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  1. It's an excellent scenario - I played it twice, first H2H, then against the AI. I can't remember the precise outcome of the H2H battle, but I remember it was exciting and close. It's an Italy scenario, so as Allies I was aggressive and used weight of numbers. I probably lost (which is not unusual), but I do remember it was very close. Against the AI (much more recently) it was also fun and exciting, with high casualties, but it wasn't too hard to get a total victory against the AI. I seem to recall it was a real combined arms operation. Using artillery was quite important, and once there were a few gaps in the German line or they were suppressed, there were some blind spots I could push men through.
  2. Many of the QB maps in Market Garden were particularly nice too, especially in comparison to the QB maps in the base game of CMBN, which were often rather minimal.
  3. I bought Commonwealth and the base game together and Market Garden soon after, so my recollection is muddled, but the British Paratroopers were new to Market Garden weren't they? And it had some wicked urban maps and scenarios...
  4. Admittedly, I've been a good a good customer over the years - I think I've bought all the CM games, modules and packs except Afghanistan - but this price is insane. First I bought the Shock Force 1 big bundle on special for the price of a restaurant meal for two, and now you've basically sold me the Big Bundle upgrade for the price of a takeaway curry and Naan! I don't know how you expect to make a living - but thank you though
  5. Perhaps there are only 3 people on the forum who have expressed some degree of support for this simple and minor improvement, but thank God we have the snide-police, that tiny elite group who police the forum, ensuring only their ridiculous ideas (like the endless discussion over the daft idea to completely disable the game so as to turn it into a completely command-level game; or CM Pacific, or CM Fulda Gap) can be discussed. I mean, God forbid there should be random discussions and polite suggestions on a discussion site.
  6. I've had games where I wish I could have just another 5-10 turns, where the AI surrendered when I just about had a flank shot on that King Tiger or where I had an awesome barrage 2 minutes from falling. It's a non-solution to say you can tweak the editor, because this is not something that you want in every game, and because using the editor means you have to start the game again from the beginning. If there were an option upon AI surrender to click a button to extend the game by 5 turns or 10 turns, I would enjoy that.
  7. Spotting does seem to have become harder in recent updates, but that's OK - it's part of the fun...
  8. Another factor is that he is a Company HQ, not an Observer team. I haven't had much luck with HQ as spotters teams myself, so I usually buy at least a couple of Observers.
  9. I've seen tanks firing with both MGs before, but at the same target (although I've never really studied it). I've never been able to get a tank with damaged turret weapons to target anything, or noticed if they use the bow MG on its own in that situation...
  10. I didn't see it like that - I didn't find the killing of prisoners heroic, but horrible. However, things of that sort did happen. I took it that Brad Pitt's character was meant to be a screwed-up anti-hero with a lot of disgusting qualities. That disturbing scene with the German women reinforced that.
  11. OK This one is the best one so far. I've been fascinated by the idea of modern constructions as 'urban fortresses' (of the sort that so often seem to feature in news stories of war zones) - this one is based around a football stadium, but includes some rather robust apartment blocks and shopping centres (featuring multiple modular buildings to give them interesting interiors and make them difficult to destroy), as well as suburban shops and houses and some wide open spaces (such as car parks). I took quite a long time clearing out interior walls in the larger structures, making doors match up and so on. There are few structures where you have to blow your way through interior walls, and some of them (the stadium in particular) feature large amounts of open space, long corridors etc. which I think is realistic. I also spent several hours adding street lights and one or two other flavour objects (streetlights in particular make maps feel really immersive IMO). There are aspects I'm not quite sure about (I haven't play tested all the interiors, so I don't know how much fun they'll be). The zip file contains the master map and some of the slices - not all of which are equally useful (just playing around at the moment). Maps download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7fk4g2xz9v43mi6/Stadium_Map.zip?dl=0 Apologies for rough edges - I hope you enjoy it Here are some images:
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