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  1. Thanks for your considered reply. Will give that some thought.
  2. Yes I understand how you can change it now. But was asking if there was a way of doing it in the game by for example increasing research in a particular area. I do not want to just change the soft limit if it results in unbalanced game play. Many thanks for all the responses to this question.
  3. Hi, I understand that you could change the soft limit option, but is that not sort of cheating. I was assuming that the limits are there to simulate how many units can be produced of a type for a reason. And that being the case you would have to invest some research to increase these limits. Many thanks.
  4. Hi, Is it worth investing research in Intelligence/production/infrastructure ? I only seem to research weapons etc and tend to ignore the above. Am I missing something in not doing so ? Many thanks.
  5. Hi, Is there a way that will allow you to create more of a particular type of unit ? For example when playing as the Japanese I want to have as many garrison units as possible to stop partizans in China, but are only allowed to produce a few units. Many thanks for any help.
  6. OK will give that a try. Many thanks.
  7. The platoon of infantry and 1 PKM are on top of the hill, so they can shoot down on them. And the other PKM is below the hill on the far right. I would of thought the 2 PKM would of been able to hit at least some of them, but they always miss. The US infantry then shoot back and always hit them. Not what I was expecting, especially as I always shoot first but still miss. Thanks for your quick reply.
  8. Hi, In above scenario I play as syrians. Had no trouble defeating the Bradleys. I mistakenly thought it would then be easy to kill the attacking infantry as I had 2 PKM machine gun teams, 1 recoiless team & a platoon waiting for them. But even thought the US troops were running over open ground toward me they always win. In fact I am not even able to cause 1 single casualty! Playing the scenario many times. Its like they are supermen! Please help, I am doing something very stupid or there is an issue. Many thanks.
  9. It does not mention this in the scenario description. But yes it should not be played with the AI selected as German.
  10. Hi, I am having the following graphic issues: 1)In Barkman corner scenario main road in distance is grey but when you move mouse pointer towards road the grey disappears and you can see the road. Have only played this scenario fully, but concerned that there might be similar issues in the other scenarios. 2)In medium size scenarios like Huzzar sometimes the mouse pointer will freeze while I am moving the screen around and then unfreeze after a few seconds. 3)In the larger scenarios the screen sometimes takes a while to finish building the trees, buildings etc (suppose this might be normal for these larger scenarios). What can you suggest to improve on these issues ? I have listed below my machine & game specs. Many thanks for your help. I have the following specs: Platform : Mac CPU : 2.5Ghz RAM : 4 GB Video : AMD Radeon HD 6750M 512MB OS : Lion 10.7.5 Game settings: Vertical sync: On (quality) 3D Model quality : Balanced 3D Texture quality : Balanced Antialias/multi sync : On High priority process : Off ATI Left click : Off
  11. Thanks for all the quick replies. 1) Graphics bug is not a game stopper just looks a bit odd. So probably won't change driver unless it gets very bad. 2)The Rhino Sherman would explain the hedge question. 3)Prefer to play computer than go on-line. Don't expect the AI to be as good as a human, but in the scenario its poor as the Germans. Especially as the scenario is about Barkmanns Panther, yet it does not use it!
  12. Hi, have a few questions regarding above scenario, any help most appreciated: 1) Has anyone had issues with the main road being a grey colour but when you move the mouse pointer forward it turns into a proper looking road! Have had issues with shaders for my graphics card, thinking is it related. I am using the MAC version. I am on version 2.01. 2)I was able to push my M4 sherman75s thru the hedges but not the Sherman76, the game made them find an opening. Any idea why they could not go thru as well ? 3)Last question relates to the AI. I appreciate the AI coding is difficult to say the least. But was surprise the AI as Germans kept Barmanns Panther hidden away in the corner of the map, bascially not using it until it was to late(about 4 minutes to go), Maybe it was because I had the setting at not a difficult enough setting(it was Veteran). Many thanks.
  13. Thanks for your reply, I understand how its suppose to work now. Many thanks.
  14. Hi, Thanks for your quick reply which was very helpful. I have a related question however, what is the maximum entrenchment value in the properties tab. When I entrenched a unit it showed as 2(4). Which I took to mean as the current value is 2 with a maximum value of 4. But when I look at the trench properties it said the max entrenchment value is 1. So not sure what that relates to. Many thanks for any help, my apologies if I am being dumb!
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