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    zinzan reacted to umlaut in Update on Engine 4 patches   
    Well, comments like yours are probably the reason that BFC usually never give time estimates on releases. Because some people will always latch on to that date - and start whining if it is not met.
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    zinzan reacted to Michael Emrys in Update on Engine 4 patches   
    Please, credit only where it is due. I am not a tester in any formal sense. I am just a player like yourself and many others. If in my play I might turn up something that I feel needs reporting, I will do so. But so do many others who have contributed more than I.
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    zinzan reacted to Falaise in Vehicle behind Wreck?   
    page 53 of the manual:
    "The only exception to this rule is that vehicles are not protected by hiding behind stunned armored vehicles ..."
    so even behind a destroyed tiger, 2 tigers, 3 tigers etc ....
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    zinzan reacted to Barrold in Effect of Burning Floors?   
    It does give the wooden floors a patina with a certain stressed appearance that is so hot with fashion conscious buyers these days
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    zinzan reacted to General Jack Ripper in AT gun firing back despite full suppression. Intended?   
    Clearly, the new leader was too dumb to realize he should be suppressed.
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    zinzan reacted to slysniper in AT gun firing back despite full suppression. Intended?   
    Its one of those situations where, show me that it happens all the time before I get worked up about it. If you can show it happening at some type of unusual rate, then its something to worry about.
    One time is , wow that was cool - move on.
    I had a lone survivor on a heavy machine gun, pinned, suppressed and being fired on, manage to return fire and kill at least 30 assaulting troops on his location. The bad part of all that was I was the assaulting side of the situation.
    Should it of happened per game mechanics. NO
    but it did, it was one of those moments where the game did a unusual thing. (it was a medal of honor moment) it was pretty cool actually.
    Has the game ever done it again in the years that have followed, nothing even close.
    Move on and drop it unless this is a reoccurring problem.
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    zinzan reacted to Heirloom_Tomato in AT gun firing back despite full suppression. Intended?   
    Based on the very limited details you have posted here is what I think happened in your battle; your AT gun spots an enemy StuG and they determine firing at the StuG is a bad idea. I am going to assume a frontal shot with a 57mm AT gun has a low chance of penetration, so better to stay still and make every effort to appear nonthreatening and keep out of harms way. Unfortunately for them, the StuG spots them and fires, killing the team leader and another crew man. Thankfully the StuG finds a new target to aim at and leaves the rest of your crew alone. You don't state the StuG moved away but only that it stopped firing on the AT gun, an important point to keep in mind. Now, a Flakvierling opens fire and begins to send rounds at the AT crew. Remember they are hard wired to stand their ground and stick to their guns because once they run away, there is no coming back. You state in your first post the crew is rattled and not pinned so their only hope for things to not get any worse is to take out the threat facing them. A regular leader would probably say the StuG is still right there, if we open fire, we are dead so keep your heads down boys. But -2 Stevie Screwup forgets all about the StuG, he knows his 57 mm can one hit KO a Flakvierling and if he knocks it out, the suppression he is facing currently goes away. Again, remembering he is hard wired to stick to his gun and not run away, he makes the only right choice in his mind which is to turn and fire at the Flakvierling, attempting to knock it out and making his suppression go away.  Stevie doesn't think ahead to the next turn and what will happen to him when the StuG opens fire again, nope his -2 means he can only think about the here and now and so he makes his decision. As a regular "skills" crew man he has been under fire before, if only briefly, and the adrenaline rush of coming under fire once again and the desire for revenge for his fallen teammates makes him forget all about getting hit himself and focus only on knocking out the threat. It might be the wrong choice in the long run but right here, right now, it is all -2 Stevie can focus on and it works out for him. In his mind it is the right decision because the suppressing fire has been eliminated and for now, he is safe.
    That is my take on what happened. You seem to think the outcome should have been different. What do you think should have happened and what evidence do you have to support your reasoning?
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    zinzan reacted to Thewood1 in Update on Engine 4 patches   
    Now not in defense of BFC, but more like misery loves company...eSims has been working on a patch on Steel Beasts for years.  Not only that, but the last patch left out a fairly significant terrain upgrade.  There are a significant number of mistakes, issues, fixes, etc. that should be addressed and they continue to delay the patch/upgrade to the point even they admit the ridiculousness of it.
    They are a little better at communicating the issues, but not much.
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    zinzan reacted to sburke in Update on Engine 4 patches   
    LOL yeah umm to actually develop that would take more time than the patch and likely still be wrong.  Sure Charles could stop what he is doing to try and create that, but the net result would likely be that everything grinds to a halt and there is no progress.  I don't think you fully understand the variable complexity of the ToE and how much is actually being researched as the modules are built.  You can't build regression testing if you don't have the data yet as to what you would test.  The assumption that there is an agreed upon ToE database for all these forces covering the war is a 50 ton fly in your ointment.
    I frankly have no idea how they even keep this stuff straight, certain individuals must have massive libraries and near eidetic memory to recall it all.
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    zinzan reacted to Sgt.Squarehead in Update on Engine 4 patches   
    I'm just not feeling this disdain.....They're a tiny outfit, trying to do a fairly major job and, by & large, when they do release something, it's very, very good. 
    You should try dealing with some small model companies, then you'd know what disdain really felt like. 
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    zinzan reacted to Howler in Minefield Mayhem....   
    I'm curious, what game have you *ever* played that didn't have such bias?  There are limits to everything and everyone (yes, including the game designer) has an opinion. Why waste your time playing a scenario you don't enjoy. Skip it and play the next one. There's plenty of content to play through. Spare yourself the frustration.
    Your point being what exactly? Ah, yes - it must be the game... the limitations... the fantasy...
    Come back to it when your more comfortable with fine movement and the use of engineers within 'the realm of CM'.
    Choose another scenario and come back to this one once you're more comfortable with the mechanics and their limitations. Again, there's plenty of scenarios that are more readily approachable.
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    zinzan reacted to sburke in Shock Force 2 Beta Showcase Video   
    one wonders why it is Madmatt and not MadMatt, if it is MadBot and not Madbot.  
    Yeah it has been a long night.
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    zinzan reacted to Mord in Shock Force 2 Beta Showcase Video   
    Hi, Madbot!
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    zinzan reacted to HunterGathers in Shock Force 2 Beta Showcase Video   
    Are those Teeth made of missiles? And why does lady liberty have a gag ball? Who knew freedom had kink?
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    zinzan reacted to LongLeftFlank in Shock Force 2 Beta Showcase Video   
    No doubt there's some anime film out there with various monuments coming to life and battling each other, controlled by sinister androgynous alien boy band types, or by leggy Japanese schoolgirls.

    ... Yup, thar she blows. I love the interwebz.
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    zinzan reacted to Michael Emrys in Update on Engine 4 patches   
    Sounds like your wife found interesting ways to spend her time while you were in front of your computer.

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    zinzan reacted to ncc1701e in The Truelife* Mode PBEM DAR - RockinHarry German POV   
    Me too, just loving TOAW since 20 years. Incredible duration for a game.
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    zinzan reacted to John Kettler in Project 44 Maps First Canadian Army in Normandy   
    This is an unprecedented effort by the CRMA (Canadian Research Mapping Agency), a volunteer outfit started by veterans to fully map the entire movements of the Canadian Army in Normandy, starting with the invasion maps and going forward. But it's much more than maps, because it includes/will include all the War Diaries covering where Canadian units were, enemy sightings, combat, etc, as well as piles of pre-war, wartime, and post war photos.  All the other forces friendly and not are also covered as to their locations if they were in the AO. The amount of material compiled is monumental and will be fully searchable, too. Project 45 after that will follow the First Canadian Army to the end of the war.

    John Kettler
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    zinzan reacted to Bulletpoint in European Union Army   
    Good question, and I think that's going to be the first thing every European country would consider before agreeing to make such an army. "Could that thing be used against us?"
    I strongly assume any future EU army would not have mandate to be deployed inside the EU unless there's an attack from the outside.
    You might say such mandates are easily forgotten in times of crisis, but then again, why didn't France and Germany agree to send a "peacekeeping force" to Greece last time around?
    Because the Greek riot police handled the situation just fine, even after the Greeks elected the rebellious socialist government... that eventually agreed to the EU bailout deals. Deep down, the Greeks knew they would be screwed without the EU, and vice versa.
    Also, because that kind of escalation often leads to the situation getting out of hand. If you reach the point where you have to deploy the army against protesters, either you refuse and watch your nation fall apart (as in the USSR) or you go all in on the oppression and leave no doubt that you're now a brutal dictatorship. As recently seen in Syria.
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    zinzan reacted to Bulletpoint in European Union Army   
    I'm often critical of the EU, but it's not Tiananmen Square over here
    The EU works in a pretty complicated manner, and I'm no expert. But we do have direct elections to decide who gets to sit in the EU Parliament.
    As I understand it, if the little old Italian lady has to recycle, it's because the Italian parliament voted to approve a directive that has already been voted through EU parliament. So her vote has actually been heard twice. And believe it or not, but many people like to recycle
    The approval in the national parliament is mostly to decide exactly how that particular country wants to implement the directive so that it is suited to the local situation.
    For all its faults, the EU is not some Communist empire. If a country wants to leave, they can leave. Look at Britain.
    Out of curiosity, what would happen if California voted to leave the USA?
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    zinzan reacted to IronCat60 in 2019 Reporting For Duty   
    If you enjoy what a business is putting out then the best way is to support them is by buying their product. Thank you for all the effort and "daring mighty deeds", as T. Roosevelt said, to produce a series of games that are a answer to anyone who has played Squad Leader. Plus thanks for never rushing something into production. "The oxen are slow, but the earth is patient" (from High Road to China). I will always vote for your games with my wallet. 
    And to PIATpunk. Thanks for using that line. They are after all "The Producers" of these line of games. I also sing "1,2,3,4, I'm losing the war..." when I am getting my ass handed to me.
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    zinzan reacted to John Kettler in 2019 Reporting For Duty   
    While the quote function won't let me show a partial quote anymore (no idea why), have to say that your expression of gratitude for that unreleased game may well become a CM Forum classic.
    John Kettler
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    zinzan reacted to J Bennett in Update on Engine 4 patches   
    I prefer to think of the coming engine 4 code as an "update" rather than a "patch". To me a patch implies things getting fixed
    where an update is more like improving and enhancing. But wait... maybe the next update will fix certain things. If it does then its probably a
    "patch" But if it fixes and enhances and improves what is it?  Maybe a patch-update-enhancer with special properties. Whatever it is.
     I know I will like it.
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    zinzan reacted to Howler in Update on Engine 4 patches   
    This thread is 19 pages long when it could've been simply a series a monthly posts from Steve outlining a road map with a simple date associated to each entry. The closer releases could even narrow it down to a day with the farthest ones to a simple year.  Like...
    CMSF2 Canadian Campaign --- May 15, 2019
    CMSF2 UK Campaign --- July 1, 2019
    Patch CMBN   --- July 15, 2019
    CMFI  Module - Rome to Victory --- Spring 2020
    CMRT Module --- 2021
    Lock the thread so we don't need to parse 19+ pages of off-topic posts. Do the introduction/PR work describing products in other thread elsewhere.
    As someone said to me recently - it ain't rocket science and this isn't the 90's where customers are unaccustomed to the ways of computers. People nowadays appreciate a little transparency.
    Personally, I don't want constant monthly patches. I prefer releases that are thoroughly vetted and ready when BFC says it's ready. I just don't understand how hard it is to simply assign (a made up)  date estimate to each entry in your already published product roadmap and auto-post the first of every month.
    Anyhow, let's get back to this constructive thread where we eat our young...
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    zinzan reacted to The Steppenwulf in Update on Engine 4 patches   
    😂 Might just have earned yourself a well justified ban there!
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