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  1. Holy f**k! Where do these come from!? Seriously, how can so many Stg44s in that good shape have been stored somewhere without being noticed or used? I have seen pictures from the 90's showing african soldiers/guerillas/whatever running around with them so I thought the last usable ones were used up over there. Allahu akbar Olf
  2. I like it. Next too all the idiots back then who did a 'no seeing, no hearing, no saying'-policy there were quite a few people who thought like the two brothers in this movie. Technically it is way up front for a german straight-to-tv production. They covered up their lack of finances by clever filming Thanks for the great link! There is a full version of 'Zeit zu Leben, Zeit zu Sterben' in the link list! Best regards Olf
  3. Hi there! I do not know the direct answer to your question, but I do know that you can do just fine without H2H Helper. All this programm does is sending your 'Outgoing Mail'-folder files to your Dropbox. So you can 'emulate' its function by creating a short-cut of your Dropbox and your 'Outgoing Mail' folder right next to each other on your desktop and drag 'n' drop the whole stuff manually. Costs you about ten minutes of work more per week but saves you any more hassle with H2H Helper. By the way: I did not come up with this simple piece of ingenuity. It was Slysniper's idea. Cheers, Olf
  4. Hello folks! I go a porposal to BFC for a little improvement to the ambience and feel of our beloved game, especially concerning battles in urban areas. As I am pretty new to the community I don't know if this issue has been discussed already (I searched a bit for hints but found none). So I want a little feedback from you if you share my ideas. Here is the point: To me it seems like the buildings tend to show WAY to few signs of damage, compared to what happened to them. In short: Citys and villages look to 'clean' after the fighting ends. Examples: These two houses behind the panther took two 4 gun quick 105er stonks right next to them (on the Panther ) plus a 50 shot area stonk by the same battery. At least 4 direct hits to the building forming the edge - it looks like nothing happened at all. This block of buildings took just as much rounds as the open area in front, at least 15 direct 105er hits - visual representation zero. :confused: Idea I got two ways to improve the 'feel' of urban fighting in the game. First idea should be relatively simple to handle. As far as I understand it should be fairly easy to tweak the damage values of objects at which they show certain forms of battle-damage. So it would be nice to set the damage values at wich houses show damaged roofs and walls pretty low while keeping the value at which they colapse at its normal setting. I think this would represent reality much better, as towns used to look haggard very quickly after becoming a battle zone. Second idea concerns small-arms fire. With my limited concepts of coding, I think this might be difficult to realise if small-arms fire isn't set to do any damage to buildings at all. In this particular battle from which the screenies are taken, I had some rather intense infantry battles. These were on the order of an estimated 2000-3000 rounds fired in 60 seconds, several times. Again the blocks on which they occured showed no damage. I know there is a 'damaged-wall' texture for buildings. Can it be done so this texture is triggered by certain amounts of small arms fire? So what do you guys think about it? Cheers Olf
  5. If you ask me, rendering inoperable yes, taking them out no - if we talk about PzIV to PzVI. A 'tin can' you can take out with everything packing enough calibre. The reason for this would be the very slow muzzle velocity of the 105mm gun which denies any serious armour penetration capabilities. You need a FAST (800m/s+) gun to slice through late-war armor. But the enormous concussion of a 105mm shell exploding on the tank could mess up the delicate inner workings of a tank like turret race, transmission, radio and so on. I've seen a photo of a Marder III, Ausfuehrung M having been ripped apart by a 105er Sherman but no real tanks. Best regargds Olf
  6. I'm very interested in seeing what you will make out of this! I've been playing the campaign a couple of weeks ago. Your guys are pretty thinned out as far as I can see. I fortunately lost only one PzIV in the first mission to immobilization. Regrads, Olf
  7. Just played through 'Courage & Fortitude' in version 1.11. Even though I won I already burned through my whole battalion (540 KIA and WIA). In version 2.01 it should be rendered unplayable I suppose. I am sceptic about up-gunning the MGs. Till now I never felt they were not intimidating enough. But I'll see as I am just upgrading to V2.01
  8. The side armour of the PzIV was thin enough to be penetrated by russian PTRD Abti-Tank Rifles up to 1943. It did increase but not that much. From PzIV Ausfuehrung (Version)G to Ausfuerung J the frontal armour was 80mm strong. Before this, it was even less. The linked diagram shows either a Ausfuehrung F or early G who are not presented in CMBN. Still the versions in the game doesn't withstand a Sherman 75mm hit reliably so play them clever. My experience is, as long as they get the first shot, PzIVs regularly win a duel. Regards, Olf
  9. Agreed to the fullest. Here's something more to think about: This is not a game designed to be easily learned, played and won (like most mass-market titels these days) but it was designed to represent the actual event as good as possible. There's no point in saying: "Hey that's not fair and totally IMBA!" It just wasn't like that back then. Play 'Company of Heroes' if that is what you're looking for. Otherwise get as good as you can. If you get smacked by someone after learning all the tricks and giving your best, then the scenario might be damn hard to win or you were out of luck. So be it. Note: just happened to me at the hands of Mr. Slysniper. I don't mind because I think I gave everything I had. Scenario was hard and he was really good. It was one of the most thrilling online-gaming experience I ever had. I don't want to deride the people complaining - I just want to wake their ambition. Best regards Olf
  10. Firt suggestion: leave the 'hide' command alone. soldiers hug the mud with it and don't look around at all - they see the enemy at a maximum of 15 meters (=yards) and then they are in trouble. For anything else ask Mr. Jeffrey Paulding: He will rush you through the essentials of modern infantry tactics - hasn't changed too much since WWII. Best regards Olf
  11. @ Redwolf: As JMRC said, the gun mount is in the back of the vehicle. So are the optics. Just imagine you are the gunner and your optics are in front of the Bocage instead of within. StuGs on the other hand have them located in the middle of the vehicle. So it is not too much of a problem. @ kensal: Had the same problem - not in 'Colossal Crack', though. Key hole positions were my answer. My Marders got screwed but did some damage.
  12. Little note on grenades: giving an area-target command of about 20 meters distance and less results in plenty of hand grenades being thrown under most circumstances.
  13. Hmmm. I do not see the issue. Honestly, I have not fought that many house-to-house engagements jet, but never felt it needed an overhaul. Maybe some players forget that house-to-house fighting has always been awful bloody business. As long as I get only a third of my attacking party greased in taking a certain objective (i.e. the next block) I feel, I did a pretty good job. About the 'throw-grenade' issue: My experience is that infantry throws grenades pretty seldom in general. A fail-safe way to get them fragging the places is giving an area target command less than 20 meters away. Always worked for me. Best regards Olf
  14. Once in CMFI, the scenario had me playing the Italians. All green troops. They spotted jack s**t. One squad was fired upon by US Paras for approximately five minutes while at least four other squads watched. There didn't even appear a question mark to give a rough idea of the enemys location. Completely useless these guys.
  15. I went through the more mainstream RTS Games (Comand & Conquer, Starcraft) before I quit the kids play and started off into serious wargaming. It all began with Close Combat 3. Loved it. Close Combat 2 was very cool, too. The only mainstream RTS that kept a place in my shelf is Total Anihilation - very, very intense all-out mass engagements. If you want to get an idea of 'Materialschlacht' there you go! Back to Close Combat: I tried a re-worked version of CC3 made by Matrix Games but felt I was ripped off. Awful stuff! Tons of mods wich seemed like they were made by the community incorporated into the game, without solving its major issues. Ever since that experience I don't trust these fellows, and it seems justified. For the latest release of Close Combat (a 15 year old 2D engine!!!) they charge you a minimum of 33 Euro or 43 Dollar! And who else is there, dedicated to create realistic tactical wargames?! No one AFIAK! CMx2 is the best out there! OFF TOPIC: Quote from the advertising webpage: At your command, Washlet extends an integrated wand to release a warm, soothing stream of aerated water to provide the ultimate in personal cleansing. But this is not a conventional bidet; the wand self-washes and retracts after each use. Those fruity booooys is all I say.*rofl so hard* Nice one, sburke. :cool: Olf
  16. If you are just too cool to read, no one can help you. Otherwise the manual and the wiki will do a good job. Everything else is experience. Cheers Olf
  17. Dude, there's the CMBN Wiki with tons of info. @ squatter: Many people search for their opponents in wargaming clubs. You'll find some mentioned here if you read a bit. By the way I'm interested! Only problem: I'm at V1.11 and won't change for another couple of weeks because I have an PBEM game going at the moment. But when you're still interested in maybe three weeks I'm there! My personal tastes: - Scenarios way more than QB - I'll play either side (Allies or Germans) - don't give a f**k about balancing, as long as I get a though fight - I like realism - shorter match as a start Interested? Cheers Olf
  18. Thanks for the qiuck replys! Have a good day Olf
  19. He's got THE BIGGEST ONE!!! Technical question: That guy on the right, does he wear a camo smock or just a standart issue tunic with splinter camouflage pattern? @ simast and normannobrot: Nice and atmospheric screenshots! Thanks for sharing. Best regards Olf
  20. I tried to find out by myself but couldn't get an answer - are German Camouflage Smocks (Wehrmacht and SS) modeled in CMBN 2.0? I'm on version 1.11 and I think there not in my game. I saw some screenshots of them but couldn't find out from which version on they show up. Or is it a mod? Very puzzled Morbo... :confused:
  21. I didn't notice that difference yet. But it seems like grey and green indicate roughly the same status. Gotta check on that!
  22. There are three categories of ammo on board of, let's say, a Sd.Kfz.251 Halftrack: 1. Ammo for the mounted gun: this is the greyed out ammo, it is for the weapons fixed on the vehicle. In this case 250 rounds for the top mounted MG42. If the ammo is spend, the crew will use what they can find, the 'white ammo' for example. 2. Ammo loaded for general purpose: this is the white one, evreybody in the vehicle can grab it as needed. In this case 7,92mm AP (for: MG34, MG42, Kar98K (completely interchangable for all mentioned weapons!)), 9mm (for: MP40, Pistol) Once taken it can not be given back! 3. Ammo carried by personnel: passengers as well as crew (!) have their personal ammo, passengers and crew can aquire from the 'white ammo'. The reason why the ammo 'disapears' when the crew bails out is that you only have limited data on what's up with the vehicle, if there is no crew to 'report'. Once they remount to their ride, the ammo list will show again - as well as all the other specific info like damage reports and so on. Hope that helps! Olf
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