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  1. I can't catch your logic. How do you differ uprising at maidan in Kiev where people stand up by themselves and uprising in the east of Ukraine wich was lead by Russia? 100 thousand of people at maidan have to have thousands of toilets for monthes. They have to remove waste for monthes. They have to eat for monthes. This was not possible without support and organization. Do not tell me that unorgonized people can do anything against goverment forces in 21 century. Let's compare outcomes of unsupported and unorganized people uprising in Paris 2005 or London 2011 or Madrid 2014 or оcсupy wall street actions, with supported and well organizede uprising of people in Libia, Syria etc and finaly Ukraine. Russia did nothing in Ukraine for 20+ years. This is why all this can happen. It was not Russia who spent 5 billions in Ukraine. Russia was busy with it's own problems. The previous elections was legitimate. It was confirmed by international observers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ukrainian_presidential_election,_2010#International_observers Meanwhile It is previous Maidan (Puts Yuschenko in the president's chair at 2004) wich did not fix the problems you are talking. This is a bla-bla words about "all get along". Let's try to look at what countries of the world do rather than what they say. Suddenly it is just not possible to "get all along" only when there is some resources under the ground and the goverment is not our guys. Who cares about death penalties for homosexual acts in Saudi Arabia? Anybody care about quality of life there? It is not Russia who belive in world domination. World domination is done by someone else. Russia has all possible resources on it's own territory. Russia is one of very few countries who can get along indeed. Finally this is very offtopic here. I am sorry for that. I will not continue here.
  2. What do you think about hypotetical peacekeepers in Ukraine?
  3. We all can see results of encouraging in Libia, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia etc. It was predictable in Ukrain also. May be better option for people to not encourage them? Nobody will have to prevent in this case? May be better to not interfere into internal politics of other countries? I have no doubt that all people in the world would like to live better. There has to be better way, other than burn their country into ashes. And I think I know much better then 1/10 what has been life in Ukraine (sorry for my English one more time). It has been much better than today. Definitly. There were some months to new elections. There was no need for a Maidan. World politics IS a race for resources, wealth and security. An I can't help you. I do not think you stop anything in Europe.
  4. +1 No one has monopoly on truth. Except of moderator of course. The war can't proceed without support of Russia. I think so. It can be fact. Can this war proceed or be started without political and financial support from the West? No, it can not. It seems that it is fact also. Does the support from Russia make this war agressive? No more than support of France and Spain in American Revolutionary War (Foreign intervention https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Revolutionary_War).Or German and Italian support to Franco in Spanish Civil War. I can't imagine myself spending 5 billion USD to develop my competitors country while playing Civilization. Can you? In Civilization, the only reason for that is to fight somebody by other hands. But US goverment do so (starting at 7:40). Actually the whole speech is interesting. Especially, if you replace words like "right way" to "our will". So, this war is not so simple as bad guys vs good guys. There is no simple crystal clear facts yet in this war. Except of facts designated for this role by moderators of course. PS. Sorry for my English. I am working on it.
  5. Great news! I am going to buy it. Waiting for download only pre-order.
  6. Thank you Bill! Unfortunately, I have only one license key in my emails and on www.battlefront.com/store. I have opened a ticket in the helpdesk. Hope they will help me with the second license key.
  7. Hi, Could you please clarify for me some questions. I have bought a bundle of SC WWI Great War and SC WWI Breakthrough. The installer installed the games into different folders like they are separate games and not the second is add-on for first. I have two different launch icons. One for each game. I have to install patches separatly for the Greate War (1.07) and for the Breakthrough (1.03). Is it normal? Is the Breakthrough a standalone game or not? Do I need separate license keys for each one? I recieved only one key and it works for the Greate War, but I cannot activate the Breakthrough.
  8. Just hold shift while dragging (with left mouse button) a square around your units.
  9. Is it possible to make something with the graphics? I mean some times when my cursor is moved over a road I can see how terrain textures and meshes are changing to more detailed. It is not a problem when LOD is decreased on long distances. But it does not look good right under my cursor. I know the graphics is not very important for Combat Mission games. But I will welcome improvements on it. I do not need state of the art graphic technologies and effects like volumetric lighting. I just want more consistent graphics which will not distract me from the game.
  10. I already bought CMBN+CW+2.0. Bocage is an interesting thing for now. I can imagine how much fear the solders got when they have to assault bocage on the real war.
  11. Thanks to all of you! I have decided to buy CMBN. Actually I already done this. Bocage is just a new content that I was looking for. I am going to look at it by myself
  12. Hi all! I need your advice. I am trying to decide if a have to buy CM:Battle for Normandy or not. I have CM:Fortress Italy and I like it. But almost all battles are done. I am seeking more. CMBN has more battles; it has mach more in the repository then CMFI. But, as far as I know CMFI is the newest CM title. So I fear to miss some features that I like in CMFI. Is it right that after latest patches and upgrades CMBN is the same game as CMFI from the features and engine point of view? Cat I treat CMBN just as new content to the game absolutely the same as CMFI? PS. Just in case, sorry for my English. I am working on it
  13. Yes I know that. But it is not so simple as draging mouse over a terrain while Alt pressed.
  14. I do not know if it was already mentioned, but it will be good to have line of sight check tool. For example let us just press Alt or something and drag mouse over a terrain and check the line of sight. It will be great if such tool will not be linked to selected unit. It will allow to check line of sight before issuing the movement comands and it will be much more comfortable.
  15. Real test of laser weapon system. As you can see it does not cause instant damage. The laser needs time to inflict real damage. And the target did not do any maneuvers in the video. I think long time should pass before we will see real and usefull laser weapon systems.
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