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  1. Geez there's a lot of whingeing on this forum - perhaps due to a preponderance of Brits among the heavy posters. As for me, I play all the BF games and my favourite is whatever I happen to be playing the most of at the time (this month, CMRT). I'm eager for all the new releases, but in all these years I have never been at a loss for new content to play with.
  2. I would love to see an early war title, either Western on Eastern Front, but as for whether the market for a 'France falls' game exists, I'd note a couple of things. I'm a less expert and less knowledgeable player than many on this forum, and these days I always play against the AI (I don't have the time to dedicate to PBEM). Playing the AI, I only like to play on the attack; and I much prefer to play Allies. My perception is that serious grogs like playing the Germans; while we less serious players prefer shooting at Nazis to commanding them. I would enjoy early War for historical reasons, but it's the late War where you have the most fun playing Allies on the attack. I don't know what percentage of BFC's customers think and play as I do, but that may have something to do with the smaller market.
  3. I don't know if the Germans ever stood a chance at Kursk - I somehow doubt it. But I'm not smart enough to win at hypotheticals even about things I know a lot about. However all war has a strong element of the psychological and I believe Churchill understood Hitler psychologically. He also had the street fighter's intuition that, when you don't have the opportunity to shoot them in the heart, you can always bite them on the ear...
  4. As to the question of whether Churchill was a competent military strategist, well he was and he wasn't. The invasion of Greece was a disaster, except... ...that it and the revolution Yugoslavia delayed the start of Barbarossa by just long enough to prevent Germany from winning in 1941. The invasion of Italy, likewise, was a pointless, bloody adventure except... the collapse of Mussolini's government came at just the right time to break Hitler's nerve in the Battle of Kursk. For a lousy strategist, he had an uncanny ability to choose strategies that had unpredictably beneficial outcomes.
  5. There are people who don't buy every BF game and module...? Weird...
  6. I'm really sorry to hear you regret including extra forces and nationalities in your games. I admit, I get impatient for new releases by BF too, because I have a lot of fun playing them - and my favourite 3, which have given me so much pleasure over the years, are CMBN, CMFI and CMSF (1 & 2), precisely because they have such a rich range of forces, some of which are similar but not identical. It was amazing (for me as a Kiwi) when you added NZers to CMFI, and I'm really looking forward to playing the Free French. The Italians, NZers, Canadians, NATO forces, the Hungarians in CMBB back in the day - even though I play mostly the British, these other forces are some of what I love most about the BF games. They bring the detail of history to life and are a big part of what makes your games more than just games, but historical simulations. In fact, when CMGL came out, I remember spending hours in the editor just loading and examining units of the various forces side by side, looking at the minor differences in equipment, organisation, uniforms and so on. Nga mihi...
  7. Does anything come close to the CM games...?? I've been told Methamphetamine or Smack can be pretty habit-forming, but personally I didn't find them anything near as addictive as CM.
  8. I like the look and feel of CM much as it is, but I'd love more sophistication in the AI, especially for those who play against it. I know it's probably difficult, but I'd like to see game-level AI that works less like clockwork and that responds to the player more.
  9. I really enjoyed the battle pack for CMBN - I would buy scenarios and maps for any of the WWII games (still working my way through the modern stuff).
  10. If you only play one game, it may seem a long time between Christmases, but CMSF came out in 2007 and in that time we've had: CMSF, + 3 modules CMBN, + 3 modules and a pack CMFI, + 1 module CMRT CMBS CMSF2 (that's been loads of fun!) ...plus 2 more modules on the way apparently quite soon. That's 14 games and modules in 12 years, plus 3 upgrades. That doesn't seem too bad. I've had plenty to play with, although I'm looking forward to the next 2 modules. I mean - I could wish for more, and there have been some quiet spells, but all up it's still kept me more engaged by far than an any game I've ever played.
  11. I have felt brave enough to try the AI from time to time, so maybe I'll try that Mostly I use the QB maps, which generally give a good game, but I quite often pretty them up with fences and so on, so 'll keep an eye on that. And I'll send a save file next time it happens...
  12. I have all the games except Afghanistan and I play them all. I've played many scenarios, a number of campaign, but I mostly plays QBs against the AI. After all these years, CMBN is still my favourite. I love Combat Mission and enjoy playing it, despite some of the quirks and bugs. There have been certain bugs that are a little annoying and have persisted through all the patches and updates for a while: 1) The facing backwards bug - enemy forces face the wrong way. This still crops up. When you spend ages choosing interesting forces, tweak the map a little to make it look more exciting, and then the Panthers are facing backwards, it's a little disappointing. 2) The limbered AT gun bug. AT guns are limbered and trundling along like infantry - I think this is because too many QB AI plans have most of the enemy hiding in a corner then rushing out for a big ol' turkey shoot, which is a quirk, rather than a bug, but is also annoying. 3) The stuck-in-a-hedgerow bug, or stuck next to a wall. There is a workaround for this bug - you shoot the little b#st#rd who's stuck. Works great, but you have to use a tank. The bug-out bug, where the troops run in random directions, often forwards, doesn't bother me as much as these other ones.
  13. I've found this to be quite a stubborn problem. There is a workaround, but it's a little historically unrealistic.
  14. I like the randomness in this game - it makes it more fun.
  15. It's an excellent scenario - I played it twice, first H2H, then against the AI. I can't remember the precise outcome of the H2H battle, but I remember it was exciting and close. It's an Italy scenario, so as Allies I was aggressive and used weight of numbers. I probably lost (which is not unusual), but I do remember it was very close. Against the AI (much more recently) it was also fun and exciting, with high casualties, but it wasn't too hard to get a total victory against the AI. I seem to recall it was a real combined arms operation. Using artillery was quite important, and once there were a few gaps in the German line or they were suppressed, there were some blind spots I could push men through.
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