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  1. The questions I have are wind speed and direction, and how much smoke do you have the potential to use still?
  2. Another vote for imgur, just don't get lost looking at all the memes.
  3. I bet this scene from his view was spectacular. It would give me great joy knowing I hit something huge to make a blast that big after taking the pounding you laid out earlier in this battle.
  4. If you are going to play Allah's Fist make sure you have the updated version of this scenario or there will be a challenge for the US player.
  5. You can load any map you like into the editor, load it up into the 3d preview and using the appropriate mouse and key combinations change the look of the buildings. I would recommend saving the verison you attempt to modify under a new name before starting to make any changes. Then you can always reload the original in case you make a change you can't figure out how to undo.
  6. It is a Mare's leg rifle, $1000 will put a new one into your hands here in Canada.
  7. The bridges are destructible, they just need a very large volume of HE to make it happen.
  8. If you send me one of your battles, with all the settings you are using, I will try to duplicate it and file a report.
  9. While the idea was from the Canadians, the only ones to use them in Italy were the British.
  10. This is not a bug. This is a design feature because the real life Archer actually has the gun facing the rear. This allows the Archer to be perfect for an ambush, fire at the enemy and then drive away at full speed without the need to turn around.
  11. You should be ok if you follow the usual practice to update your game during the orders phase. As alternative, you can create a new install in a new directory and have a 2.02 and a 2.10 install on your machine at the same time.
  12. The only thing stopping you from playing with 5 minute intervals, is you. There is no in game limitation say you HAVE to give orders every minute. The problem is this is a game, and we all want to win. It will be difficult watching your men get shot to pieces and knowing there is nothing you can do to stop it for the next few turns because of a simple rule. I think most players would break their own rule. That said, the greatest lessons I have learned in this game have come from watching my many failures and trying to figure out what I did wrong. A battle where you can only give orders every 5 minutes would definitely be a harsh teacher. If an H2H battle was to feature orders every 5 minutes and use the no enemy icons mod, there would be a lot of lessons being learned by both sides.
  13. The usual suspects would be: 1. Your antivirus software is causing an issue. Try shutting it down or giving CM safe passage. 2. An error occurred during the actual install, try to rerun it and see if it clears things up. 3. An error occurred during the download and files got left behind. Redownload the game and try again. If these steps don't work, I would suggest opening a ticket with the helpdesk.
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