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  1. I'm with you - one of my favourite war movie scenes is that amazing long tracking shot of the Free French in The Longest Day. The heroism of the French and French North Africans is under-appreciated and I'm very much looking forward to playing them.
  2. If you give a unit a 'pause' order, it will stay where it is unless it becomes panicked. I do this quite often to make units hold their ground.
  3. Honestly, I love all the CM games and they're all really good - CMBN has a lot of old maps that don't look as good, but they play well. I often get into the editor and add more fences and stuff just to pretty them up a little. The only game I don't play much is CMBS, but that's just because I find it so darn hard, not 'cause of any problem with the game. I've been playing since CMBN came out (and CMBB before that), and I'm a long way from getting bored with any of them. If you're interested in a particular theatre, you can be sure the respective game is very good.
  4. It seems to happen to me a lot, possibly because I'm a sloppy player and I'm always letting my troops get out of command range - I dunno - and I find the cowardly troops can be quite stubborn. I suspect it's not really a 'bug' as such, but something I'm doing wrong. Anyway - it was cool to discover a way to get them to rejoin their unit.
  5. I don't know if this works generally, but it has been working for me. When a soldier gets stuck in a terrain (trees, hedges, walls, etc), if I get a unit shoot at them they get unstuck and run back to their unit. Previously I used to kill them (with HE), because having one stuck soldier in a team was annoying, but shooting with small arms, that doesn't kill or injure them, seems to be working - and is actually a borderline realistic situation. I can't say I've tested this exhaustively, but there you go...
  6. I feel sorry for players who only play one theatre. I'm checking multiple times a day for news of both the upcoming modules, but I still have oodles of scenarios and QB maps I haven't played in all the WWII games. And I've barely scratched the surface of CMBS, although I've played quite a bit of SF2. You'd have to be a full-time gamer to run out of fresh battles. Once you include the vast range force possibilities in QBs, I'm still a very long way from having lost interest.
  7. Against the AI, if you can get close and the tank has no infantry escort, it's extremely easy to knock out a tank with any decent infantry team - they're completely vulnerable. At close range, AFVs also respond quite slowly, which models their limited visibility.
  8. I never played that campaign, but as a general rule, numerical superiority makes all the difference in tank combat. To scout ahead with infantry is also important; have your tanks unbutton, unless there is enemy infantry nearby; bound and overwatch is a standard technique, so some of your tanks are always stationary looking for targets; and use smoke to blind the enemy so you only have to take on a few at a time.
  9. It's OK - these things happen. It'll be ready when it's ready and it'll be awesome. I'm eager but I'm not losing my equilibrium over it.
  10. A scenario designer could include that information in the briefing. Perhaps in the next version, they will make it possible to include more images. Plus in Quick Battles, you have intel settings that let you know some of the enemy dispositions.
  11. I like that: Red Reckoning...
  12. Fabulous - thanks for the pics. I'm looking forward to this one.
  13. What an obnoxious reply. Pompous oafs like you are what I hate about this forum.
  14. Some sort of generic tall crop - waist or even chest height - would be pretty cool, maybe as a bush type rather than a crop square.
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