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  1. Heirloom_Tomato

    Modern Day to WW2 worth it?

    If you are after the most variation in units, terrain, weather, Nations and TO&E, the only choice is CMFI with the Gustav Line bundle. CMFI is hands down my favourite game, even though I never thought I would like it to the extent I do. The scenarios are a challenge, the Italian forces are completely unique and everything from tiny little scout cars to the massive Elephant or Brummbar, CMFI+GL has it all.
  2. Heirloom_Tomato

    Few Questions

    Ninja'd by @sburke
  3. Heirloom_Tomato

    Few Questions

    1. The release date is "when the game is ready". There is no hard date set, but Battlefront is hoping for the end of September. 2. There most definitely is a download only option, all of my purchases from them have been download only. You have to select your preferred method at time of purchase. The store will ask for a shipping address but then note you are downloading the game only so no shipping charges will apply. 3. You do not need to buy any modules, however you will find you want to buy them, so just buy the big bundle! 😁 The base game will ship with at least one campaign, 20 scenarios and bunch of quick battle maps. The modules will add more campaigns, scenarios, quick battle maps and unit types. 4. All buildings and structures are destructible. Welcome to the forum!
  4. Heirloom_Tomato

    Mord's Mods (Special Announcement)

    Well done @Mord! I look forward to using them once you are happy with them, which for my $0.02 is right now.
  5. Heirloom_Tomato

    Combined Arms.

    Not too sure that what you guys are asking for isn't already in the game. It has been way too many years for me to remember what the combined arms from CM1 was but setting a QB in CM2 to mixed allows you to select any unit available in the game for the date chosen. I just loaded up CMFI, set a quick battle to huge and mixed. I chose an infantry battalion, took the machine gun platoon section Hq and added a tank, halftrack, breach team, sniper team and an FO all under his command. What are you hoping to do that I didn't just do?
  6. Shouldn't there be some lightning in there as well?
  7. Heirloom_Tomato

    Upgrade License Question

    Correct. There is currently no preorder option for the upgrade, only for those seeking to add or purchase for the first time.
  8. Heirloom_Tomato

    No onmap Mortars for red forces?

    Right at the top of the TO&E list it says: Not a complete list. I am sure a beta tester will be along shortly to give an answer to your question.
  9. Heirloom_Tomato

    Ooooh... Aaaaah... CMSF2 homepage is up!

    As someone who never bought CMSF the demo is very welcome news indeed.
  10. Heirloom_Tomato

    Rimini Airfield

    Great idea.
  11. Heirloom_Tomato

    Rimini Airfield

    @LiveNoMore this looks great. Thanks for making it for us to enjoy and destroy! If the attacker fails to achieve a victory in one of the first two battles, will it have an impact on the final third battle?
  12. Heirloom_Tomato


    The demos are on the main page with all the info for each game. Red Thunder: https://www.battlefront.com/red-thunder/cmrt-base-game/?tab=demo Final Blitz: https://www.battlefront.com/final-blitzkrieg/cmfb-base-game/?tab=demo Black Sea: https://www.battlefront.com/black-sea/cmbs-base-game/?tab=demo
  13. Heirloom_Tomato

    PBEM Error - "Planning"

    I took a look and it appears to me you are playing a huge battle on a huge map. There are lots of men and vehicles being ordered around, as well as arty falling. Some of your orders appear to be quite long, asking men to move almost halfway across the map. I wonder if this is not causing the problem. With so much happening on this map, is the TACAI having a hard time figuring out the correct path for your men to take and so they are in the still in the planning phase during the turn. A few questions for you: 1, How long have you let the game run without making any adjustments to the orders? 1 turn, 2 turns, 15 turns? If you leave everything alone, do the men eventually start to move? 2. When you gave new orders on turn 12, did you give the exact same orders to all your men? Or did you reduce the number or length of the orders? 3. On turn 12 do all the men start moving right away as if nothing was ever wrong? 4. Does this only show up in Huge battles or are you seeing the same thing happening in ALL the battle you play? 5. Is this a PBEM only problem for you or does it show up in single player battles as well?
  14. Heirloom_Tomato

    CMSF 2 BETA AAR #2 – Syrian Probe (Quick Battle)

    @Bil Hardenberger Do you have a blood board going for this battle?
  15. Heirloom_Tomato

    PBEM Error - "Planning"

    I have never seen this issue and have played several large pbem games. To clarify, both players have engine 4.0 installed? Those who do check this sort of thing are going to ask for a save game. Do you still have a turn available where this occurs? If so, can you post a link for others to check it out?