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  1. I'd imagine it's a little late in the day to be adding a new item as specific as this, but it sounds like a cool idea and it would be great to see it as part of maybe a vehicle pack later...
  2. ...even I got that reference, so it must have been pretty obvious... Can we please not spoil this thread by descending into the same tired grudge match - can't you guys go and fight a duel somewhere...?
  3. I wouldn't play it every battle, but when I'm in the mood, urban battles are fabulous fun. I think CM handles them well, any more micro-managing would be arduous - they're exciting and the slaughter is sometimes horrendous.
  4. They'd certainly be fun, but not really a 'must have'... On a lighter note, I manage to argue politics and history with friends and strangers all over the world on a number of different Social Media channels, and yet still not bring any of it into this forum. 😕 ...be like Freyberg...
  5. That Berlin shot looks incredible...!
  6. I didn't know that ! That's a nice frame in hi res - the silhouette just vaguely visible in the smoke...
  7. Cool story - and those are great images, well chosen for action and they look lovely
  8. I'm enjoying it too, as with all your AARs.
  9. If the question is, 'how do I buy only one of your products', the answer is not so clear (they do get addictive). But yeah - the online store is straightfoward and the tiny handful of of times I have needed help with an installation (in fairness, not for a long time, and I have bought every product, module and upgrade except Afghanistan), the gents on the helpdesk were cordial, prompt and efficient...
  10. I hadn't seen this image before - thanks Mr Kettler for your always interesting historical finds
  11. That's a really nice, realistic looking trench
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