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  1. Actually, there was never an official Japanese sub doctrine that restricted what the subs could shoot at. There were lots of Allied merchant ships sunk by Japanese subs. During the war, IJN submarines did sink about 1 million tons (GRT) of merchant shipping (184 ships) in the Pacific Of course the smaller number of Japanese as compared to the Germans and Allies, plus the larger vastness of the Pacific also helped this number to be small. Plus Japan used them as scouts versus anti-merchant duty. This was why they tended to be able to sink more warships than merchants as they were scouting. So they had just as much chance to find a waeship as a merchant. But 90% of the time they found nothing at all. Which is why they were so ineffective. Not because they could not shoot a torp because it was 'only' a merchant.
  2. This is one of the major issues with designing a global WWII game and why not many people try it In the PTO, TAC was limited to ground support roles and would occassionaly attack shipping. This is due to short ranges of most of these planes, like the Sally for Japan. Medium bombers were the real ship killers in that theater. Planes like the Nells, Bettys for Japan. Both had long ranges and could carry torpedos. In the ETO, TAC was more often used because of the much shorter ranges involved so there was no real reason to use Mediums for anti-ship duties. So abstractions must be made in order to simplify the code and have the AI use it the best it can. So looking for historical behavior in a game scaled like AoD is not going to work. What the game is trying to do is provide the correct 'feel' of how the world acted during this timeframe versus detailed historical accuracy. If you want that you need to find a different game
  3. Has your game been modded? I reloaded one of my games around that same time frame and the max number of Japan Inf type units is around 75. If you add in Tanks, Art, etc then you may get to 80-85 before maxing out. My priorities as noted above, China, Burma/India, then Oz. Once China falls, I usually have several groups at the far Western border to keep the Russians honest. Plus I keep garriisons in China/Manxhuria as well. Which ties up a bunch of troops. Now whether I need to do any of this is an open question But I found that I had a cronic shortage of troops until India fell. Even though my Inf builds had been maxed out.
  4. The supply level has to be greater than 5 for subs to raid. Once they get to 5 or less, the supply number is greyed out and I found that subs at that point will not raid at all. If they still do, then their effect is minimal at best. Not sure it that is how it is supposed to work, but that is what I found occurs in the game. It made sense so I assumed it WAD
  5. Depends of what WWII game you play and when it starts All Germany needed to do in 1936 (or earlier) is ignore several treaties and concentrate more on Naval than the rest. Then when the Japanese go wild, do not delcare war on the US lol. Sounds like an easy plan to me
  6. Getting through North Africa as the Germans/Italians will help the most for Addis. Once Egypt is overrun, I send all the Italians south and the Germans East. This also allows the Itlian fleet to operate in the Indian Ocean and Red Sea which is a big help in that area. As Japan you really do not have the assets to capture India, hold off the US, and deal with Austrila as you are limited by the number of ground troops you can get. Limiting Japanese to X amount of Ibf troops is obviously a game balancing issue since the one thing Japan had plenty of was manpower. So there should be no limit on Corps/Armies for Japan. Tanks Art, etc types should be limited since Japan had limited abilities to made those. There should be a lot more Inf units than the game allows imho As Japan your priorities should be, China, India/Burma, Austrila, and once the US is in the war, the Eastern Pacific. If you manage all of that then you can go on an Africian adventure Of course by then, you should have been able to overrun most of it just with the Italians.
  7. Here is a link. SC3 is the last set of screenshots http://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tm.asp?m=3368558
  8. Here you go. Last set of screen shots are SC3 with hexes, thank God These squares keep messing me up big time http://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tm.asp?m=3368558
  9. Hopefully you can do SOMETHING to make the naval system better too Or at least not as bad lol.
  10. Unless you actually have Egyptan troops in the force pool, none of these units should surrender unless they no longer have a viable supply path say <5 in value.
  11. That's what I figured, unfortunately. So will just to wait until then
  12. Thanks so much for listening Now if we can get the naval system revamped, then we are getting a lot closer to perfection
  13. I'd like to add one item to the list I got the event to arm the Indian army for 50 MMP for 4 turns. I accepted, had the cost deducted. Then when I took Mandaly as the event told me I needed to, nothing I could see actually happened. No popup or message to indicate that the cost was well spent. So I have no idea if the event helped me or not. If it was countered somehow, it would be nice to know that as well.
  14. I can definately tell you it was not scripting. Plus we are not just talking small types or weak units. These were Army size units of Art, Tanks, and Inf. Also, if you want to get into specifics, that area of Russia was not real keen on fighting for the Motherland. So if The three major cities in Russia had fallen, and the Germans were pushing past the Urals like I was, somehow I do not think hundreds of thousands of men would be suddenly deciding to fight tooth and nail when there was no hope for them to succeed. I know you are trying to help, but there is no historical background for this to occur. So it should be fixed.
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