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  1. Then it must be a shocking case of fake news again...🤔
  2. Here are some shocking news from the UK. Perhaps @Warts 'n' all can confirm:
  3. Here is a nice article fact checking the dangerous BS, this Wodarg guy spills: https://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/medizin/coronavirus-die-gefaehrlichen-falschinformationen-des-wolfgang-wodarg-a-f74bc73b-aac5-469e-a4e4-2ebe7aa6c270?sara_ecid=soci_upd_KsBF0AFjflf0DZCxpPYDCQgO1dEMph German only, but I guess you guys can handle the translation.
  4. I am sure you know the brilliant GMT board game about the topic. Unless I am mistaken, the only game covering this war.
  5. I remember it a little differently, but CMBN is „special“. IIRC, the trick is that you can „mirror“ the CMBN files somehow, to have all games accessible in one place.There is an ancient thread about this. Or ask @IanL He was involved back then.
  6. I thought so. No, they have quite different accents. South African English sounds to me quite much like British English, but more nasal. South African English spoken by the Boer community is quite different again. That sounds very harsh to me, more like Scandinavian or Russian English. Watch some Kevin Richardson clips on Youtube. He speaks a for me very typical SA English. NZ English sounds indeed more like Australian English, but not quite. But I am sure, @Warts 'n' all can explain the differences much better and in more detail.😎
  7. Just out of curiosity: Why did you chose NZ voices as replacement?🤔
  8. I tried to collect everything from Aris that I found. What I probably don’t have anymore are earlier versions of his compilations. E.g., in some cases he released collections like “All Pz IV mods” and updated them later. In such cases, I kept only the final version. If it helps, I can send you screen shots of the ARIS mods, which I have. Perhaps, I even find the time to make a proper list. Should not be too difficult. IIRC, there are rather about 100 Aris mods, than 200.
  9. I found a quite vague reference in Wikipedia, saying that “not all newly formed FJ Divisions did receive a jump training after 1942“. As for the Gebirgsjäger, I don‘t think they were all „skilled climbers“. I would assume they were generally „skilled mountain men“. It takes a lot, before you need to „climb“. It’s difficult enough to move in the mountains with heavy equipment anyway. That‘s not to say, that they did not know how to use their ropes...
  10. And I hope, I have them, too. But @DougPhresh has a good point. Is there a „complete“ list of mods somewhere? I have seen some scenario and campaign lists, but don’t remember anything for mods.
  11. Thanks for allowing me to think and believe, what I want. I do that anyway, but never mind.😊
  12. That sounds like pretty wishful thinking. I wonder how many people would remember such advise when the heat is on. The part about DYO-ordnance even sounds a little desperate. Along the lines: “We can’t give you the tools, but feel free to build some.” I was about to call it “Propaganda stuff”, but then remembered, to have read similar over-optimistic non-sense even in Bundeswehr field manuals.
  13. I believe to remember, that a long time ago one of our CM friends with practical experience said, that action in CM is in general about 4x faster than in RL. Such acceleration would explain an increased effectiveness.
  14. I would not worry too much. Those castles were built in the late Middle Ages, say 14th to 17th Century, when people shot with stone, lead and iron (mind you: NOT steel!) shot. Plus, I guess you don‘t want to create a siege scenario. The key probably is, to give the players no reason to fight for the castle. I would think in modern RL tactical battles, they just would be by-passed. And flattened by planes or arty outside the scope of your scenario.
  15. Yep, usually it’s good to read the briefing and be patient. But it can be difficult to restrain yourself. „The force is strong...” On the other hand, I am playing a scenario right now, where the briefing scared the sh..., eh, frightened me a lot. At the moment, I have an hour to go and the impression, that intel was a little exaggerated.
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