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  1. In the first mission, Border Crossing, there are a total of 2 Javelin teams, so not sure how you managed to get 4. Can you post a screenshot? There are a total of 21 missions in the campaign, 16 of which you will have the chance to play depending on your successes or which path you choose to take.
  2. Each battle was gone over and adjusted to reflect the MAJOR engine changes since version 1. Triggers, map tweaks, bridges, more AI groups, different routes of attack, enhanced coordination between Opfor units, tweeks to objectives and a reworked campaign script adjusting resupply and refit to better reflect the reality of the difficulty of the campaign. Treat the advice of @Ultradave as gold and remember to save often.
  3. This has been tested throughly and does not need the Marines module to run. Yes the Marines icon is lit but this is due to one assest in one battle being available in both the Marines and British modules.
  4. The Raptors needed to play Matt Thomas more and then maybe they could still have a chance to take acceptable losses! /s Typically the modern titles would be 20% as the maximum and 30% for WW2 titles.
  5. In your download section for the 4.0 bundle upgrades there should be a full installer for each title. Simply download the full installer and run it. Then using the activate new products prompt enter in your activation codes.
  6. Version 2.03 Engine 4, could also be said to be Engine 4, Version 2.03 or Engine 4.203 if you that is what you prefer. Either way, the version numbers you have posted are the most up to date.
  7. If you want to avoid the hard crash issue, load up any other scenario between the two. So for example: Load Test Attack. Save as Test Attack - A Load Scipio Best Scenario Ever. Load Test Attack - A. If you follow this pattern it should be just fine.
  8. I am going to say CMFI for me, but the best CM game is the one you are currently playing. As others have said, all the titles have large and small battles, which are sortable by size in the Battle menu. If you run out of smaller premade battles to play, the quick battle system has the options to play tiny and small battles, both which give very enjoyable fights with reduced unit counts. The key to buying your first CM title is really easy. Preview all the titles on the store page and buy the one you are most interested in. Or better yet, just buy them all as most people here end up
  9. Put the map into the quick battle maps folder and you should be able to find in game.
  10. I have it in the final testing stages now, so I really hope so.
  11. But @BFCElvis what did it hit??
  12. @dmh0667 @markshot have either of you opened a helpdesk ticket? This seems similar to an issue I had in the past and the help desk provided me with a tool to clear my activation and start fresh. CMFI ran with no problems afterwards.
  13. These last few posts are what makes this game so enjoyable and at other times so incredibly frustrating to play. When Lady Luck shines on your men and what had the potential to be a disaster for you instead turns into one for your opponent; hard to beat that. Yet we all know the feeling of being in Elvis's chair.
  14. You should be good to go with activating the games with out needing a new license. I have them all installed on my laptop and desktop. The house full of teenagers must have at least one you can arm twist into a H2H battle!
  15. One piece of the puzzle is to always drop the camera all the way down to pixeltropper eye level and have a look at the terrain. Use the zoom feature and you may find your men can actually see the target building from an action square or two further back than you thought possible from a higher camera angle or there may actuly be a path the assault troops can take that will keep them under cover. Remember in this game you are the commander of every unit, it is not being a gamey bastooge to look through their eyes.
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