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  1. StieliAlpha

    Radzymin Mass Pbem?

    This sounds interesting. Did you find any volunteers to move forward?
  2. StieliAlpha

    What Are You Reading?

    „Going strong into the desert“, by LtCol Mike Snook.
  3. As I understand, the v4 download includes indeed everything. You only need the activation code, which you receive with your purchase. However, I would reconsider buying the VP. There is not too much content for it. I know only a handful scenarios at best. There should be an old thread, listing VP scenarios.
  4. StieliAlpha

    Merry Christmas

    I just watched this brilliant international, French-British-German movie for the “umpteenth” time. Now x-mas can come! And, of course: Merry X-mas to all of you!
  5. StieliAlpha

    Operation Trident Juncture 2018

    My brother says, in his service time, they even used MG (1, probably), where the Swastika’s had been ground out...
  6. StieliAlpha

    Vehicle Immobilization

    You see, that‘s a nice feature in CM. You can employ any tactic you want, as long as the game supports it. 😄 Though it is advisable to agree on „house rules“ for a QB.E.g., the nasty „first turn strike“ is quite often an issue. As a final thought perhaps: Yes, many things happen in RL. But are they „statiscally significant“? I remember a story about a German AT gunner, who killed wounded and single handed 19 (or so) Russian tanks. Maybe true, but I would not make it a “standard procedure” for CM rules. But then, in one game, I had a “sole survivor”, who ruled a street intersection, with his MP, only for more than 10 minutes. Until he ran out of ammo...
  7. StieliAlpha

    Vehicle Immobilization

    Hm, I just recently experienced first a sand and than a rain storm in Qatar and only can agree: There is a „certain smell“...🤢
  8. StieliAlpha

    Vehicle Immobilization

    Well, my experience is about 50/50. Good enough. Eh, did I say, that I play in the lottery, too? 😎
  9. StieliAlpha

    Vehicle Immobilization

    I did not say “ Go through vineyards”. I meant to say, if there is need to go through obvious obstacles „Move slowly.“ And, in my example the Crew bailed out, moved into a building and then killed the US squad (moving in a little too fast...)
  10. StieliAlpha

    Vehicle Immobilization

    Oops, sounds like the argument is not very clear. Using fresh crews, to obtain intel: Okayyyy, possible but gamey. Using bailed out crews: Very gamey. I do not have actual experience, indeed. But if I imagine a 3“ (plus) shell exploding next to me, making me bail out of a tank, I do not think I would fancy to rush upfront again.
  11. StieliAlpha

    Vehicle Immobilization

    That reinforces my point: In difficult terrain, move sloooow. Which sounds sensible to me.
  12. StieliAlpha

    Vehicle Immobilization

    It was Qatar. And unfortunately, after their nice winter warmth, I already became used to the miserable winter cold of my Alpine retreat again. Otherwise: Why surrender? Come on and face the wall of steel! Eh, what? Not THAT wall.
  13. StieliAlpha

    Vehicle Immobilization

    My experience is, - if you are moving “fast“ in difficult terrain, it increases your chance of being immobilzed. - prior to being immobilzed, your vehicles usually „bog down“. Than it seems to help, to reverse. But you have only one turn to spot it and react. Re the „crew usage“, there are different philosophies. Of course, they are not Infantry, but may serve very well as spotters. They can be pretty effective in close combat, too. I remember one FI game where a 5 men crew with Mauser‘s mowed down a whole US squad. Unfortunately only once, thereafter the bullets were spent. Again, very effective in the situation, but quite „gamey”. Many people don’t like such gamey moves.
  14. StieliAlpha

    New to RT - help please

    Two more things: - set an exemption for CM at your security program. I don‘t think, that will solve your issue, but it won‘t hurt either. - while you wait for an answer: check the tech forums (fori? forae?). You will probably find your annswer there.
  15. StieliAlpha

    New to RT - help please

    One quick check comes to my mind: Download an install the Demo of another module, to see if it creates a similar issue.