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  1. Agreed on all points. Yep, I had this campaing in my mind too, when I started on the issue. I pulled off the night mission, even found it less hard than the day-attack by the Panther Company. Another thing griped me: I just wanted to get over the damn thing. You capture your final village after 10 or more missions... and defend it... and defend it... and defend it. And after finally defending it and cheering this monster is finally beaten you are finished... NOT. You get a "Bonus-Mission" which has nothing to do with the rest (plays a month later) and you can have your poor Shermys getting shredded by King Tigers instead of Panthers. Yay. Seriously, 10-mission-campaigns with the mentioned difficulty sweet-spot are enough for people less crazy than me. @ Ithikial: Thanks for mentioning Jorge MCs work, gotta check it out!
  2. I am playing the "Courage Conquers"-Campaign, just progressed to mission three. It is hard. I mean attacking in 1 to 1 numerical ratio or less is not for the faint harted. Especially when you don't receive any replacements, have to conserve HE ammo on your tanks and your infantry is crap. I am certainly not complaining, I even found the challenge of the German "Market Garden"-Campaign cool (and it is a tactical nightmare), but I guess many players will back away from this. Especially after their command is bled white and they find out the next mission is even harder. The Aachen Campaign will be tackled next. But honestly, knowing some of the history of the Battle of Aachen, I thought "You guys must be kidding". I think it will be a baaaad meatgrinder, just like "Courage and Fortitude". Basic line is: the campaigns seem to be just for the hard-core grogs, nothing for the average player.
  3. As George Patton once said about scouting: "Drive down that road untill you get the crap shot out of you." My SOP is to move units into jump-off positions with good LOS/LOF and send out the FNGs (2-man-Scout Team or normal "Split-Squad" Team of inferior quality) to draw fire. It is the sacrifice one has to make. I normally alternate between "quick"- and "hunt"-orders to give my Scouts at least a chance of survival. My SOP is to always split Squads for a number of reasons. One is that you can choose assault paths more freely. Not splitting saves a lot of micromanagement but is really bad once under fire, from my experience. Experience (and physics) tell me the HEAT rounds of the aforementioned are decent anti-building weapons. Normally everytime my Pixeltruppen in buildings receive a hit (or deal one) with one of these, one or more guys go down. Problem is, they are fairly inaccurate and above 80m you seldomly hit with the first round = considerable ammo consumption. You can make sure a team with AT-weapons hits a building when you issue an "attack"-order. Without order, the team will decide on their own. I don't know why it didn't work for Bulletpoint, maybe it is a PIAT-realted issue? I played the same Scenario just recently. You have to be within 20m and use the "attack" order and sooner or later one of your Pixeltruppen will use a stachel-charge against the bunker, normally obliterating it. Of course this is only doable when you approach from an uncovered angle. Hope this helps even though some topics have been adressed before.
  4. Hey you guys spolier way too much! But I have to agree, this one is great fun! Now on to some bragging: I managed to win this one as Germans, first time played - against a Human player. (honestly, when I saw my Company, I didn't expect to pull it off)
  5. Back to topic... My Golden Rule: "Be careful and systematic or you die." By now I have never seen a daring assault not ending in a bloodbath, that's why I never do any.
  6. You didn't read my post properly. I meant "I heard of" because that is what I wanted to say. It is very unlikely that, even though I read into the topic for a good 20 years, I know more than 1 percent of these cases. To say iI know all cases "documented" would be a gross overstatement. In an Army in which most Armoured Divisions operated in understrenght most of the time, and in which divisional staff on occasion bribed factory managers to get resupply (German Army on the Eastern Front and generally late in the war) salvaging as much as possible was very much an vital practice.
  7. Back to the accuracy topic: I too have the impression that at some stage in the recent past, BF must have changed something about the Panzerschreck (PzSch) Accuracy. I am playing the "Courage Conquers" Campaign of CMFB right now and have suffered 6 first-shot hits from PzSch at 170m+ ranges in just three missions. Plus I killed two enemy tanks with PzSch-first shots at 180m + in a single PBEM. I never experienced something like that before, in all allied campaigns I played up till then combined I didn't take so many Hits. My SOP said: "getting within 100m of a PzSch is no serious threat to tanks" and "Panzerschreck is useless above 50m". Yeah, I know, I know just anecdotal, no statistical base and so on. But still, experience of years is suddenly totally reversed. That is odd. I already wondered if this is a bug.
  8. Yeah, I cursed about the inability to re-man Anti-Tank Guns many a time. Especially when you see spotting rounds, your AT Gun has no foxholes and you are perfectly aware they gonna hit your ATG. You can do a damn about saving the crew. In real life the only sensible thing would be to get into cover, wait out the strike and return to the gun-position to see if it is still serviceable. Duh. Dozens I heard of. Tanks are among the most valuable battlefield assets, so any Army goes to great lengths to keep as many aviable as possible.
  9. There are dozens of instances in WWII where tank crews left their tanks in panic while it was still mobile. Later they or other crews would return and drive it off to safety, very much to the dismay of their enemies who thought the tank out of action.
  10. I think we talk about different things here - I described what I do to find out the composition and especially the armament of an outfit. I did that once with every new CM game or module to familiarize me with the new units. So basically it is testing What you describe is normal purchasing.
  11. My little workaround for this problem is to just purchase a whole battalion of something and have a look it (all sortetd out by platoons and companys) on a wide and flat map in the deployment phase. A preview would be great!
  12. Perfectly true. One or two conceptual flaws but solid engineering. In the Big Cats, we produced the best tactical tanks, but at the same tank the worst operational tanks of WWII. We tend to over-engineer stuff, which becomes less durable in the process. Was like that back then, is better but not all gone today. BTW Belton Coopers book "Death Traps" has been ripped apart on historical inaccuracies in forums all over the web. Just typical for "History-FUBAR Channel" to use such a man as main protagonist in a "Documentary". Man I wish back the times, were journalists actually tried to give valid information to the public, instead of slobbering for nothing but viewing levels, no matter he cost.
  13. I guess BF has researched the TO&E correctly. They usually do and if not - the (WWII-)British Army is in CMx2 games ever since CMBN-Commonwealth so the error would have been most likely corrected by now. Just theorizing here: British wartime industry was at it's limits just as was their funding - maybe they just didn't have the rescources? I suspect their prime concern was their Navy as it was "Mission critical" to not loosing through starvation and even though the U-Boat-thread had been all but anihilated by 1944, maybe they still got most of the rescources allocated?
  14. They love their drone but their cutting and composing is just booooring. I could point out another 100 things that are off/unprofessional/stupid but it's not worth the time.
  15. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea... fits the weather in CMFB much better anyway.
  16. Did you filter for WWII? Because in WWI Jews served and sacrificed for Germany just as everyone else called to arms. True, but these were extremely rare cases with "Special-permission". There are only 100.000 Jews left today in Germany - my bottom line is the Nazis were so thorough in their genocide, I am quite sure there were no jewish names in the Wehrmacht by any practical measures. Can anyone tell me where I can find the files for the names and how to edit them? Morbo
  17. Okay good to know. It was just a thought that came to my mind and I have no knowledge about it.
  18. Hmmmm, I will join methinks. First time AAR write I will. Hah, I'm in Europe! So I don't have to play Slysniper, lucky me.
  19. One idea about different penetration performances in different months: how about enviromental effects, temperature in particular? Are such physical effects modeled in the game? Regards Morbo
  20. I am playing a CMFB Scenario at the moment, commanding a German Panzergrenadier Company and spotted two squad leaders by the name of Nussbaum and Altschuler. Those are Jewish names and everybody in Germany with such a name was in a desperate fight for his life in 1944, but not on the frontlines. Somehow it saddens me to see, please change with the next patch.
  21. I had a most weird "comeback". My Mortar Platoon of B/37th AB got torn to shreds in the 1st mission - 1 M21 destroyed, 1 M21 bogged, 50% KIAs and WIAs... Total FUBAR... ...and in the 2nd mission it is back to full strenght.
  22. Just read your mission briefing. The Motherlover killed my 1st Plt Command Tank.
  23. With the "People getting sniped out of vehicles"-situation as it is - ridiculous (my last TC kill was: 2nd salvo with a Bren gun at aPzIV Tank Commander at 450m) - lowering all the TC-positions might at least appease the problem. BTW it looks pretty cool.
  24. Hello! I just returned to this post for the first time in a while. I will write you a PM these days! Cheers Morbo
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