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  1. Based on the very limited details you have posted here is what I think happened in your battle; your AT gun spots an enemy StuG and they determine firing at the StuG is a bad idea. I am going to assume a frontal shot with a 57mm AT gun has a low chance of penetration, so better to stay still and make every effort to appear nonthreatening and keep out of harms way. Unfortunately for them, the StuG spots them and fires, killing the team leader and another crew man. Thankfully the StuG finds a new target to aim at and leaves the rest of your crew alone. You don't state the StuG moved away but only that it stopped firing on the AT gun, an important point to keep in mind. Now, a Flakvierling opens fire and begins to send rounds at the AT crew. Remember they are hard wired to stand their ground and stick to their guns because once they run away, there is no coming back. You state in your first post the crew is rattled and not pinned so their only hope for things to not get any worse is to take out the threat facing them. A regular leader would probably say the StuG is still right there, if we open fire, we are dead so keep your heads down boys. But -2 Stevie Screwup forgets all about the StuG, he knows his 57 mm can one hit KO a Flakvierling and if he knocks it out, the suppression he is facing currently goes away. Again, remembering he is hard wired to stick to his gun and not run away, he makes the only right choice in his mind which is to turn and fire at the Flakvierling, attempting to knock it out and making his suppression go away. Stevie doesn't think ahead to the next turn and what will happen to him when the StuG opens fire again, nope his -2 means he can only think about the here and now and so he makes his decision. As a regular "skills" crew man he has been under fire before, if only briefly, and the adrenaline rush of coming under fire once again and the desire for revenge for his fallen teammates makes him forget all about getting hit himself and focus only on knocking out the threat. It might be the wrong choice in the long run but right here, right now, it is all -2 Stevie can focus on and it works out for him. In his mind it is the right decision because the suppressing fire has been eliminated and for now, he is safe. That is my take on what happened. You seem to think the outcome should have been different. What do you think should have happened and what evidence do you have to support your reasoning?
  2. As far as I know, AT guns are treated a bit special by the game. Currently it is not possible for a crew to "bail out" of their gun when under fire and then remount it at a later time. To counter this disadvantage, the crews are given a slight bonus to resisting suppression, keeping them active and fighting longer than you would normally think. In the case of your battle, had your AT crew suffered any casualties yet? Other than his Flakvierling, was anything else firing at your crew? If the answer to both those questions is no, then it seems perfectly reasonable to me that your crew would return fire and knock out the threat facing them.
  3. Turn 1:50-1:49 As the turn begins, the men flee the houses and head for the open field away from where the spotting rounds have been falling. At the end of the last turn, this guy made an appearance. He appears to be firing at the tower of the church but has so far hit nothing. One of my two inch mortars had a clear line of sight and begins to drop rounds on him. I really hope a nice HE round will land in the back of the halftrack and set it ablaze. My sniper in the church tower spots this juicy target at the end of the turn. He is given orders to fire away at the men in the back. Hopefully he can pick off one or two... The two inch mortar round is exploding in the background. Over with C Company, these men continue to shift around in anticipation of the 81 mm rounds coming in. The trouble with playing Iron mode, these mortar rounds seem to take forever to come in.
  4. Turn 1:51-1:50 There is not much action this turn, as I am waiting on some on map mortars to start firing. I am moving a few men and vehicles around in order to have them in the best positions possible to be able to take advantage of the covering fire from the mortars. On the left with C Company, I lose two men to fire from RH as they move in a little closer. More of his men are seen fleeing and reveal themselves in the buildings. I have order the vehicles seen here to spread out a little so they can hopefully provide some supporting fire. On the right by the church, a spotting round lands in the trees. There are two casualties, one light and one KIA. As well all know, it is always the important guy who gets hit... All the men seen here are given orders to flee the area and hide for safety.
  5. Smarter brains then me will be along shortly with hopefully more advice. I would suggest seeing if removing your mods for a while makes the problem go away. It is possible one of them is messing something up. The other suggestion I have would be to save your game the next time it happens and make a link available. I could try to load your file and see if the same thing happens on my machine.
  6. That is no fun. If anyone is going to be able to help you out, we will need more details. What is happening in game when it crashes? What scenario are you playing? Are you using any mods? Does it happen right away or after you have been playing for a while?
  7. Hope and pray you have spotted his men already and none are hiding elsewhere. Use the 81mm and 60mm to fire HE onto his known locations. Use those rounds to pin and suppress his men. Once the rounds start falling fast and furious, have your men move in and finish them off. Key here will be timing. You want the last rounds to fall on his head in the same turn as your men also close the final distance. Use your halftrack and any BAR teams to also provide overwatch. Should any enemies show up in new locations, hopefully their combined firepower will be enough to allow your men to safely cross the open terrain. I see your tank still has an active Icon in this picture. What is its status? If it is still usable.... I think your protection problems won't be as bad as your fear.
  8. I will not be posting up a challenge battle this weekend. Real life has been challenge enough for me this week and I did not have the time to complete one. Hope to have one for you all next weekend.
  9. I have a few projects at home I need to clear up before I will have the time to post up the next turn. I hope to have it for Thursday night.
  10. When they are ready, they will be out is the usual way to look at things. I hate waiting as much or more than the next guy. It has gotten easier as I have grown older but I still hate it. I drive way too many extra kms on backroads and through small towns to avoid waiting in traffic jams. I'll waste an afternoon driving to pick up something myself rather than wait the three or four days it would take the store to ship it to me. I would rather do almost anything than have to wait. So instead of waiting for the patch to come out and not play the game, I play the game. Find an opponent who will agree to play with rules limiting the amount of off map arty and play a pbem match with them. For that matter, play a pbem match and both of you take large quantities of off map arty and blast each other to pieces. The game will treat your troops and his the same. Unless of course you decide to make a DAR and then you can count on the game intentionally screwing with just your side. Right @RockinHarry? 😁 At this point, I would challenge anyone who is impatiently waiting like me to make a 1.5 km x 1.5 km quick battle map based on the area surrounding your house. Use whichever game family you like to play the most. Put your house right in the center of the map and try as hard as you can to get it to look as close to your neighborhood as possible. Make it an attack battle with the player as the attacking force. Pick units for both sides that seem appropriate for what your map looks like. If the using the AI editor is easy for you, setup an active defense and multiple AI plans. If not, take your time and setup the defenders as if you were playing a multiplayer game. Pick your victory conditions, assign the points, write up a quick briefing and your done. A simple scenario, ready to play. If everyone who can't wait for the patch makes a simple scenario like this, think of all the new content available to play on once the patch finally does comes out!
  11. Post up a dropbox link and ask for feedback!
  12. This weekends challenge battle features an Italian attack on an American held position in a "What If" battle. It is for CMFI and you will play as the Italians. The Gustav Line bundle should not be needed for this battle. There is some AFV support for this battle, however use it with caution. Each AFV spotted by the Americans will award them points and could tip the battle in their favor. Use your infantry as best as you can! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/k5v42gds4y7e2so/AADyXv9MCabs64EVeJJFv0jua?dl=0
  13. I will assume the HT means me, anyone else with an HT name feel free to jump in with your user friendly rules If you are looking to add realism and want to introduce some command delays, play the game on Iron mode and use the following rules for C2 sharing. These screen shots were taken in the most up to date version of CMFI. I setup a quick battle with D Company of Canadian infantry. Here are all three platoons marching across the battlefield with no unit selected. Notice how you as the player have no problem seeing all the units and where everyone is. If we go in nice and close to 10th platoon and select the platoon HQ we can see the units he can see. You will also notice that since he has gone over the crest of the hill, his line of sight to D Company HQ is gone, as well since they are still moving his radio link is out. 10th Platoon has no C2 link with the rest of the Company. Any information they may have about the battlefield is then off limits to all other units in the Company. In other words, 11th and 12th Platoons will have no idea what is happening to 10th Platoon and cannot come to their rescue if they are in trouble. These Platoons will also not be able to modify their current orders based on something 10th Platoon might be able to see. Somehow 10th Platoon will have to make contact in order to share what they can see. A runner would need to be sent or the Platoon HQ will need to stop moving in order to reestablish radio contact. At the end of this turn, 10th Platoon HQ can issue orders to any of his men as they are all in contact. If any of them get out of contact, those units will be considered "lost" and somehow contact will need to be reestablished with Platoon HQ before they can given new orders. Lost units are allowed to complete the last orders given to them, ie their current movement plans and allowed to fire at will. They can also attempt to move back to the last known location of their HQ in an effort to restore C2 themselves. However any offensive moves must wait until contact is made with the Platoon HQ. Looking behind them, 10th Platoon has an idea of where everyone was before they crossed the ridge. But notice how one of the sections from 10th Platoon is still on the edge of the ridge? What can they see? Why that is the 2nd section of 12th Platoon and they have a visual/audio link with them. According to my rules, it can be assumed 2nd section has all the knowledge of 10th Platoon at the end of this turn and can begin to react to any threats potentially facing them, but only 2nd section. The rest of 12th Platoon will have to wait one more turn, the time it would take 2nd section to relay this information to their Platoon HQ. So at the end of the next turn, all of 12th Platoon could break from their current plan and begin to move in support of 10th Platoon. You will notice 12th Platoon has a visual link still with D Company. My rules require a further minute for all C2 sharing with the next level higher. So in this case, if after a second minute has passed, 12th Platoon still has contact with D Company, it can be assumed all units in contact with D Company know the situation of 10th Platoon and can begin to move in support of them. Here you can see D Company HQ and all the units it has contact with. If C Company was also involved with this battle, and both C and D Company have radio contact with Battalion HQ, it is assumed a further minute of delay to share information between Companies. A quick summary: If a unit spots the enemy, they may react to what they see immediately. Any units in direct contact with them, like the visible ones shown above, will also be able to react immediately. Any units outside of direct contact will need to reestablish contact before they can be issued new orders. If Platoons have radio contact with Company HQ, it is assumed a one minute delay to share information within the Company. If multiple Companies are on the map, it is assumed a two minute delay to share information between Companies. If multiple Battalions or Formations are in the same battle, it is assumed a three minute delay for sharing information between them. The simplest way to prevent these big delays is to have units stay in close contact with each other so information sharing can be instantaneous. For example, keep 9th Platoon of C Company in contact with 10th Platoon of D Company and both Platoons in contact with a tank from the Armour formation. This will cut the delay down to one minute for all the units in C and D Company and the Armour formation. What happens if a Platoon HQ is wiped out? In this case, the men would either stay in place until contact is made by another HQ unit or they will begin to fall back to the last known friendly locations and join up with the first unit they come into contact with. Clear as mud?
  14. @RockinHarry the picture I posted was the exact last possible moment before he got hit. The next moment he was no longer visible to my men. The only thing that makes sense to me is that the mod only changes the visual for the player and not for the game engine.
  15. This is what the good Canadian boys saw right before he got whacked. From my angle it appears to have been a burst of fire from a Sten gun @RockinHarry.
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