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  1. Heirloom_Tomato

    Beat me!

    Works every time
  2. I see the following in 4.0 P-47D 32 points 96 rarity P-51B 30 points 150 rarity P-51D 35 points 175 rarity All three require an FO to access them while in battle.
  3. Are you talking in Quick Battles or the game in general? The editor and the quick battle selection process allows you to modify so many of the different soft factors virtually guaranteeing you anything but cookie cutter units.
  4. Heirloom_Tomato

    how to download

    From the Manual: When a squad is given the Combine Squad command, the squad will reorganize itself into two teams (if it originally had three teams), and will even out the number of soldiers in each team, moving soldiers from larger teams into smaller teams. Restrictions - can only be given to multi-team Squads that are currently not split. Example - useful for consolidating soldiers in squads that have suffered casualties, keeping the firepower of teams relatively equal. Consider loading up a tiny quick battle and play a hotseat battle against yourself. Spend your time testing out commands, movement orders, and seeing how the troops react to the battle.
  5. I think this guy might have been the inspiration for the scene at the end of Saving Private Ryan! @MOS:96B2P did a plane save the day?
  6. Heirloom_Tomato

    Tank tactics: why the regression?

    I agreed with everything you were saying up until this point.
  7. Heirloom_Tomato

    Tank tactics: why the regression?

    I learned a trick from someone on these forums for using Blast. Get the Engineers into position for where you want them to blow the hole. Using the Blast command, place the way point to the action square or two immediately to the right or left of where you want them to Blast. They will set off the demo charge and then move to side, instead of charging through the opening.
  8. Heirloom_Tomato

    CMFB PBEM Files Crash Game

    I loaded the file and it worked without issue. Are both you and your opponent at Engine 4.0?
  9. Heirloom_Tomato

    Which to Buy?

    If you have never played CMx2, you will have nothing to compare things to, so when the bugs people are complaining about show up, they may bother you less. I have not stopped playing any of the games and have adjusted my playing to how the game currently works. After you buy CMFI+GL and/or the CMBN Big Bundle, and have played few scenarios or a campaign, if you find the 4.0 issue to be a big problem for you, there are a few things you can do to make the issue less obvious. 1. Play PBEM battles with a trustworthy opponent and agree to take the same level of experience for your units, say all Green or all Veteran. This will ensure both players are dealing with the same quality of troops and have them react the same way to stress. 2. Have all units with the motivation level set to High or better. The stronger the motivation, the less likely the troops are to break and potentially make a wrong decision. High seems to make them react the way I want them too. 3. Use on map mortars only, no off board arty. Infantry can have some strange reactions to a heavy arty bombardment. Limiting the battle to on map assets only will reduce the impacts as the shell sizes are smaller and ammo counts lower. 4. At all times remember your opponent is playing under the same system and rule set. What caused your men to react funny, die a horrible death, and make you spew your cold beverage in a rage filled tantrum? Whatever it was, do it back to your opponent and he will see the exact same problems. The worst part is tho, and I swear it is true, my opponents never seem to have the same problems I do.....😁 5. Learn to use the scenario editor and build maps. The editor can be more fun than playing the game some days. It will also let you test out all the crazy ideas you could dream off. I like to take quick battle maps, modify them to suit the little idea I have in mind, and then go test them out. I am currently setting up platoon sized engagements and trying to play them with the icons off. Consider the editor to be the sandbox of your dreams!
  10. Heirloom_Tomato

    CMFB PBEM Files Crash Game

    You could load the file to dropbox and send over a link. I would be willing to attempt to load it see if it is your machine or the file.
  11. Heirloom_Tomato

    Which to Buy?

    Since all the WW2 titles are all sold as the newest and most up to date there will be no difference in how the game functions between titles. That said, the game with the most variety you are looking for is the CMFI+ Gustav Line bundle. July '43 to May '44, only game with this long of timeline. Only game with two Axis nations, and yes the Italians play very differently. Only game with summer heat and winter blizzards possible. The variety of units is also unmatched for a base game and one module. There is only $20 difference between the base game and GL bundle. If you are looking to only buy one game, for now, and will be playing a lot, the extra $20 goes a very long way to expanding the game. As well, Battlefront have a new module for CMFI in the works and hopefully it will ship in the next 6 months to a year. This will expand the game through to May '45 as well as adding new nations, units and TO&E changes.
  12. Heirloom_Tomato

    Vega Force Small Scenario Released

    As the creator of this scenario, seeing @Bil Hardenberger versus @IanL would be very entertaining for me! I will adjust for H2H if requested.
  13. Heirloom_Tomato

    Confusion over ability to download both pc/mac versions

    @professionalXMAZ out of curiosity, how did you discover this series?
  14. Heirloom_Tomato

    Modern Day to WW2 worth it?

    If you are after the most variation in units, terrain, weather, Nations and TO&E, the only choice is CMFI with the Gustav Line bundle. CMFI is hands down my favourite game, even though I never thought I would like it to the extent I do. The scenarios are a challenge, the Italian forces are completely unique and everything from tiny little scout cars to the massive Elephant or Brummbar, CMFI+GL has it all.
  15. Heirloom_Tomato

    Few Questions

    Ninja'd by @sburke