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  1. StieliAlpha

    champion du monde

    Hm, the championship became a little pointless, after Germany was out... But seriously: Congrats, your Team deserved it! 🏆🇫🇷 🎆 Ours, this time, not so much. But „I‘ll be back.“🤓
  2. What did I tell a client a loooong time ago, when he complained about our high prices? “We are doing this for the fun, not for the money...”
  3. StieliAlpha

    History accuracy

    Yep, it certainly has to be the right mix of detail and abstraction. Nice, that we found an agreement at last.🤓
  4. StieliAlpha

    History accuracy

    Ok, I bend to the experience. I never really played CMSF. But it was an example anyway. Too much detail is not neccessarily helpful.
  5. StieliAlpha

    Are AT guns too fragile?

    Sorry, mate. I took the week off from playing, to enjoy global warming. At the moment summer is just too good to play. I‘ll be back on-line next week or „manana, in‘ch Allah“.
  6. StieliAlpha

    Are AT guns too fragile?

    My answer may be a bit vague and I don’t know if it helps, but I remember a thread about moving AT‘s on a battle field. It started with a video, showing some re-enactors merrily pushing a 75mm PAK forward.
  7. StieliAlpha

    History accuracy

    Ooops, yes, one can read it that way too. Sorry, I was too much focussed on the search for „accuracy“. That always hits the button for me. A game is at best a model. And no model can be accurate in all aspects. If it could, it would be the real thing.
  8. StieliAlpha

    History accuracy

    Sorry, mate. I missed your post, which is quite much in line with my previous post.
  9. StieliAlpha

    History accuracy

    Impressive research. What confirms that is it true reporting? What does it tell us broken down to CM level? What about weapons distribution on Squad level? What does it tell us about effectiveness? What does it tell us about „game weapons effect“ vs „real effect“? What would it help us, if „the Game“ would tell us „there is exactly the right number of weapons and ammo for each formation and Nation“? Probably nothing. BTW (as I mentioned a loooong time ago), other factors are not portrayed at all. What about food? What about water (which should be an issue at least in longer FI battles)? My opinion still is: Too much Information is not helpful. CM is a game and feels mostly right. E.g., If it would have just an „ammo bar” nobody would care.
  10. StieliAlpha

    Are AT guns too fragile?

    Well, gunners in StuG’s and the like had at least the consolation of being surrounded by steel. If it does not help in practical terms, it gives at least a “safe feeling“. As for the military theoretic: Perhaps the professionals on the forum can comment. I stood only once in front of a gun drawn for purpose and that was suppression enough. I doubt especially the “real danger” part, aka „I think that’s nonsense“. There are too man soft factors to make such a general statement. Test yourself. Try to complete a difficult task when you are well rested and not under pressure. And try it after a sleepless night, hungry and under pressure. I am very sure the results will be quite different. To put it differently: Veterans should stand, when Conscripts run. But Conscripts may stand against all odds, if the conditions are right or they are just lucky...
  11. StieliAlpha

    Are AT guns too fragile?

    I would not say, the photos show that there is enough space to hide. As you say, there is barely enough space for one man. Imaging crouching behind the thin shield, trying not expose your body, hearing MG bursts rattling the shield, bullets zipping by, ricocheting left and right, dust and stones being kicked-up and flying around. Put a second layer of “normal” battle din onto that. I, certainly, would be impressed, eh, suppressed and would not try to act as hero.
  12. StieliAlpha

    How much do you roleplay?

    What? Really? Pretty good tactical series, well, since quite a while two families. The original branch with quite some Civil War games and the other about Napoleon‘s 100-Day Campaign. The games have some interesting concepts: - One can choose the his own level in the Army. Means you can lead a brigade, division or the whole army, as you like. - A Commander has very limited control of sub-ordinate or other units. I once played a Civil War battle as Division Commander. Had my line finally nicely arranged. And then one of my bloody Regiment Leaders decided, it was time for his Regiment to chase the Confederates over an open field. The rest ended in a desaster. - As indicated above, subordinates act very independently. As Commander you can „shout“ to nearby units and have them fairly well under control. If you want to direct units further away, a rider is despatched to deliver your order. I.e., the order anyway is delayed due to his travel time or the messenger can be killed on his way and your order will never be delivered or the message is delivered and then it is up to the receiving officer how to react to it. Obviously, he may decide to completely ignore your order. - you can „see“ only, what the currently activated Commander sees, adding quite some Fog of War. Interesting system, though it has a steep learning curve and can be quite frustrating. If you like Civil War or Napoleonics, check SoW out at Matrix Games.
  13. Eh, what does this pic show us? Except a nice structure travelling on rails. But that‘s a different thread...