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  1. Once I had a Tiger II shooting right trough a M5 Stuart and hitting an M3 Halftrack drving behind it (this happend in reality!). The timed charge of the AP grenade exploded right in the passenger compartment of the HT, KOing everybody in both vehicles. Some 15+ guys in total. Only difference - it happend to the numbnuts AI, as I played the Germans (KG Engel Campaign, Mission 4). But I lost enough men from cookoffs and ricochets to stay away from tanks at all times. I always wondered why every combat eyewitness report states this. Always tought tanks make good cover. Now I know. Thanks BF! Best regards Olf
  2. *rofl* I like this forum! I always thought our southern neighbours were a little strange but never knew why. Now I know. Nice idea BTW! I always wanted to write a fictional story of Russian and NATO Forces clashing in a WWIII-setting in the mid 80's - total mayhem of course. Place of action - my hometown. Cheers Olf
  3. Where do you got that from?!? The Sowjets shredded an estimated 10.000 tanks of their own in conquering the Ukraine from early 1944 to roughly late summer 1944 (Jentz & Doyle - Russian Medium Tanks, Concord). Tiger I, Tiger II and Panther were still in 1945 serious threats to the russian tank force and the PzIV could take the T-34/85 on as well. Till the end the Sowjets were very poor on the tactical level combat and training was also inferior till the end of the war. Furthermore their tanks were of a pretty rough production quality by western standards which hampered their performance as well. Problem for the Germans: they were outnumbered like you wouldn't believe it. Best regards Olf
  4. That is a first rate build & painted scale model!!! Your work? I used to do that stuff too. Cheers Olf
  5. Oh, you're right! I remember the passage from the manual now you quote it. Oddly enough, this passage isn't in the part of the manual which explains TRPs but in some other context.
  6. Read 'Manual' look up the Table of Contents under 'Target Reference Point (TRP)' (p.41) there you might find useful information regarding those ominous TRPs. :D Sorry, but this was just too funny. Don't want to be mean, stuff like that happens to me quite regularly. Cheers Olf P.S.: @ Rocky Balboa: Negative on the direct fire weapons, TRPs are pure arty thingys.
  7. +1 Jep humans make the task not easier. Still his way seems pretty much all you can do. Cheers Olf
  8. @ Winkelried: Have you ever read a battle account of/by Creighton Abrams? Your tactical approach bears a lot of similarities to his way of dealing with the 'cats'. Especially your last point! BTW: I really admire Abrams skill. Raking up 30+ kills with a long barreled German tank was quite doable, especially against the poorly trained and equipped Russians. But knocking out 30+ German tanks in a tin can like his is a much more extraordinary feat! :cool: Cheers Olf
  9. As far as I know from my scale modelling researches a TigerII that actually made it to the battlefield was a worst case scenario for the Allies. Too much muzzle velocity (first shot hits up to 500m/yards roughly), too much power (target hit will be put out of action immediately), too much armor (counter fire will not do much damage). In that aspect the game is quiet accurate. I had a TigerII in the "Kampfgruppe Engel" campaign for five missions and it raked up 18 tank kills. Took roughly 10 counter fire hits and didn't even break down... took some considerable internal damage though. TigerIs are not very suited for bocage fighting. Distances are too short as described. This was the case in reality, too. The Germans lost unusally many (for their measure) TigerIs to close combat fighting. Still was deadly when used carefully because of the overpowered gun. Gun is a little less powerful than the TigerII's because the barrel is shorter (L/56 vs L/70). Panthers are tactically the best of the three, because the have punch, very good front armor and add speed (which the other two lack) to the mix. So they can redeploy better. On the other side their side armor is weak and I lose them regularly to side shots when I get overly ambitious. My favourite still. AFIAK the Shermans 76mm gun was not very good against the 'Cats' but it did leave some impression. Could still do more damage than the 75mm without penetrating. With some sort of special munitions (designation unknown) it could actually take out a Panther or Tiger in normal combat conditions.
  10. @ ASL Veteran: If you are interested in some background, here you go. Moving tanks witout threads or with damaged road wheels is much easier than expected on a hard and even surface. The tank is just rolling on its road wheels so there is no drag from the threads (lots of greaseless joints). But when ouy try this on soft ground that's a different story. Because the thread, that is distributing the ground pressure, is missing the tank bogs down at first chance. By the way: the tank towing tank practice of the Germans based on desperation. It was strongly forbidden by regulations for it caused seriuos transmission wear on the townig tank. But because of the utter absence of towing vehicles in most situations, tank units often had no other choice. @ Fed: It's only realistic to not implement this in the game. Pushing tanks out of the way has occured in combat situations, but very rarely. It was strongly forbidden because when you push a disabled tank with the noes of another one, the threads and more important the drive sprockets bump and grind into the other tank. Thus they wear down like hell. And because the complete drive chain is connected to the drive sprockets (absorbing the bumps), you are in fact ruining the whole drive system (or at least the gearbox) of the pushing tank. So in short order you have two disabled tanks blocking the way. Hope a little background info doesn't bother you. If this is boring to you folks, just let me know. Best regards Olf
  11. @PaK40: Funny you mention people running out of time in TB (turn-based) play as I think tme is more than plenty in that mode. I have to disagree on RT (real-time) being more efficient. It's because in RT you can give orders to and overwatch only roughly 3-5 units per minute, while you can control every unit per minute in TB. Ah, thanks for explaining IIRC! @ augusto: I am VERY merciless. @ Artofwar: Yeah I guess that will be my last resort even though it feels like cheating. In the moment I have to let go of the simplest safety precautions in advancing just to stay on schedule.
  12. Hey wait a minute! I guess we could have a try. I'm relatively new to this game (played Close Combat and others though) and it's my first try at multiplayer matches (with this game), but I think I am reasonably capable. At least I'm not a total noob to tactics, because when I saw the Armchair General Tactics Tutorial there wasn't much new to me. Which version do you play? I'm at 1.10 (CMBN + Commonwealth) and I am upgrading to 1.11 today and then I will mod the heck out of the game. If our versions match and I have everything up and running we could get started. Cheers Olf
  13. I never thought I'd stumble over 'Urban Dictionary' in this forum. As I am in the same situation as Seedorf UD has helped me a lot over the years. My newest personal WINs are TOC Roach and Fobbit. Especially Fobbit. Cheers Olf
  14. Oh Sorry, I thought I had everything combed trough. Got a link? BTW I'm a complete noob in the Scene, what does IIRC mean?
  15. Hey people. Is it just me or are the time limits for turn-based play more than sufficient and for real-time severly too short? I thought about the problem and I think the difference is, in turn based play you can manage multiple engagements without problems while attacking (or being attacked for that matter) multiple locations while the same thing in real-time always gets you into trouble. What happens all the time to me is that you are managing a defence or an attack somewhere and you just don't get the neccessary infos from other places of the battlefield. In the end I notice barrages in one out of three cases only when my troops are already disapearing in a dust cloud or find half my platoon of shermans on fire after leaving them on their own just for 1-2 minutes and I don't even know what hit them or where it came from. You never have this problemin turn-based play as you can review the action as often as you wish. I love the real-time mode as it offers sooooo much more immersion and doesn't eat away as much time in real-life as the peace-meal turn-based play, but its very hard to play. In the end I manage just one action at a time and end up running out of time. What do you guys think? Do you think the same or am I just playing too slow. Any suggestions? Cheers Olf
  16. With me it's a mixed bag. I'm playing my first campaing - "Kampfgruppe Engel" (nice campaing by the way). I'm halfway through and mission six yesterday is a good example: took some nice placed harrassment fire, one of my half-squads got horribly stonked but most of his heavy stuff re-plowed some empty fields in litterally the last minutes of the game (couldn't change the outcome at all anymore). Best regards Olf
  17. In real-world the gun is defined as the tube, breech and recoil mechanism. And it is the recoil mechanism which is the biggest and most vulnerable part, consisting of a high-pressure hydraulics system with a lot of gaskets, precision parts and so on. I guess most of the hits rendering the gun inoperable in the game can be traced back to the recoil mechanism being shaken up, even by non penetrating hits, not actual gun barrel-hits. Note: I always get itchy when my german tanks receive non-penetrating fire, because the inner workings of a tank are quite delicate (transmission, dirve shafts, optics, gun mechanism). Just for the interested: the other parts of a tank gun are the fire control mechanism, consisting of the elevating mechanism (rotation is part of the turret system in normal tanks) and the electrical trigger that fires the gun. And of course the optics. Credits Where I got this from? From memory. I'm doing military scale-modelling for 20 years and do qiue some research for every model tank I build. So it should be correct but may contain some errors. Cheers Olf
  18. Thanks for the reply Rocky! Problem is, I asked the wrong question... Should have said: How do I get rid of the pre-set music? It's pretty cool, but after about an hour or two of loading screens I prefer silence. Best regards Olf
  19. Hello folks! A while ago I stumbled over an article describing how to change the ingame music. It was 'stupid-user-friendly' so very much needed by me. Now I can't find it anymore, can someone help me out here? I searched for my self already and found something on the "Few Good Men" site, but they were talking about a 'folder z' I couldn't find anywhere. So no help there. Best regards Olf
  20. Interesting discussion. A little reflection on cultural settings. As mentioned, the russians have a much more 'matter-of-fact' view on the whole topic of war. I'm doing military scale modelling for close to 20 years now. One thing I have to say about western modellers is that most war scenes they create (about 95%) is pretentious kitsch. Completely sanitized stories of camping trips with tanks and friendship between men. Most people I talked to here in Germany, modellers or not, shy away from the realities of war. Now comes your average russian or belorussian modeller and he shows all the dirt and grit and pain... And I think to my self: 'Hey that dude is far more in in connection with reality than we are.' My opinion about this whole flamethrower-issue: Let's have them. I can fully understand the motivation to start this thread and the moral issues. I had these issues too. But I solved the moral problem in a way. Think of chinese philosophy here. They say everything is bipolar. I think they are right. I am for sure. I am a nice person most of the time, helpful and kind but I f**king love war games. I get an evil grin when the 5th and 6th Sherman falls to my Panthers or my arti really hits them in the guts. Or when I can take retaliatory measures for my fallen pixeltruppen. I'm enchanted by the fascination of war for 20 years now. I think this is the darker side of my personality. If you ask me, all people are like that, but most aren't aware of it. Hard to find a (male) person which doesn't play violent pc-games or likes violent movies. Greetings Olf
  21. Hi Everyone! (First message here) I got my physical version of CM:BN + Commonwealth Bundle just this tuesday. I'm living in Germany and it took more than a full month to arrive here from the States. A long delivery time is normal but this kept me worrying for about two weeks. So better get yourself a download version unless you really enjoy waiting for something really good. Greetings P.S.: Get the simulation if you like realism! Keeps me on the edge of my seat all the time.
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