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  1. In my current game my opo knocked out my Sherman by 105 art. That was direct hit on the top hull close to engine section. Lucky strike
  2. Any news about new cmfi addition?
  3. patrykd

    Looking for oponent

    Hi as in subject I'm looking for new oponents. I have just finished my last game. I have all parts CM. I play only scenarios. If you interested please contact me pdolny1 @gmail.com.
  4. Long time ago I noticed that is wrong position of the commanders in some US vehicles. I hope that this will be fixed in the next patch.
  5. What about new cmfi content? Any news?
  6. patrykd

    What is going on?

    Hi Steve. Please tell us something about CM Road to Rome.
  7. patrykd

    Rome to Victory news?

    I hope that game will be out until Christmas
  8. patrykd

    Upgrade 4. Combine Squad.

    Nie wiem czemu twój post jest tutaj w języku polskim, ale jeśli masz pytania po polsku dotyczące CM to wejdź na cmhq.pl i tam je zadaj. No i zadbaj o sens wypowiedzi bo tutaj coś jest z tym nie tak.
  9. This problem concern CMFB too I checked it. Many US tanks in CMFB have too low MG gunner position.
  10. This bug concern not only M4A3 105 I noticed this in different US tanks. Battlefront please fix it in next patch. MG gunner position is too low.