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  1. Ah, no, rather buy it for the few bucks it costs. The series (not so much the movie) is pretty good and well worth the money. I am sure, @Aragorn2002 would support me. And, alas, somebody has to support “non Disney” productions..
  2. Honestly, I don’t think the Warsaw Uprising is an appropriate topic for CM, as it is not designed for asymmetrical conflicts. In this special case, there are too many “non-miltary” aspects involved.
  3. I recently watched the episode where Sheldon tried to play „The Campaign for North Africa“. Well, considering 1800 counters and 1500 playing hours, he did not come close too. Anyway, first time in my life that I even saw the map unfolded...😊 However, I believe to remember somebody mentioned here, that „Third Reich” was played in another “Big Bang” episode. Would anybody know, which episode that was?
  4. I just came across this yearly tank show of the „Deutsches Panzermuseum“ on You Tube. Strange, I never heard about that show before. You’ll find many interesting video clips about it on YouTube, like this one featuring a Pz I “in action”: In another clip, I saw a German mine sweeper on a Leopard chassis, which I have never seen before.
  5. Interesting discussion. My brother is currently struggling with the migration decision. My line of thinking is somewhat different from yours: 1) To carry on with Win7 will jeopardise the internet security of your machine. Probably not immediately, but increasingly. 2) New app‘s will be more and more not Win7 compatible. 3) The Win10 upgrade costs nothing and does not really hurt. I don’t know, what Erwin does with his computer, but to get a “working knowledge” of Win10 and some confidence to work with it took me perhaps 5h, certainly not “thousands”. 4) My advise to my brother was: If you are happy now and want to run your machine as stand-alone, continue with Win7. If you want to work online, rather change to Win10. (Or in his special case: Buy a new PC, which has Win10 only anyway.) I must admit, I did hate to change from Win XP to Win7 and every Win-upgrade was a little painful. But I certainly cannot imagine to go back to XP or 3.1, though both „worked for me“.
  6. As a quick answer: You can just copy the files. I copied my v3.12 games even to the same drive, before migrating to v4. IIRC, it’s a little tricky with BN, because it stores saved games in a different place than the other games, but that’s no big deal either. Search the forum, there is a description somewhere.
  7. I’ll certainly get 1917 on BD and wonder already, how it compares to “Im Westen nichts neues”, still my favourite WW1 movie. Even though it is almost 100 years old....
  8. Over this period of time, water supply should be an issue (at least in FI), too. But I was told a loooong time ago, this somehow included. Yep, there are limitations to the scope of CM.🤔
  9. Who knows, what world or time continuum he is talking about?😱
  10. I remember the discussion differently: Fox holes and craters have a certain capacity and pixelguys exceeding the capacity have bad luck. Meaning: They receive no protection benefit.
  11. Depends on the steel selected. As a very general answer: „Ordinary“ construction steel is normally good up to -20degC. Below, one would have to go with special low temp steel.
  12. There are a few French early war tanks in the Vehicle Pack. In an earlier thread, it has been discussed, if it would be possible to construct some early war scenarios with those, but I do not quite remember what the conclusion was.
  13. I agree, the guys on the wrong side of the wall should not happen. Same as many other graphic glitches. Like tanks driving miraculously through trees. Or showing the tank interior, when the tank is in the sectional plane of the view.
  14. Nope, meanwhile back in cold Germany. I‘ll come back to CM next Tuesday. But we should start a new one, unless you enjoy slaughtering my hapless infantry.
  15. Hm, I referred to Gettysburg only. But coming back to the OP, I tend to say, what we see in CM is an approximation only anyway and not intended to reflect „reality“ in all aspects. I.e., the guys on the wrong side of the wall, are an illustration for whatever could go wrong in the situation. E.g., somebody sticking his head out too long, or a part of the wall crumbling, etc. It certainly looks awkward, but wtf?
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