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  1. Who is the actor who said that? He's a legend and he may not even know it!
  2. Is that even possible? Has that ever happened in a game? Would be pretty funny!
  3. How bizarre ! For the first time ever I had someone try and take money from my CC last week for an online betting website. After speaking with the fraud department at my bank I have now had a new card issued. I only ever use that card for food and petrol. However, the one time I used it online was to buy SF2! I'm content that it is a coincidence but a spooky one at that.
  4. Aha, you're right! The troops are indeed there and when the vehicles arrived at their destination, out they popped! Thanks for the clarification @ASL Veteran
  5. Apologies, I wasn't sure how to share a dropbox link. I think I've done it. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jzu4q32f1smpgoo/AAB1WkUVNmC65I1vZY1WzpYPa?dl=0 A.
  6. Hi George, Thanks for the reply. Definitely not tagged as 'R'. And to reiterate this isn't the first time I've come across this. I've come across this on other CM games too, which makes me think it's most likely something I am doing wrong than a bug. Below is a link to the scenario file. https://www.dropbox.com/home/CMSF2?preview=Open.btt
  7. Hi guys, So I'm trying to create a scenario and I've come across a bug (I think it's a bug). It's something I've come across before on other CM games but never got around to reporting until now. You'll see from the below picture I have an enemy squad inside some vehicles. This screenshot is taken from the scenario editor. The below screenshot is the same squad but taken during Scenario testing phase. As you'll see the troops have disappeared and only the vehicles have remained. The troops are not on the map anywhere. The vehicles and the troops are all part of the same squad (2nd platoon) and they do not have different AI orders from each other. I set up trigger orders for the vehicles to drive to a village and then dismount the troops. What is going on here? Much love, A.
  8. Thanks Ian! I obviously wasn't paying attention!
  9. Sorry to add to the issues. I have bought the upgrade. I used the activation code from my original purchase of Shock Force 1 complete bundle. It seems to have unlocked the base game and modules as the below picture shows, but ..... ..... then i get this message when trying to run the game. Can someone help me? Many thanks. A. Screenshot_2018-12-04_at_22.31.29_74.pdf
  10. Hi Ian. Thanks for the response. I am obviously not expecting troops to magically "read my mind" (although that would be pretty cool!). But it is frustrating when you order them into a building and they split and enter through different doors and therefore expose themselves to the enemy. It's seems like it should be such a simple fix but I'm obviously no computer game programmer so what do I know? Of course I can imagine troops making stupid decisions like this, but is that really part of the game mechanics or is it a bit of a bug? Much love A.
  11. I was under the impression that these issues would be fixed with the updated patch and that SF2 was running with said updated patch ? What gives ?
  12. Awesome video! May I ask, what scenario is this and what mods are you using? The walls & buildings look great.
  13. I played Passage At Wilcox a second time around and bossed it (prior knowledge of enemy positions helped!). Breaking the Bank is so much harder but I'm persevering!
  14. Okay, however it was a group of 7 men who split to enter the building, 2-3 of whom put themselves into the open in order to enter the building. Seems really counter-intuitive and not very realistic.
  15. I also noticed that the soldiers choose different doors to enter buildings. I thought the issue with squads running into the line of fire to get into a building was an issue that was going to be resolved in engine 4?
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