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  1. While the idea was from the Canadians, the only ones to use them in Italy were the British.
  2. This is not a bug. This is a design feature because the real life Archer actually has the gun facing the rear. This allows the Archer to be perfect for an ambush, fire at the enemy and then drive away at full speed without the need to turn around.
  3. You should be ok if you follow the usual practice to update your game during the orders phase. As alternative, you can create a new install in a new directory and have a 2.02 and a 2.10 install on your machine at the same time.
  4. The only thing stopping you from playing with 5 minute intervals, is you. There is no in game limitation say you HAVE to give orders every minute. The problem is this is a game, and we all want to win. It will be difficult watching your men get shot to pieces and knowing there is nothing you can do to stop it for the next few turns because of a simple rule. I think most players would break their own rule. That said, the greatest lessons I have learned in this game have come from watching my many failures and trying to figure out what I did wrong. A battle where you can only give orders every 5 minutes would definitely be a harsh teacher. If an H2H battle was to feature orders every 5 minutes and use the no enemy icons mod, there would be a lot of lessons being learned by both sides.
  5. The usual suspects would be: 1. Your antivirus software is causing an issue. Try shutting it down or giving CM safe passage. 2. An error occurred during the actual install, try to rerun it and see if it clears things up. 3. An error occurred during the download and files got left behind. Redownload the game and try again. If these steps don't work, I would suggest opening a ticket with the helpdesk.
  6. @BarendJanNL @Attilaforfun you are both right, the strategy you choose to employ largely depends on the equipment and quality of troops at your disposal. In a quick battle meeting engagement the player has the choice of what equipment to bring. So long as you bring the right tools for the strategy you are planning, victory should be achievable.
  7. 1. Resist the urge to split your forces. Attack the smallest possible force with the largest possible force. It doesn't matter what title you are playing, WW2 or modern, fire superiority wins. Every time. 2. Holding an objective, or preventing the enemy from scoring any points from an objective, requires only 1 man. If the battle has 4 different occupy objectives, keep your main force moving from one objective to the next and leave a driver, destroyed vehicle crew or an XO team behind to secure the points. 3. Don't underestimate the usefulness of a long duration light or harass artillery mission. Arty keeps heads down, which prevents them from seeing you move. They are also great for area denial. Nothing worse than thinking an arty mission is over, so you start moving your men up and then a round lands in the middle of your platoon. Most light or harass missions will give 15+ minutes of firing time. You can cancel the mission as your men get close to the objective and use any remaining rounds to pummel any strong points.
  8. If this is the case, the issue is now a part of your scenario and most likely not going to be fixed soon. That said, I have a few more questions about this scenario. First off, it looks great and should be a really fun challenge. Tip of the hat to you for your efforts! How important to you is the current layout of the map and the force composition? Consider replacing all the hedgerow gaps with solid tiles and then add in some breach teams, Rhinos, Pioneers or engineers to each side. The men can't run through a gap that doesn't exist. Since your battle is H2H, each side can make gaps where they want them with no worries the AI would be unfairly restricted. If you don't want guys blowing holes everywhere and potentially giving away their positions try replacing the hedgerow gaps with a low stone wall or fence tile. In some situations this might help reduce of running into oncoming fire. It doesn't always work, but it is worth a try. Add craters all over the map in the "safe" sides of the hedgerows. Sometimes panicked troops will seek shelter in a nearby shell hole as their first choice. Increase the troop quality and motivation for all units a few levels. Better quality troops will take more incoming fire before breaking, giving the player a chance to withdraw their men before panic and make poor choices. Include a note in your briefings explaining that this scenario has been know to demonstrate this behavior. Encourage the player to intervene quickly when the men behind hedgerows start to become suppressed. None of these ideas are a perfect fix but they should help to make the issue less noticeable or less of an angry surprise when it does show up. Again, great work on your scenario!
  9. The first question I have about your scenario is what version of the game did you start to make the map with?
  10. @usgubgub Can you please send me a link to your scenario? I have spent a bunch of time trying to recreate situations where this problem happens and would like to see your setup. If nothing else, I can submit your scenario to hopefully help find the problem.
  11. @LC- save yourself a whole world of grief and download the full CMFI installer from the store. Run the installer and you should have the most up to date version of the game all in one simple step. This should clear up any missing files causing this problem.
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