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  1. Sounds like you did not meet too many in your 400 years. Late 19th, early 20th Century would have been a good time to go and have a look. Later, you might even have been starring in a highly recommendable classic movie.
  2. It sounds like Markus Pöhlmann, a German historian, did a serious research on the topic quite recently. Unfortunately, I could not find his paper in the Internet, only some references to his works and the corresponding case study in his book about the developement of mechanized warfare in Germany.
  3. And then? Many Afrikaans speaking people I met, did not speak English very well. And the other way round, it‘s even worse. But it would be nice, if the South African‘s would have their lovely English accent.😊
  4. Well, sometimes it helps to read first. 🤔 The bottom line of the article is, that those charges did not exist, resp cavalry-armor clashes happened only by chance, when cavalry bumped into armor by accident. Like in the Battle of Krojtani, based on which German propaganda shaped the legend.
  5. Here‘s an interesting piece about the famous Polish cavalry charge in WW2: https://sz.de/1.2124860 Big surprise: It sounds history was quite different from what we remember from the movies. The article is in German, though.
  6. Hm, „sounds“ maybe. But I had my first encounter with them a few days ago and can assure you, it‘s more like a splatter movie. The first cut is the deepest, you know? 🤢😎
  7. Ah, very good. I was wondering what to grab as free audio book. Since you “strongly recommend”, it will be Excession, of course. 😎
  8. Never underestimate the power of an umbrella! The clip is in German, but you’ll get the message.
  9. Yep. Reminds me to a night exercise during my Bundeswehr time. We were stumbling through a pitch back forest, until one of the guys “found” a trip wire and started an amazing show with flash-bangs and fire from all sides. Would have been a very short adventure in RL...
  10. Just started to read „Use of Weapons”. What a change again! Another thrilling aspect: Seems to be very different from the first two books..
  11. Uff, many comments come to my mind. But let me reduce to some: - most of us players are “game dinos” - Single Player is quite ok. In well designed scenarios, the AI will whip your butt about 100 times. - Of course, multi player can be more interesting, but it is not necessarily challenging. - learning curve? Yes, but you have that in very many games. If you care, I can send you a looong list of games, I quitted due to the steep learning curve. - lack of doc’s: For each game there is a manual (I can send them, if you want). Skip through them, play the tutorials, look at the manuals in detail again, play some single player scenarios and then switch to PBEM (PM me, or else you should not have a problem to find other opponents willing to help). - and you are right into the “real life” learning curve. AKA, “I know what I should do: „but what the heck? CHARGE!“. 😎
  12. Jay, or what her/his name is, dreams in „Player“ about building artificial volcanoes on Orbitals.
  13. Yep, Mord describes it nicely. I used to have a nice pic’ where a Wasp killed a Sherman from 70m distance. And you could see muzzle blast and impact on the same screen shoot. In the same game a lonely guy with a MP defended a street crossing for ages. Hm, probably more like minutes. Of course, I would have dozens of similar stories. But you should rather experience your own. For me, in such moments CM shines. Though my nephew laughs at me, when he sees the graphics...
  14. Hm, good question. I did not care too much and thought “ Flere-Imsaho”. But since you ask: More probably a Mind in the famous ring, which was never really explained. Or the “ring Mind” actually was Flere-Imsaho... Did I already say?: The “anything goes” is one of the strongest concepts in the books. 🤔🤓
  15. I just finished “Player of Games“. Awesome, indeed! And a very unusual Science Fiction. Had it‘s length, but also many fantastic twists and turns. The only thing I missed, was a more detailed description of Azad. Hm, that’s probably too much of a gamers view. Looking forward to “Use of Weapons” and thereafter, I might grab an Ian Banks audio book for free. But then it’ll be enough Ian Banks for a while.
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