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  1. I have been looking at this one and trying to get the same results, it doesn't always happen when I play the same battle. I hope to have some time tonight to look deeper at it.
  2. This issue is one that has been very hard to nail down. While some people have been able to spot it every time they play a battle, the next player never has a problem. I was able to build a test map showing the problem and a fix was made. Since 4.02 came out, the test map I made has seen zero incidents of this bug showing up. So my comment of the issue being fixed was in relation to the 4.02 patch. It appears the issue has not been solved in all circumstances. I have loaded the Scottish Corridor campaign and have seen the issue happen once in 5 attempts. The training scenario Roadblock has also been posted by @Falaise and @domfluffas a battle where the issue shows up. I have loaded this battle and so far have been able to make the men flee into fire, BUT not every time. In my opinion, there is an issue but nailing down the specifics of what causes it to happen will be difficult. Last night I built a new test map, 12 German HMG 42's versus a single green American squad placed at a gap in bocage. I tested with them in and out of C2. NOT once did they break and run into oncoming fire, even when their status was broken. I added some 81mm mortar fire to see if that would do anything to make them flee and they still stayed put or crawled safely to the rear. I am about to head out to my parents for Father's Day so I won't be doing any further testing until later tonight. If anyone is seeing this issue show up in different scenarios or maps please post them here. If it is a specific combination of elements causing the problem, the more examples available will help to increase the odds of finding the problem.
  3. @domfluff and @Falaisecan you please send me your turn or let me know the scenario you are seeing this happen in? @PIATpunk I loaded your turns and am seeing what you see. I loaded the same campaign, and while it took me a few tries, 4 attempts actually, I was able to replicate it.
  4. What is the current rate of fire and what should it be according to your sources? How many rounds are expended before the mortar crews cease fire?
  5. Adding to what @IanL said, there is a small circle in the bottom right hand corner of every artillery or air asset representing the C2 level between the unit calling for the support and the artillery. The darker green the circle is, the shorter the call time will be. If the little circle is yellow, orange or red, expect very long call times.
  6. This issue has been reported and fixed according to the post in this thread from BFCElvis. When the patch to the patch, the patchy patch, comes out, this problem should go away.
  7. It is not over yet, we have both been busy with some other projects, so not too sure when or if we will get back this. The invisible icons worked amazingly well and add a whole new challenge to the game. I would use them again with a human player I know I can trust to use them as well, or in a scenario with victory conditions or battle parameters setup with this mod in mind. Remember the icons are a visual aid to the player only and make zero difference to how the AI fights. I think this mod really shines on large maps with smaller forces and long timelines to complete your mission forcing you to spend plenty of time on scouting and keeping a reserve force available to react as new information becomes available. Low unit density on a larger map offers up plenty of opportunities for ambushes and flanking maneuvers. Your enemy won't know you are there until it is too late. I have several scenario ideas in my head using this mod, and I hope to have a chance to make them.
  8. I would say post away and make sure to put "possible bug" in your post title. Whenever I see a post about a possible bug I always check my games to see if I find the same thing. Sometimes it turns out they are actually bugs, other times the player is just experiencing things differently than the developers intended.
  9. http://www.army-armee.forces.gc.ca/en/central/units-formations.page This is the link to all the units in the central, Ontario, region in Canada. Each formation has a link to their specific website with what looks to be all the details you are looking for. It has links for the other regions of Canada's armed forces as well.
  10. Is it map specific or are all maps affected?
  11. @Badger73 When I looked at the turn @stikkypixie sent me, I was able to see right away the Stryker was sitting in rocky terrain. I loaded the scenario in the editor and then went to the deploy blue screen. I moved the unit in question one action square over and then tried to put it back. The game would not let me put it back into the original position as the terrain is impassible to vehicles. The only explanation that made any sense was a terrain change made after the units had been deployed as there is no way the original scenario creator would have been able to deploy the unit there in the first place.
  12. There is a minor issue the scenario Allah's Fist. It appears when a reinforcement arrives in impassible terrain and remains stuck for the remainder of the scenario. I have moved the unit in question over 1 action square and now it is able to move freely. Here is a link to the updated scenario: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/j5dkfyhnq5pt93i/AAB9JnzIDNo5Kr-jZ8e6B7Nna?dl=0 I will pass this up the chain of command and hopefully it can be included with a future patch for CMSF2.
  13. The battle in question here had a terrain tile changed after the units were deployed. Unfortunately, the Stryker ended up in impassable terrain for a vehicle and is now stuck. I have modified the battle and the updated version is available here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/j5dkfyhnq5pt93i/AAB9JnzIDNo5Kr-jZ8e6B7Nna?dl=0 I will submit this up the chain of command and hopefully it can be included with a future patch for CMSF2.
  14. These maps are fabulous and a real blast to play on. @MarkEzra continues to make the QB battles a great experience. Thanks Mark!
  15. You can send me a pm with the save file and I can see if the same thing happens for me.
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