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  1. Andy_101

    The state of CMSF2

    I've always been of the opinion that BF will release a game when it's good & ready and everyone should just chill. However, where I feel BF have scored an own goal is by offering pre-orders on a game that has no definitive release date. That's people's hard-earned cash they've parted with and these same people were told earlier that the game was set for an end-of-September release. If BF haven't conveyed what is going on with these people, then in my opinion these people have a justified reason to be irked. My two-pence.
  2. Hi all, Some time back I downloaded a small arms sound mod (see link below) which worked absolutely fine. I went through the mod and picked out the sounds I liked best and then I deleted the others. http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=6685 Since then I wanted to go back and re-listen to the sounds I originally didn't want to see if I had changed my mind about any of them. I therefore decided to re-download the mod. Bizarrely, this time no matter what unpacking application I use (the unarchiver, dr unarchiver, etc etc) the mod always, *always* comes out with zero-bytes for each sound file. Sometimes depending on what unpacking application I use it will say that the file is corrupt. I am using a fairly powerful MacBook pro retina on High Sierra. When I contacted the creator of the mod he said there was nothing wrong his end and the file was downloading fine. Obviously there is something going wrong somewhere. I am very eager to get this mod again. Could some kind soul perhaps test download the mod to see if they are having the same issue, and perhaps some even kinder soul reupload to dropbox? It really is baffling as like I said I have downloaded it before with the same computer with no problems. Thanking you in advance. A.
  3. Cool thanks so much for uploading this! Going to have fun playing!
  4. Andy_101

    Additional Walls

    I wonder why battlefront limit the amount of walls and buildings for a title. They should release a map building pack with all the different buildings and fences etc from all the titles. The would be awesome!
  5. Andy_101

    Additional Walls

    Ah, okay. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Hopefully in future titles they will expand the Game Editor so we can have more versatile maps.
  6. Andy_101

    Additional Walls

    Hello. Is there a way of adding additional walls to any of the games other than the vanilla walls? I understand there are mods that rework the vanilla walls (I use them) but I was wondering whether it was possible to have a greater choice of diverse walls, fences, etc... ? A.
  7. Andy_101

    The patch?

    I don't often write on these forums... but seriously guys? What's with all the bickering? Just stop it all of you. It doesn't put anyone in a good light. People have a right to be frustrated but turning on each other just isn't on.
  8. Yes. I would also like to know this. Sounds really interesting and fun.
  9. Andy_101

    Mod to remove thunder?

    There's a lot of videos and memes being thrown around on these boards of late. It's a bit like a classroom when the teachers aren't around (I'm looking at you Battlefront!)
  10. Andy_101

    The patch?

    Who's that?
  11. Andy_101

    Road to Nijmegen campaign maps

    Wow! Thank you so much guys! That's awesome! I've always wanted to examine those maps. Much appreciated! A.
  12. Hello! Does anyone know where I can find the campaign maps for "Road to Nijmegen"? I'd really like to look at them in the editor. Thank you in advance. A.
  13. Andy_101

    Battles table of contents

    Does anyone know where I can find the maps for the Road to Nijmagan campaign?