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  1. I hated that last mission. My battalion was already bled white and I still had to take that goddam town. This was a reality check in more than one way: it was a vivid lesson in history. After it, I really started to grasp what the human cost of war means. Sending your men through that cover-devoid marsh against HMGs and then over that goddam ridge, and watch helplessly while they get torn to shreds by mortar-barrages and machinegun-fire told me more about the damage dealt to humans in war, physically and mentally, than 15 years of documentaries and books could.
  2. Spolier alert!!! Hey Wodin, don't worry too much! I've lost 37 men, 2 tanks and a halftrack, plus my mortar platoon got wrecked. I would say you got away pretty smoothly. On top of that, have a look at the after action screen: IIRC the numerical relationship between attacker and defender was about 1:1 or very close to it. Very far away form an reasonable numerical superiority for an attcking force of 3:1! This is one hell of a first mission!
  3. You get stomped by the AI? Lt.Col. Pauldings (ret.) will help you out of your misery! In my eyes by far the best wargaming tactics tutorial I've seen so far. What is especially interesting for you is the fact that he discusses Mission 2 of 'Courage and Fortitude' in detail! (Oh, it still was a nigthmare but I managed it) I just use the opportunity to re-post it for newcomers to find - spread the wisdom, you know? Best regards Morbo
  4. Nice! Yeah, the graphics could be better. But Battlefront did by far the best artwork for this title! LOL you gotta be kidding me! My sister plus her family lives in Groß Sehlingen, and pass I through your village regularly when I do road bike training.
  5. This forum tends to accumulate critisism, and I am an active contributor to this. But in all fairness and to appreciate the work Battlefront has done on CMFB I have to give them some cudos: The visual appeal of CMFB is just outstanding! To me CMFB is a real beauty. My FRAPS-file is overflowing with pictures of serene rolling low-mountain-range landscapes dotted with burning tanks, majestetic woods of wide-standing, tall pine trees with M3 halftracks passing through them, and Machinegun-teams taking cover from mortar-fire behind the elegant curving snow banks of small copses. The beatuiful, calm landscapes, contrasting with the starkly violent action, give CMFB a very distinct atmosphere which I totally like! Good Job Battlefront! Morbo
  6. I already topped that and am 20 minutes out from concluding the mission. Panzerschrecks have been extremely accurate lately. In the last three situations I watched, they did kills at 180m + One occurence was in the mission...
  7. Ah okay! From what I've seen it looked like this never happened. Haven't seen it in a substantial period of time. By now I am fearful of using area fire for more than 30 seconds as I had numerous occasions where my units left first-rate (in the open and running infantry) targets unscathed and took casualties themselves. All in CMFB, I have no such problems in CMBN. I will take some time with this to see, if it was more bad luck and subjectivity than fact. Cheers Morbo
  8. Hey Rinaldi! Me and a fellow from 'The Blitz' gaming Club just finished your Scenario - and we had a lot of fun! It is very seldom in CMBN that you play such a huge Tank force. It asked for very different tactics to employ. It seems like we still downloaded the original version from TSDIII, though. I like to give you some feedback via PM (to avoid spoilers), as this was a kind of 'life-fire-playtesting'. We think there are still some issues with the balancing, as the Germans have a very hard time to stop the Americans. It still was huge fun, that is why I would love to help! Best regards Morbo
  9. It's not ahistorical at all - in Lt.Col. Abrams 37th Tank Battalion this was SOP! It was common behaviour to spray every suspicious looking copse or brush with MG ammo when in enemy-held area IIRC. About my griefings: I normally use 'Target Briefly', too. But in this case it is the American ardennes campaign (Lt.Col. Abrams again...) in which I have to conserve HE-ammo as good as I can! 'Target Briefly' wastes HE shells, and target light which would be the perfect suppression-solution is dangerous. I would love to see BF include an 'override area-fire for direct contacts'-routine in the AI. Depends on the effort necessary, of course.
  10. Yeah, you are right! I tested it and found it to be quite comfortable, especially on those large CMFB maps. Thank you for the heads up I wouldn't have noticed myself, I guess.
  11. Hmmm. I am not quite sure if I got your point - do you say that you can directly click the 'tentative contact icon'? I have tested in my copy of CMFB and I can't target these icons. I can area fire the AS if my dudes have LOS but that is all. Maybe it is a (nice) bug? The game calculating the tentative contact like a direct contact?
  12. Maybe I have noticed another case of 'old bug reapearing'... I just had an instance whith two Shermans. One Sherman was area firíng a hill 500 meters away with his wingman, a second Sherman, in overwatch. Suddenly the firing Sherman spotted some German Infys just 180 meters away from him in a copse. Instead of switching targets automatically to the direct contact and threat, the Sherman kept area firing. This gave the Germans ample time to aim with a Panzerschreck and destroy his wingman which hadn't spotted them. I had two or three instances so far, where units stubbornly kept area firing even though they had spotted direct threats to them. I didn't notice this behaviour in the late CMBN. What do you guys say to this, have you noticed similar things? Does Battlefront know this and do they want to do something about it? Or should I write a ticket on the matter? Comments appreciated.
  13. Hey Ian! Yeah, I thought hard and long how I could describe the problem more clearly and failed miserably. I figured out the problem on my own awhile later, but thank you very much for the reply! So the split installation is a Microbrain-Idea (thank you Billionaire-Nerd)... Then Battlefront is not to blame, I think they did a good job on this installment anyway. Cheers Morbo
  14. Hi guys! I just installed CMFB and I have encountered the WEIRDEST bug I have ever seen with installing anything: My 'Game Files' went missing But let me start from the beginning: I loaded the Installer.zip onto my desktop, unzipped it there and installed for the first time - fired it up, worked perfectly. Oddly enough, different files of the game were installed to my Desktop. Even more odd was that the CMFB-game folder contained every folder of my Desktop minus content. This was a problem because I wanted to add a custom map ('The Blitz'-Tournament map). Reinstalling didn't help. Loading the Installer.zip into a newly created file helped, now I have most of the data in the game folder. But strangely enough, the 'game files' plus some other data rest in my 'own files' segment of my 'User Data'-folder of Windows. Most stupid of all is that I can't copy the 'game files' into the game folder, otherwise the game doesn't find the content of theses files anymore. This was no issue with CMBN, there the 'game files' are in the game folder, which is logical, not somewhere in a completely remote part of my PC... Is there a way of fixing this? Best regards Morbo
  15. Hey Bill, that Comic is aesome! I totally like the perspectives and picture detail you chose! I have one point of constrictive criticism, though. I might be wrong but I recognize terms like 'Team Babbitt', 'Destroyer 1-3', 'coordinate with infantry' as modern day US Army language. Just as an example back in the days, what is today a Company Combat Team was simply an (reinforced) Infantry Company. Didn't sound that flashy, so Army Marketing changed that. Anyway I hope you give us more of these nice artworks! Best regards Morbo
  16. Oh man I am ashamed a bit... The one Derp has an MG3 - I guess he looted it from the Peshmerga, to witch my government delivered it. It was a big discussion here if the German government should pump more weapons in an already weapon-overloaded region. But nonetheless very interesting video! I was astonished to see how casual they deal with their own deaths - sure makes them effective fighters, offsets their messed up organization a bit.
  17. Okay, obviously no one here seems to understand what yfighter wants: an explanation on how to play Real-Time via Internet connection. Just looked it up (don't do it myself): One player chooses a Scenario, chooses his side and then the play-mode - there you can select 'Real-Time via Internet' or something along these lines. If the player selects it, he is given an IP-Adress and Port. He then transmits these numbers to his buddy who hits 'Join Network Game' in the main menu and types in the numbers accordingly. From there everything should go its ways. Figuring this out took me less time than to write those lines here. Honestly, have you looked into the manual at all?
  18. Hey guys! I want to start playing ladder matches in CMBN, so I have to join a wargaming club. So far I know only the 'Few Good Men', seems to be a good bunch, but can you point out other Clubs so I can get an complete overview? Thanks in advance Olf
  19. Did your tanks take damage or lost crew members? I remeber tanks leaving for refit when I played that campaign, once they had two crewmembers incapacitated or taken significant damage (track thrown or main gun shot out, things like that). I would assume something like that happened to your tanks, too.
  20. Engineers with Stachelcharges are fun in close combat, I discovered this for the first time just recently and couldn't stop giggeling for about five minutes. About the Gap-question: identifying passable gaps in medium hight hedgrows is difficult. Thos that can be passed look quite similar to those 'cosmetic' ones which are not. Someone in the mentioned discussion had a very good tip how to identify those that can be used - just zoom the camera out! At a certain distance the detail level goes down and you can only make out the passable gaps. Regards, Olf
  21. Thank you for all the effort invested! I just snatched some fresh scenarios and will be back to check for more. Definitely easier and nicer to use than the repository (sorry BF). Hope more Scenario designers upload to your site! Olf P.S.: Little heads-up: you got a typo - Battle For Normandy is without an 's'
  22. *Chuckles* First two AP rounds and then a beehive, what a mean motherhugger. ...a very smart one indeed, he hit about the only spot his little gun could penetrate at all. *thumbs up*
  23. About the Panthers - All were buttoned up when hit. Shots were fired at less than 400m/yards, mostly on side at sides with thin armor. A little physical examination of whats going on when a tank is hit. Yes, the different warheads have differing physical values, but I am using the Fermi-principle here, showing in which magnitudes the physical processes take place. So lets take a hit from a PIAT: it penetrates with an jet of molten metal, travelling at about 7-10 km/s and a pressure of no less than 100 bar (up to 200 bar or 200 GPa) and a temperature of at least 350°C and up to 480°C. Unless the tank has it's hatches open, so the immense overpressure can dissipate, the crew will take seriuos injuries to all presure sensitive organs - lungs rupture, hearing and balanceing organs will take serious damage and so forth. If that is not enough, the super fast jet creates a cloud of molten and shattered steel which tends to create severe injuries and fires upon impact. And don't forget the very hot gases. Look at AP shot penetration: if a solid 57mm (6pd) AP shot penetrates the armour, it still has considerable kinetic energy. I have no numbers aviable, but considering the AT guns of the time had muzzle velocities of 600-1000 m/s (meters are roughly yards). Lets consider the amount of energy lost through flight and penetration, I would expect an AP slug fired at less than 300m to bounce around inside the tank at 100-200 m/s. The 75mm round had an explosive filler, so it created even more damage if it went off. Looking at the punishment the Panthers took, I seriuosly doubt everything is okay here. My first impression was that for some reason ammo and fuel are not correctly simulated. I derived this conclusion from the fact that out of seven PzVs only one burned and only after recieving fice solid penetrations. No ammo explosions at all. But I could be wrong. Maybe it is not a bug, but then I would have to say this is unrealistic. Not even an veteran tank crew would be able to keep fighting after receiving more than two hollow charge penetrations into an closed fighting compartment, most likely the first would have wounded or killed everyone. Same goes for the amount of AP penetrations received, it showed pecuilar few effects, considering the physical forces at work and the amount of flammable and explosive materials inside a Panther. Just look at the inside model in-game.
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