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  1. I tried again and I do NOT have fog in Windows 7. Otherwise it works fine. Just no fog visible.
  2. I run cmbo on several different Windows 7 machines. Even x64 works fine. I never tried Vista.
  3. tinjaw, My big plan was to capture the small objective on the right first, set up a defence with the AT guns and wait for them to come. That didn't work out because they didn't take the bait. So I continued and took the other flag on the right forward as well hoping their tanks would start moving and showing themselves. That didn't happen either but they started firing with their guns and I couldn't find out where the shells were coming from. My guns were knocked out by the Germans while moving them into a defensive position and exposing them too much. I should have used a smoke screen for that. In the meantime I send my infantry up over the Railway dyke towards the town towards and through the bigger wood section so they could get near without being exposed (except when the went over the top). Then after scouting the terrain towards the town it was clear that it was safe to approach with transport vehicles, so I send the rest of the infantry on transports. What I did next was get my infantry as close to the enemy as possible. I used my infantry to find the enemy vehicles and guns. While keeping them in sight, I surprised them on the flank with my Daimlers. I had the piats as an emergency option, but never used them. Using the tactics above I defeated the enemy armored cars one by one and then throwed in the Sexton and the tank to give infantry support. While slowly gaining the upper hand, I moved in the mortars with HQ spotters to kill off any AT guns. They turned out to be very hard to find and I lost many infantry and vehicles and even my tank to them. Finally I managed to knock out the guns both with mortars and storming them with infantry. By that time I got the flag in the town, and their infantry started to storm my position. Thanks to the sexton and the wasp, they were quickly finished. As soon as I send some guys to the final objective, the big hill, the Germans surrendered giving me a score of 70/100. I sent you a PM requesting your e-mail address. If you want I can e-mail all my saved games to you. I use to create a save game after each turn in case the game crashes, so you can watch my battle turn by turn.
  4. Hi all, I created a battle pack featuring the Liberation of Zutphen, Holland. If you're interested you can download it here. Canadian mixed forces against German mainly infantry and guns / fortifications. In 6 battles I will try to give you an impression of how Zutphen was liberated. Zutphen is a fairly large town located on the IJssel river in Holland. The historic town was build like a fortress using the canals as a natural defence. It took the Canadians 3 days of fighting to free Zutphen, which was defended by a very young and fanatical enemy. Dispite inflicting heavy losses, the Germans were driven out and those who survived fled across the river in rubber boats. Includes photographs and maps etc of the real liberation of Zutphen. Let me hear what you think! e-mail me at info@opspin.net or post reply here for discussion. Canovaro Download scenario here (ZIP file)
  5. Andreas, I know this is a 8 years old thread...but thanks for this scenario! Just wanted to let you know I had a great time playing your 49threcce CMBO scenario! I played allied vs ai. The Germans surrendered after 32 turns giving me a tactical victory and a score of 70. Their guns gave me a headache in the end, good thing I had my 3’’ mortars left. I really loved the map, very nice and detailed. The units very mixed, a little too mixed imo but fun! (I changed the scenario: I gave myself 60 turns instead of 40 just not to spoil the fun if I would run out of time + I added a jeep to make sure all units could be mounted on vehicles at the start. Turned out 40 turns is fine!) Thanks for sharing the scenario! ...If you're still around... Canovaro
  6. I own a copy of CMBO Special Edition v1.12E CDV. I want to convert a battle to an operation using Pyewacket's Map Converter v1.29. However I run in a 'error 13' message. Now I want to run an analysis using analysis.cmb. Problem is, I don't know where tot get this file on the internet. Searched everywhere. Does anyone still have this file somewhere?
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