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  1. Hello Mr. Cater & xWormwood & Joshua, It's the 1st Case in my 25 Years of PC Gaming. Never before i experienced such behaviour. My best Guess @tm is that M$ Windows 8 is the Scapegoat and interfer with the Copyprotection System. So Far Drakensang & Overlord Raising Hell Editon won't work, because of the DRM System they are using. The other Case is Close Combat "Wacht am Rhein" this Game only runs in a Window because Windows 8 doesnt Support 16bit Color anymore. SCCW1 ist light on my x4 CPU and so it does not bother me. Yesterday i bought Combat Mission Shock Force and here like Fortress Italy is there no Problem with the DRM System. (1st Start with Admin Right). @Mr. Cater. Sir, as a PC Tech i have double and triple checked My HDD for CRC Errors or other Symptoms. All is well. I even changed my Security Setup from Spyshelter to Zonealarm to Norton 360. Because the 1st 2 Apps are working Wonky under W8. 360 runs without a Hitch. Thanks @ all for your Kind Reply Best Regards from frosty Germany
  2. Problem *Solved* It's Strange... I Install all my Games on an extern Buffalo USB 2.0 HDD F:\ So the Install Path was f:\battlefront\MAINDIR After using the default installation Path: c:\Program Files (x86)\Battlefront\Strategic Command WWI The Great War 1914-1918\ It's working Curious behaviour.... Any Explanation? Best Regards from stormy Germany
  3. So... I have redownloaded the SC_WWI_Bundle_Setup.exe on a Linux PC. De- & Reinstall have not solved the Problem. Cheers & Best Regards from rainy Germany
  4. Hello to all fellow Wargamers, Last Night i bought the Breakthrough Bundle. Installation & Patching was no sweat. The Main Game won't start all it does is to give me a Message about a Crashdump. On the other Hand Breakthrough runs like a Charm with no Problems at all. I checked the Helpdesk and found the DEP related Topic: http://www.battlefront.com/helpdesk/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=viewarticle&kbarticleid=62 I tried the solution but SCWW1 still won't start. I Deactivate my Firewall Spyshelter x64 for Testing Purpose. Still the Game won't work. I tried all Compatibility Options (Win7, WinXP...) Still won't work. My Specs: Windows 8 Pro x64 4GB Ram AMD x4 N930 Phenom (no OC!) ATI HD 5650 with 1 GB real Ram (not shared) 17" 16:9 Monitor with 1600*900 Resolution ATI Driver is 13.1 Firewall ist Spyshelter 2.0 with Malwarebytes AV All Drivers on my System are the latest Release. I work myself @ a PC Tech Releated Helpdesk and have a good understanding about PC Tech. Because of your upload restriction i was not able to upload a ziped crashdump. (250 KB) Please help and Advise Best Regards from rainy Germany
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