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  1. Though I mostly agree with your post, I don’t agree too/understand the above comment. The requirement for “civil authority” to finance projects, does not explain the current tendency in Germany to mess up large projects, aka the Berlin Airport, the Stuttgart railway station or even the renovation of the Gorch Fock, etc. One reason may be the (perceived) need to deflate initial cost estimates in order to achieve public acceptance. On the other hand, to deliver projects with public approval within time, quality and (reasonably) within budget works in other places (Switzerland comes to my mind). Anyway, to come to a conclusion here, would be a whole new discussion. And certainly a “political” one.
  2. StieliAlpha

    Stunning Air Footage of Vulcan Bomber

    There is a nice description of Black Buck 1 in the German Wikipedia (Though it is certainly not the most scientific source and Wicky’s link states, that many “known details” of BB1 are unclear or debatable). According to the Wikipedia article, 2 Vulcan and 11 tankers were necessary to bring one Vulcan to Port Stanley. Of those, 1 Vulcan and 2 tankers were “reserves”. A quite complicated re-fuelling pattern had to be developed, where e.g. the last tanker was met by outbound tankers to be refuelled on the return leg. That’s sounds like quite an exercise. Further acc to that article, the Vulcan carried 21 special bombs, designed to drill into the ground for a few meters before explosion. The idea was to create earth quake like ripples in order to damage the run way even with near hits. The article says, the Vulcan scored only one direct hit. Acc to Wicky’s article, it is being debated, if the Vulcan scored a hit at all. The main damage was done by a follow-up Harrier raid, which scored another three hits. In any case, the runway damage was sufficient to render it useless for Argentine jets. Though, acc to Wicky’s article again, it seems like the Argentine had given up the idea to station jets in Port Stanley before the bombing already. And, yep, it was a fairly “near run thing”. After the landing, the British Fleet was quite much confined in the narrow channel between the two Falkland Islands. Plus, the about 40 Sea Harriers had a pretty hard time against about 200 Argentine planes. Thus the loss of something like 5 major ships. Not to forget the landing ship Sir Galahad, which was hit while unloading Welsh Guards.
  3. May be. You know, people can die without clearvadvise. Therefore this highlight from a general field manual: “At a water depth of 1.3m, the soldier independently starts with swimming movements.”
  4. Yep, my favourite example from Bundeswehr field manuals for Armoured Reccon Troops read like: The “Panzeraufklärer“ makes contact with the enemy and fights them successfully.“ IIRC, after my service time the Bundeswehr tried to revise such non-sense.
  5. StieliAlpha

    Stunning Air Footage of Vulcan Bomber

    I think the intended message was, that the Brits were going in for serious business. Backed up a few days later, with the sinking of the „General Belgrano“. Another „Falkland War“ speciality: The first (and to date last) major war ship sank after WW2.
  6. StieliAlpha

    Stunning Air Footage of Vulcan Bomber

    Yep, that was one strange opening to a strange war. IIRC, they scored two hits on the runway, which were filled a day later already. But the message was quite clear.
  7. StieliAlpha

    tank shell flying

    Be careful with the design. Since water is incompressible, you will need a soft cushion between melon and armor plate. Say,, a layer of bananas.🤔
  8. Interesting, in a way. Quite true in many ways. But quite biased, too. What the author says is: We need a discussion, but the result must comply with my opinion.
  9. Right now? I‘d say they „could“ send a Battlion at most, but certainly not as one integral force, like a complete Tank Battalion. But what would be politically possible, aka accepted? After Afghanistan and Iraq, probably nothing. Certainly no fighting force.
  10. Yep, I know it‘s a thin line. But would you feel better if, say, the Vatikan could contribute 2 Swiss Guards to a conflict. Well, we are talking Swiss Guards, so we may triple the value. Let‘s say a 6 men contingent. The cost to incorporate such „contributions“ would probably outweigh the result.
  11. I cannot really agree with this statement. I don‘t see much sense for many small countries to invest in self-defense. The same goes for extremely poor countries. There is not much sense in buying an outdated jet and two tanks with the last Dollar you have. Or in case of Switzerland in buying 5 top-notch or 20 „not quite“ top-notch planes. Another somewhat ancient example: I do not know, what it did cost the UK to maintain a half-company of Marines on the Falklands, but I do think their three hours of Résistance were not worth it. Let me not be mistaken: I believe to re-take the Falklands was worth the effort. Without wanting to hurt anybody, I refer to amount of money, which Greece wasted in a strong Army to counter Turkey.
  12. Eh, not only recently the German government tried to improve. But too many f... (or better „not so good“) projects make the efforts look feeble. It‘s difficult to support, if new planes and choppers don‘t fly, new Frigates and U-Boats don‘t sail, etc. The latest is, that the renovation of a sailing ship turned into a disaster.
  13. Well, I do not live in Germany since a long time, but I dare to say the feelings are mainly „neutral“. Nobody (except for the directly involved) really cares and a soldier is usually seen as any other „worker”. Especially, I don’t think that anybody (including me) bought, that our freedom has to be defended at the Hindukush”.That was probably „The mother of all f.. up explanations“ and killed a lot of support.
  14. StieliAlpha

    Realism Suggestions?

    One thing, which comes to my mind are the mods, which make the Pixeltroopers lie prone. Can’t remember what the mod name is, but can dig it out on Monday. The mods do not make a huge difference, but add a little.
  15. StieliAlpha

    Assault Boats?

    Ouch, looks like you are right. I read through the Operation Hercules thread and found that Kohlenklau indeed wrote about “copying and renaming some files”, to produce the T34. There goes another myth down the drain. I could have bet on being right. Good that I did not.😎