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  1. @semmes One of the problems we run into when playing these games is the tendency to over commit to a battle and suffer far too many losses than a unit would typically take before withdrawing. However, there were certain situations during the war where units were decimated to levels similar to CM levels and it is interesting to take a look at those battles and compare. Every fall my small town of 2000 people hangs pictures off the light posts of the men and women from our community who served in the Canadian Army and have now passed on. I took my kids for a walk and while looking at their faces, saw one young man who was killed in action on July 21st, 1944. I decided to research him and see what unit he was in and where he died. His unit was the Essex Scottish, and the battle he died in was the Battle of Verrieres Ridge, just outside of Caen. I did a little further digging and found the war diary for his unit. On the day he was killed, the Essex Scottish and the South Saskatchewan Regiment both attempted an attack over the same ground, failed and then were counterattacked. The South Saskatchewan Regiment went in first and the Essex backed them up. The Essex's ended up bearing the brunt of the counterattack and suffered severe losses. In 1944, a typical Canadian Regiment was comprised of 36 officers and 809 other ranks, with the rifle companies having 5 officers and 122 other ranks. It was standard practice in the Canadian army to have several officers left out of battle in case the regiment suffered severe losses, they could be rebuilt quickly with an experienced core. So for simplicity sake, taking out those officers, any previous casualties, and the men not at the actual tip of the spear, lets assume both Battalions had 25 officers and 700 other ranks in active combat on July 21st. According to the Essex Scottish war diary, on July 22, there were 14 officers and 287 other ranks not present for roll call. Of those losses, 3 officers were KIA, 8 WIA with 3 MIA. The other ranks suffered 17 KIA, 140 WIA and 130 MIA. The South Saskatchewan war diary does not break up their losses as neatly, 13 officers and 209 other ranks were not present for their roll call on July 22. What this shows is that in hard, brutal fighting, the kind of fighting CM tries to simulate, losses of roughly 50%+ for officers and 30%+ for the other ranks was very much real. If we can make the assumption the NCO's would suffer a similar loss rate as the Officers do, it shouldn't be a stretch to say the losses you are seeing in game represent losses suffered in real life.
  2. While the choice is totally yours, there would be no reason to keep the demo when you own the full version.
  3. I am still working on this and the updated missions are being play tested. I have a few missions left to update but progress is being made. I will admit this campaign is taking a backseat to my gardening work, I have a large family and with all the fun from Corona, I want to make sure I can keep them all fed.
  4. For me, it is Fortress Italy with all the addons. It has the longest date range, from July 43 to May 45. It has the most number of different nations and the widest TO&E within the nations as well. The game also features the most diverse range of terrain of any of the games; desert, mountains, rural farms with wide open fields to tight vineyards, villages, cities, about the only thing missing is bocage. The game also has every possible weather condition to fight in; from scorching heat to freezing cold blizzards. The best advice I can give tho is to pick the theatre you are most interested in and start there. Odds are, you will end with them all, so start with the one you are most excited about.
  5. @Geometer just taking a look, I made a mistake and will have redo them.
  6. @Geometer The issue with your files is a TO&E error with Syrian Units from the Marines module somehow sneaking into your QB auto purchase. The issue has been logged and hopefully will be fixed in the next patch. SO, what can you do in the meantime? Purchase the other modules! Just kidding, you can still play QB battles but it might be best to select the Syrian side yourself. If you press the space bar, it will show you which units came from which module, allowing you to delete out the ones showing Marines. If you don't want to know what you are facing, use the Suggestions button, press space bar and if all looks clean, start the battle. Alternatively, here are 10 QB battles, setup with the same parameters from the save games you posted earlier, basic training, British defend, infantry only for battles 1-5, 6-10 feature some vehicles. Battle 6 is the most vehicle heavy battle. They should all be playable with the current game modules you have. I have picked the forces for both sides so they should be somewhat reasonable force mixes. These are save game files, just drop them into your save game folder and enjoy.
  7. Got them and will check them out to see if I can find the units causing you troubles.
  8. The battle loads fine, you can play a few turns and then it crashes? Have you tried to replay the battle? Does it always crash at the same number of turns? Have you tried restarting your computer and only loading up CMBN and then playing this mission?
  9. 11. Use your smoke rounds 12. Maintain fire superiority 13. Reinforce success 14. If a vehicle is getting shot at, it is going to break.
  10. If you have dropbox you can load the files there and either post the link or send it to me in a PM
  11. @Geometer can you send me the battles that won't open for you? I will try to load them up and see which unit is causing the problem. Just to confirm, you only have the base game and the British module, correct?
  12. No. What @c3k said is the game doesn't give you any information other than gun damage. So it doesn't matter if it is the barrel, the muzzle break or ANY component of the main gun system that gets damaged, the game will only show the main gun is damaged. Somehow this thread has lost sight of the fact the main gun is more than just a barrel and is in fact a complete system of complicated parts all of which can be damaged and render the gun inoperable.
  13. The firepower from 8 grouped HMG's in an urban environment can't be overstated.
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