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  1. I pay a lot of attention to who gets kills. Defensive fire is definitely more effective than offensive fire, which seems obvious and reasonable; Allied HMGs against troops in cover serve a mainly suppressive role; the MG42 is the most lethal, accurate weapon on the WWII battlefield; and HE is the big killer of infantry for sure (as history attests); but if you use fire-and-manoeuvre and have your troops advance to cover, within their weapons range and spend periods of time degrading the enemy with aimed fire, you generally get a fairly even mix of infantry kills on both sides.
  2. I think that's intended. The idea is that an observer can either supervise multiple pre-planned bombardments, or supervise one fire mission. So you can't have multiple active missions going at the same time. It's a little odd, and there are minor exceptions, but it's worked that way since the ability to operate multiple fire missions with one observer was changed.
  3. Is this with the same observer, or different observers?
  4. A Korean game would be fun in terms of the vehicles and units, but I could imagine the terrain would be a bit off-putting - hills, forests, cities, and farmland full of muddy, impassable rice-paddies.
  5. Perhaps one feature that could be allowed in future CM releases, to cater for the desire for ever-more-specific small units, would be to have weapons vehicles/trucks, the same way the game has ammo trucks and vehicles containing mortars, AT weapons and so on. Then, during the setup phase, you might even allow squads and teams to 'disarm', and then pickup weapons as the player wants. It would be time-consuming for the obsessives who wanted very specifically armed units (as it should be), but it would satisfy a need without required BF to program all kinds of obscure, case-specific units. This feature could even be able to be enabled/disabled in scenario and QB setup screens...
  6. Brutal - and I can only imagine how many times you had to pause the game to get that awesome shot of the canister so close...
  7. I wonder perhaps if this is a problem with older maps and a newer version of CM. I have been making and playing on a lot of maps in CMFI, so they are maps newly made for the latest version. I've come across this problem a number of times, but every time I checked, it was that I hadn't set the friendly edge correctly, and the AI was correctly evading towards the wrong friendly edge. Just as the houses-and-doors bug seems to be with some sort of file corruption or 'baked in' issue that has crept into older maps, perhaps the same thing has happened with this bug.
  8. An excellent read - thanks for coming back to it
  9. I would beg to differ - the graphics are extremely good, very professional (and once upon a time I did graphics for a job). You realise once I click on that (which I will) I won't get any university work done... 😛
  10. I just discovered this, thanks to @Heinrich505. A great narrative with beautiful graphics
  11. From the Allied perspective, the games get more balanced as you get closer to the end of the war; on the Eastern Front, even the CMRT base game offers the Soviet player (and I much prefer playing the Allies) some serious firepower. Panthers aren't that tough in CMRT...
  12. Hi Haiduk, your posts are super interesting, this one being no exception
  13. I've been playing CMRV (FI) non-stop and exclusively since the upgrade came out and I can't say I've been bothered by this. Panicked troops do random things - but not so much that it impacts my enjoyment.
  14. Cool - the subtitles really add a great narrative to it I love a good turkey shoot!
  15. I took the advice of whoever it was that was talking about how to model Ghurkas and bumped up all their morale (a lot) and command bonus (a bit), but left the experience the same as it was 'out of the box' (Indian troops set on 'good' come in at surprisingly good quality - I've been enjoying using them). I've been noticing over recent QBs that buying command bonuses is more expensive in points than increasing experience (marginally), so it certainly makes a difference in certain situations. The morale makes a difference inasmuch as he's been sitting there for a while, missed quite a few shots (those two kills didn't come in a row), but has kept on firing away with no suppression despite quite a lot of MG fire slightly nearby.
  16. The ongoing adventures of Corporal Bhatt My Indians in shorts are pinned down, from near... ...and far. But Corporal Bhatt, marksman, almost invisible in an overgrown hedge, patiently takes aim, and fires (this is his second kill). He then selects another target, who writhes in pain as Bhatt's bullet finds its mark again.
  17. You're definitely playing on Iron. It's fun, but it takes a lot more processor power...
  18. Thanks - great work! A real labour of love, and it really highlights how beautifully the map was made.
  19. I would love to see that PDF, but for some reason it won't download...
  20. Well, sometimes morale (or perhaps a bug?) will cause units to forget target commands even before panicking. I've noticed this with Pause, but it's probably just that an un-paused unit (this is typically mortars and MGs) would have displaced anyway. The only other side-effect is that they seem to be less willing to give buddy aid, but since that can be quite erratic anyway (which I wouldn't consider to be a bug), it's probably just 'confirmation bias', as the psychology students say...
  21. Once they get panicked, they forget all orders, including Pause. I often use Pause for units giving suppressing fire, to keep them from moving and leaving the attacking unit without support, but it's very much a double-edged sword - if they start taking enemy fire, they will stay in place right up until you lose control of them, if there are any left by then. The other good time to use Pause is if the troops have good cover (such as behind a wall) and retreating would leave them exposed.
  22. I think long sight lines are realistic and interesting, although they make for some tricky gameplay sometimes, especially for the Allies.
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