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  1. Glad to see my men were doing a good job of causing you grief even with the little information I had to go on. While I haven't played around too much with the invisible icons since, I think it adds an amazing perspective to the game. You can still move the camera anywhere on the map, zoom in close and check out what units you see, but keeping track of it all and not seeing something yourself certainly adds to the FOW. I would highly recommend players try it out in a H2H battle with someone they trust. Thanks for the battle and mods @RockinHarry, I hope it was as much fun for you as it was for me.
  2. If they didnt include them in Market Garden or any of the Commonwealth modules yet, I doubt they will in the modern titles.
  3. What version of the game are you playing? You should be able to tell by looking in the bottom right hand corner of the main menu screen. The most up to date version is 4.02
  4. Here are my top 3 choices for CM3: 1. The ability to place terrain tiles, trees, buildings, roads all in 3D view. I would like to build the entire map, including laying out AI plans in 3D. 2. The ability to create an AI plan for a map or scenario by saving a play through. For example, I create a scenario and layout the AI plans for the defence but no plans for the attacker. I send out the scenario to several players who try their best to defeat the defenders. Each of those playthroughs is saved and imported into the scenario as an attack AI plan. This will also allow players to swap AI plans with other players. A sort of single player, H2H mode if you will. 3. More of everything EXCEPT graphics. My kids are growing up in the generation with the best graphics processing available and some of the most visually stunning games ever made. Guess what they love to play the most? Minecraft. Anyone take a look at the graphics on Minecraft recently? It is the freedom to do what they want in the game that is appealing and not the graphics that keep them playing. I want a true sandbox mode where I the freedom to put any unit from any title up against each other. I want to see more tanks, more infantry, more experimental equipment that almost certainly never saw any action, airplanes, helicopters, larger maps, brigades vs brigades, you name it, bring it on! Keep the mod abilities in the game so those of you who do want to see every rivet and screw in every gun, the inside of every tank, right down to the grease zerts, can have the ability to mod to your hearts content. Just please dont give us 6 amazingly rendered vehicle models, 3 for each side, and then call that a game. If the graphics don't get any better than what we have now, but we have more freedom and more choice, that is a win for me.
  5. When you applied the patch, were the mods in your mod folder? If so, try removing them, reinstalling the patch and then putting your mods back.
  6. What is the experience and leadership level of the troops who keep missing?
  7. They are exclusive of each other, so no you do not need Commonwealth module for Market Garden.
  8. @RockinHarry this was on the cobblestone streets right? I would guess it is an abstraction as has already been suggested. The explosion on the cobblestones caused lots of rock chunks to fly up and your guys died from a rock to the head. In the same battle, I have a guy who was WIA from a mortar round striking a tree in front of the house he was hiding behind. I assumed a branch was shattered and a chunk flew up high in the air and came down, impaling the guy in the legs. There is a lot of calculations going on under the hood and there will always be things needed to be chalked up to bad luck.
  9. You should recieve two emails, one with the purchase order and information and one with the game key and a link to the download. Double check your email, including your other or junk folder as sometimes the emails end up there.
  10. @WhiteWolf65 the answer is actually in your own post. CMBN covers the war in NW Europe from June 6 to September 30 1944. Since the Archer did not see service until October, it is beyond the scope of CMBN. CMFB is going cover the war from October 44 to May 45 and should have the Archer when Commonwealth forces are added. As has already been mentioned, it will be showing up in the next CMFI module.
  11. If I understand you correctly, the Germans have the focus of taking the town back at any cost, while the Americans are to inflict as many casualties as possible while taking the least themselves. The town itself is less important to the Americans than slowing down the Germans and making them pay is. If I have your overall plan correct, here is how I would consider setting up the scoring. For the Germans: 1000 total points No friendly casualty points. Set terrain objective point values at 800 of the total points. Set Enemy casualty points at 200. For the terrain objectives, if using four objectives, set the values as 40, 80, 160 and 520 points each. The 520 point objective will be the one furthest from the start point. This should give the German player a great desire to push into the town as over 50% of their total points is tied up in the one objective. For the Americans: 1000 total points. Friendly casualties set at 400 points Enemy casualties set at 500 points Terrian objectives set at 100 points. Using the same ratio as for the Germans, you would objectives worth 5, 10, 15, and 70 points each. The 70 point objective will be the rally point before exiting the map. Give the Americans an exit zone but no must exit units. This will allow them to leave the map, preserving friendly casualty points and denying the Germans points for causing casualties. To encourage the American player to stay on the map and fight it out as long as possible, set the Germans to arrive on the map in waves of reinforcements. The player would either need to decimate the first troops or make sure to hang around long enough to engage as many enemy as possible. Playtesting will determine what the threshold levels should be for the casualties.
  12. I have been looking at this one and trying to get the same results, it doesn't always happen when I play the same battle. I hope to have some time tonight to look deeper at it.
  13. This issue is one that has been very hard to nail down. While some people have been able to spot it every time they play a battle, the next player never has a problem. I was able to build a test map showing the problem and a fix was made. Since 4.02 came out, the test map I made has seen zero incidents of this bug showing up. So my comment of the issue being fixed was in relation to the 4.02 patch. It appears the issue has not been solved in all circumstances. I have loaded the Scottish Corridor campaign and have seen the issue happen once in 5 attempts. The training scenario Roadblock has also been posted by @Falaise and @domfluffas a battle where the issue shows up. I have loaded this battle and so far have been able to make the men flee into fire, BUT not every time. In my opinion, there is an issue but nailing down the specifics of what causes it to happen will be difficult. Last night I built a new test map, 12 German HMG 42's versus a single green American squad placed at a gap in bocage. I tested with them in and out of C2. NOT once did they break and run into oncoming fire, even when their status was broken. I added some 81mm mortar fire to see if that would do anything to make them flee and they still stayed put or crawled safely to the rear. I am about to head out to my parents for Father's Day so I won't be doing any further testing until later tonight. If anyone is seeing this issue show up in different scenarios or maps please post them here. If it is a specific combination of elements causing the problem, the more examples available will help to increase the odds of finding the problem.
  14. @domfluff and @Falaisecan you please send me your turn or let me know the scenario you are seeing this happen in? @PIATpunk I loaded your turns and am seeing what you see. I loaded the same campaign, and while it took me a few tries, 4 attempts actually, I was able to replicate it.
  15. What is the current rate of fire and what should it be according to your sources? How many rounds are expended before the mortar crews cease fire?
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