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  1. Germans DO habve humour. But a completely different one compared to the British. And it is much less present in all day live/conversations. My own little explanation is this: It is all about the language. German is much more precise, has much more words for different items and so on, while English has many words with many different meanings, depending on context. So to me it seems, it is much more easy to play with words in English than in German. There are so many covered funny meanings in the British language, it is astonishing to me. So it is much easier to build not-so-harmeless sentences into an all day conversation. My two cents on cultural awareness. Cheers Olf
  2. Yeah! This is exactly what I have been waiting for! Have many ideas for scenarios but never had the patience to get accustomed to the editor. Enlisted. By the way, I recommend Heineken and Weed, too. Cheers Olf
  3. German WWII-anecdotes. Very, very black. Want examples? Calling the 'Volksturm' the "HJ-late vintage" for its members often high ages or the 'V3' as sort of third 'wonderweapon'. A response to the media-hype the propaganda-pr**ks made of this useless and sorrowful war effort. "Come see Berlin, the city of werehouses" (warehouse and were house spell the same in German) "- there were houses, there were houses, there were houses." City was more a pile of rubble than anything else. My favourite: "Führer give orders - we take what follows (from it)!" as a soldiers joke of the Propaganda-Slogan "Führer give orders - we follow". Relates to the idiotic and murderous 'stand-fast'-orders Hitler gave on a regular basis as response to critical situations which called for retreat. Not all Germans were the "don't think - follow orders"-type. Cheers Olf
  4. Yeah, that is true. Happened to me twice in 'KG Engel' only. On how I retrieved the Tiger: As I am very sneaky in playing tactical combat, I used the small dirt road in the woods on my extreme left flank and rushed trough one of the fields when I was on the same height as the Tiger. Nearly the same way back. Had a Halftrack to carry screening infantry and the Tiger crew and a Lynx plus two PzIVs allocated for the dash. Low gears in the woods, full throtttle in the open. Went supersmooth with only one or two guys being hit. Not mutch opposition. Cheers Olf
  5. @ Vein: Yeah, those filters and whatever else you used turn the pictures into 70's war movie screencaptures. Very nice! @ GreenAsJade: Now that IS a bummer! Time for the pixeldudes to die, I guess? Olf
  6. Something not very often seen these modern days... +1 for that one. Something I would really like to know: How many guys are working at BFC in paid jobs? And how many associates/volunteers do you have? Hope someone at BFC has time to answer this specific question or does somebody else know? Best regards Olf
  7. Thanks for the recommendation! Sounds very interesting! @ John Kettler: Do you mean Hein Severloh by chance? He wrote 'WN62' (Wiederstandsnest 62 = Defensive Point 62), a book about his experience as MG42 gunner in a bunker at Omaha Beach and the implications for his further live. He shot 12.000 rounds till 12am on 6th June.... Here is the book: http://www.amazon.de/WN-62-Soldier%C2%92s-Memories-Normandy/dp/3932922239/ref=sr_1_1?s=books-intl-de&ie=UTF8&qid=1369485355&sr=1-1&keywords=hein+severloh I only know of him because he was on a local tv programm, he lives not far from me. I don't know if he had to do with American tv though. Best regards Olf
  8. The huge crater could have been created by an aircraft (fighter or medium bomber) impacting at high speeds and steep angle - 600 km/h + at 80°-90°. There is a war memorial in the vicinity of my hometown. It preserves the impact crater of a P-51 shot down in May 1945 on escort duty (one of the last aerial victims of the war - very sad thought). Due to the mission it likely has impacted as described above and the crater looks very similar. Best regards Olf
  9. Hi Guys! My provider shutted down my internet connection for 10 days to harras me for being an informed consumer (that's no exaggeration). So I couldn't answer. Thanks for the interest in those points I made. Yeah the pictures are murky, but I had no scenario at hand which showed this effect that strongly. If you glue your eye to the monitor you will probaply see what I mean - the houses show absolutely no roof damage despite 105mm impacts every twenty meters in the roads. About the points you made: Degradable buildings would be fancy but are a bit much to ask for I think. That's something very complicated to implement. Adding a few more building damage steps is the way to go I think. But as sburke has said, it has to be done carefully to not become bugged. An example of 'good changes turn arkward' can be observed with this MG effectiveness alteration - the game feels very bugged now. Best regards Olf
  10. @ASLveteran & the other americans around: I didn't want to put Nazi Germany and the modern USA on the same level. What I wanted to piont out is this: I do have the impression, that your governmnet has done some very bad moves in 2001 and 2003. I am under the impression that many Americans thought the same but nobody had the possibilities to stop what was already going on. (This is not an attack against your Country. I like the US and have met many nice Americans already.) There were pretty many Germans who knew the government was crazy but were so tied up in the situation, they had just no way to stop them. My apologies for the misunderstanding. @ Sgt Joch & sburke: Yeah, you're right. Better stop this. I'll GTFO now.
  11. Talking about radical believes? Talking about war crimes? There's no straight 'good' and no straight 'bad' in no army! I am a German myself so I am naturally focused on our army in WWII. I've been reading stuff about it for 20 years now. And I've read most horrific and chivalrous accounts playing on the same front, same division. I've read about battalions in which every member shot arithmetical 50 innocent Jews without a doubt - without being a Nazi just on orders! I've read accounts on Infantry Company Commanders on the Eastern Front who received the order to shoot commissars and civilians and - did nothing at all, but reporting back 'order fullfilled'. I read an account of a German fighter pilot downing a Sovjet bomber over wooded area for his first kill. He watched in horror, as the gunner of the bomber looked helpless back at him, plumbing to death. There were die-hard Nazis like Hans-Joachim Rudel, that famous Stuka pilot. And there were just as successful soldiers who were not at all Nazis. Like the father of a friend of mine, Erich Hohagen, 40-kill ace, flying the Me-262 at the end of the war - who was a good man caught up in a bad war without a chance of changing anything. All he could do was to try and survive. All good and bad, white and black mixed up you get the color grey - dark grey for the Germans in WWII admittedly. And here we enter today's reality. Was it nessecary to start two wars which killed 100.000 to 200.000 people minimum to stop and capture the perpetrators of a terroristic act that killed 3000? Where are all the good people now, stopping this senseless killing that is going on for twelve years? There are none who make a difference, neither in Europe nor in the US. Do I have to conclude that we are all straight-breed muslim-haters? I'll tell you what - they, the good people, are just as powerless today as were the clear-visioned Germans in Nazi-Germany who knew, what was going on is bad. The system was crooked and it was strong back then and it is just the same way now. Problem back then was that weird believes, hatefulness, arrogance and greed were leading factors in decision-making back then - just as today. Back then it was an racial ideology, today it is the allmighty commerce. After 20 years of reading I guess there were 5 percent die-hard Nazis at the start of the war and maybe 15 percent at the end of it. But they had the power. The rest were just adapting to the system. So please stop painting the picture of the 'Evil Empire' - it just doesn't fit reality. Best regards Olf P.S.: If you wanna know how this horrific **** happening in wars is created, read Phillip Zimbardo: 'The Lucifer Effect - How Good People Turn Evil' http://www.amazon.de/Lucifer-Effect-Good-People-Turn/dp/1846041031/ref=sr_1_1?s=books-intl-de&ie=UTF8&qid=1367377444&sr=1-1&keywords=philip+zimbardo
  12. This makes HTs pretty much unusable for a while. Damn. Does BF already know about this? I know the guys have a lok at the forum from time to time, but has anybody noticed them in particular? Best regards Olf
  13. Yeah, had a similar problem, too. Guy with MP40 behind wall mows down guy after guy and I can't lob a single grenade over the fu**ing wall. Guess it can not be changed, I bet others have complained already and it's still that way. Regards, Olf
  14. Okay, I see three Brits running across a field, unopposed. Maybe I am missing something but what's the point? :confused:
  15. It's nasty business having Hanomags in the support role. Sa said before, my impression too is that they are far to vulnerable. I have the feeling in general, that since switching to V2.01 ALL exposed crewmembers are on the KIA waiting list. Just had an incident with seven opened up vehicles, losing three TCs in the first encounter. This needs to be checked! I am not angry or anything, but a solution would be nice. Best regards Olf
  16. Hey Squatter! Still alive? If you are still on this board and interested in PBEM give me a call. Cheers, Olf
  17. ...continue A Cromwell appears just seconds later. I think: "Oh crap, that's it." But a second Marder on a hill to the left spots, shoots and hits. The first Marder spots and shoots... ...and dispatches the Cromwell with a second hit! Back in the Game! That were 30 seconds of pure thrill - I love this game... Cheers Olf
  18. My first PBEM. I got seriously beaten up for 20 Minutes, when this little story occured. Previuos turn: My Marder spotted a Firefly. Shot twice at him hitting nothing. Instead the Firefly traversed his gun in the direction of the Marder. One day of waiting for the outcome and coursing the incompetent crew followed. :eek: My Marder shot again and hit. Didn't seem to hurt the Sherman too much, though. It shoots again. Note the not-so-well Soldiers in the line of fire. KABOOOOM! "Wow!" methinks. continue...
  19. @ Fed: Little off-topic extra: ALWAYS split your squads into teams! Best regards Olf
  20. Even though I run the risk of being seriously flamed: I think reenacting is one of the most ridiculous past-times of the present day. The reason? Since I know of reenactment, every time I hear people who spend their hobby-time on WWII are being silly and crazy, I can not deny this anymore. Best regards Olf
  21. After using 'Alluh Akbar' already I didn't want to say that in order to not make me conspicious of having any clue of Islam. :eek: Best regards Olf
  22. +1 Note: YES, the 7,92 mm kurz was scarce. But being completely unaviable for resupplying is a bit too much methinks. Cheers Olf
  23. With the help of God they hit anything they want. Cheers Olf
  24. Dunno how you can joke about it. I'm still shocked. I've seen a lot of strange & crazy stuff but real killing as it happens (the FUBAR T-72 with its blown out commander running away) is new to me. Crazy new world.
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