the wrong side. But then, as I recall, a nuke blast does not really have sides. Now it really is time for the sun glasses.😎
  12. Well, actually I had Aliens and Predators in mind, but yes, strange Penguins,too:
  13. The guy narrating reminds me to a book, which I read a long time ago. “A Message from the Falklands”. Very recommendable. Basically a collection of letters home, sent by a Leftenant at Sea, who was stationed on the HMS Sheffield. Extremely touching to read how he changed from utter excitement to utter disillusion over a short period of time.
  14. Eh, as I remember, to us „not British“, it was made quite clear that the war was, at least partially, to maintain a foothold in Antartica. What other reason to fight for South Georgia? Not necessarily about oil, but everything, which may be found down there.
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