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  1. Hehehe, nice one. Chrrrr...😂 But still, when we complain, that not all men fit into a foxhole, it would be nice to know how many men should fit into it by design in the first place. Otherwise, disgusting scenes like this one may result: BTW, note how one guy is pushed out of the foxhole, when it becomes crowded.
  2. That always was my understanding, too. The nice, pragmatic wargaming solution. As an indicator: I do not think, it is specified anywhere - what the effect on one, single foxhole is - how many men a single foxhole can take - how the „foxhole effect“ depends on the unit orientation - do the pixel troopers lose the benefit, if they poke out their nose - etc. The system is just not going down to this level of detail. In the essence, it would require the introduction of „micro tiles“ and micro management of each pixel trooper.
  3. That was my first impression. But I was not sure. Could not see it clearly due to the poor VHS quality. 😳
  4. I am reading Consider Phlebas since a while now. And I like it. It’s slow reading, but indeed, language is not the issue. The story is, hm, dense, complicated, with loads of weird characters. Luckily, just when I thought “This will be something quite “esoteric”, the action started. And, of course, reading after works, for an hour or so, in the commuting train, does not really help to ease reading.
  5. IIRC, “limbered” means it is not “deployed”. Currently in one of my games, I am „manually“ moving an AT, which has been „unhooked“ from it‘s transport in a save location and will have to “deploy”, when it is in place.
  6. I must admit, such „weird“ substitutions put me off some otherwise interesting CMx1 scenarios. I remember some Spanish Civil War Scenarios, based on CMAK (?, hm, not quite sure actually). Anyway, though the overall result may have been about right, they simply did not look right.
  7. Ah, thanks. Looks like I jumped to the end of the thread too soon. And, yep, after reading Elvis‘ post, I remember. Same procedure as with earlier patches.
  8. How does it work with the new patches and ongoing PBEM games?
  9. Whow. Great catch! Though, a little different from the Falkland War documentaries, which I‘ve seen till today. 😎 I found the historical part in the beginning interesting. I did not know or remember, how contested the Islands where in the past few hundred years. The rest, gosh, though it’s qitevfunny, it’s frightening. It seems quite recent and raises a certain fear of new and old nationalism. But probably Argentinians nationalists are not the most frightening nationalists right now.
  10. I would not worry now. Just wait for the next FI module (and, more important, hope it appears “soon”) and follow the instructions. Most probably it will be an “all in one package, anyway.
  11. Ok, my friend. I finally was desperate enough, finished some other stuff and had no books to read for days now, to buy the package of the first three Culture books. I’ll let you know how it comes out.
  12. Interesting, indeed. I read through it only to the end of the war, but there would be loads to discuss. First of all, it is „difficult“ to throw, even people with advanced military back ground, into a wargame with it’s own rules Even if, as in this case, somebody takes care of the „accountant work“, aka “logistics“. Plus, “untrained” teams were forced to take strategic and operational decision probably far beyond their scope. Then, this is not a game or scenario of a game series to end within two days. Plus, much more... But, I admit: Board games can teach a lot very quickly. I remember my first session of “Civilization”. Being a wargamer „by trade”, I started a border war with my neighbour. And we still fought our Stone Age battles, when the other players advanced to Iron Age.
  13. Never heard about it. But the Amazon ratings sound good. I am tempted to buy a package with the first three books. Is it as difficult to read as people say?
  14. Brilliant 1960’s (or so) Science Fiction. Luckily quite “de-dusted” in the latest version. It’s a bit like Starship Troopers, but much more serious. You can get the Kindle version for fairly little money.
  15. Gents, I just finished an updated (German) version of Haldenmann‘s „The forever war“. I read it first, say, 40 years ago and now again, in a sort of “Director’s Cut” Version. And the style has been adapted to sound a little more modern. I understand it‘s the same for the new English version I must say: Whow! I loved it then and I love it today. Especially the first exchange between aliens and mankind: “Why did you start this war? Who, we?”
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