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  1. StefanKollers

    Searching for OOBs Company/Batallion level.

    Thank's for the imput..Fully agree with keeping it simple, that's why I mentioned semi-historical battle. I am interested in the eastern front, also the Allied "Or within the limitations of Last Blitzkreig" the American drive into Germany. I thought it would add a touch of realism including formations at company level. I have a game called Moscow 42 by John Tiller I have to say the oob is very impressive but I can't even play the full campaigns they are so vast and enormous in scale. I have a few books on the Eastern front and my favourite being the Last Battle ..The Battle for Berlin by Cornilus Ryan. Particularly the battle for the Seelowe heights. Although I gather someone has made a Campaign Called the Last Panzer, this may cover the Seelowe Heights. Again if I do anything I would like to give it a "flavour of the fight". It is very early days and I'm on the very bottom rung of the ladder. I fully agree it should be fun, rather than a task or a job. Anyway thanks again for the good advice.
  2. Hi I have recently been playing Normandy, Red Thunder and Last Blitzkrieg also been dabbling with the scenario editor. I have been trawling the internet tring to find OOBs but with little success. Most go down to Divisonal/Corps level. Even Regimental level is proving difficult to find. The ones that have come up have shown the make up of a Battalion or a company. I was really trying to find a long list of companies or a break down of Divisons and showing the component parts. My plan is to try and make a semi historical battle. I am not trying to recreate Stalingrad just trying to give a hint of realism, withut just making numbers up...If you see what I mean. Anyway thanks for reading..Any help would be appreciated.
  3. StefanKollers

    Missing Module - Commonwealth Forces

    Thanks all for your help, it ended up making sense after going to tech support too I completely uninstalled all CMBN content from my computer and went with a complete fresh install from the V 4.0 Full Windows link. Activated products and unfortunately only got the screen saying successfully unlocked CMBN, V2.0, V 3.0, V4.0 and Market Garden (I haven't bought vehicle pack etc.). Still unable to activate my Commonwealth Forces content (only activation code I have is on back of disc case and is saying it's invalid, even asking for one of their new codes from 'offline' button isn't giving me one that unlocks Commonwealth Forces). Have recontacted 'ticket' support to see if it's possible to get a new licence code to activate this content - certainly not willing to part with more money when I have the disc version in front of me which was working fine until I put on v3.0 upgrade. Thanks everyone for your guidance, I am totally non-technical minded and am losing the plot with it - even roped in my slightly more technically minded Mrs to help but she is on the verge of lobbing the PC out of the window. (This is Mrs typing!!). Stephen and long suffering Mrs.
  4. StefanKollers

    Missing Module - Commonwealth Forces

    No unfortunately, only get the links for the V3 & V4 upgrades nothing else. Have raised a ticket so we shall see how we go. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Stephen
  5. StefanKollers

    Missing Module - Commonwealth Forces

    I don't seem to be getting that as only my Version 3 & 4 and Market Garden have been recent Battlefront online purchases, others were on disc way back and not showing on my account. Don't seem to get access to a Complete CMBN Installer. Just having a look on tech support in another window. Thanks for your suggestions. Stephen
  6. StefanKollers

    Missing Module - Commonwealth Forces

    Sorry but where do I find the complete installer? Stephen
  7. StefanKollers

    Missing Module - Commonwealth Forces

    Thanks for that, sadly no joy. Initially it didn't accept my licence key from the back of the CD box so went through the channel of getting a new licence key and activating but it still only brought up the success screen with CM BN, V2, V3, V4 and Market Garden. Commonwealth Forces still AWOL. This computer is about to go out of the window. Stephen
  8. Hello, I hope you can help. I have CD versions of CM Battle For Normandy, Commonwealth Forces and Battle For Normandy 2.0 upgrade bought and installed some years ago. Having revisited and renewed my interest in the game over the past few weeks I have purchased the V 3 and V4 upgrade package with Market Garden too. All was running fine with initial CM Battle for Normandy, Commonwealth forces and V 2.0 running. All was patched appropriately and in order including CMBN Engine 1 (v1.0 through v1.11) & CMBN Engine 2 (v2.0 through v2.12) - at each stage of the installation and patching installer would report that it was updating both CMBN and Commonwealth Forces. PROBLEMS STARTED when I upgraded to V3 - my Commonwealth Forces disappeared altogether included Module folder within the files on computer. Subsequent patches CMBN Engine 3 (v3.0 through v3.12) and then V4 were installed and the page came up to Activate, with codes typed in I got a screen showing that CMBN, V.2, V3 & V4 plus Market Garden were all successfully activated (and do run) however I have completely lost my Commonwealth Forces meaning there are chunks of playability missing from my game. How do I recover my Commonwealth Forces ? - it is on disc as i say for V1 and re-inserting disc only takes the who game back to V1.11 and I seem to be going round and round in circles. Please can you help. Thanks in anticipation. Stephen