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  1. Over 60 views and no one wants to share their experience defending Japanese islands? :-)
  2. I'm looking for some ideas on how many / where you place your Japanese troops on their Pacific Island conquests. From Singapore, through the DEI north to Wake and then from the Philippines east through the Marshalls and Gilberts - how many of these do you leave troops on? Do you leave any HQ's behind or are they only with your frontline troops? I'm just looking for some ideas and if their is a general consensus as to the best strategy. Thanks.
  3. What must the Japanese do to gain the surrender of the DEI? Just capture Batavia? Or do they need to capture more cities and/or destroy units? Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I'm really enjoying the game. One last thing - does the use of Airfields only as supply points apply in all of the other campaigns / scenarios as well, or just the Solomons? Thanks again.
  5. Thanks for the reply, but I don't understand their purpose within the game. I am new to the game and playing the Solomons Campaign. On the 'Canal there are 2 airfields, but I can base my aircraft anywhere on the island. If I understand correctly, I don't need them for strategic redeployment of air units. There is no real reference to them in the manual. So what is the purpose other than historical accuracy on the map? What am I missing? Thanks.
  6. With air units being able to base anywhere, what is the value / purpose of airfields? Thanks.
  7. First time player as the Axis. The Soviets have moved their capital to Sverdlovsk. I am debating whether to push past the Urals or build a defensive line. Will the Soviets surrender if Sverdlovsk is captured or just move their capital again? Thanks.
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions. Still playing my first game and I'm wondering when the Chinese will run out of Infantry!! Good grief!
  9. Thanks for the replies. I will try the new tactics. I'm still learning the strengths and weaknesses of each unit. At what point should I be winding down offensive action and pulling out units to prepare for the Pacific campaign?
  10. Hello all! First time playing the game (love it so far!) and I need some help in China playing as the Axis. Help. I seem to be stuck! It is February 18, 1940. My goal was to secure the coast, capture Nanning and hold the line in the North. I have brought additional land forces to the mainland. I have used carrier air to soften up targets. I have replaced the HQ in the Southwest with Yamasita. I have used naval bombardment in Foochow. Here's what I've experienced: I have attacked the Chinese unit in Nanning repeatedly and the Chinese rebuild it to full strength every turn and the Nanning defender has taken a horrible toll on my Carrier Air - getting 2 or 3 hits every turn. To date, I have only destroyed 2 Chinese units in all of China. I can't seem to advance onto the unoccupied mountain hexes. Bombarding Foochow has resulted in significant losses to my BB's and CA's. The Armies around Wuhan just seem stuck. They can't inflict any significant damage to the Chinese units to their West and they cant really move. The army due South of Wuhan can't move to the empty hex to it's South East and it can't attack the Chinese army directly to it's West. All it can do is grind itself down on the Army in Changsa. There has to be some fundamental tactic or strategy that I'm missing. Any suggestions? I know that historically the campaign in China was a long drawn out slog, but what is a realistic goal here? How much do I need to attrit the Chinese (and how far do I have to push them back) in order to neutralize their ability to effectively counterattack? What level of forces will the Japanese be required to keep in China long term? Thanks in advance for any help. Great game so far, but defeating any Chinese units (let alone just being able to maneuver my Japanese forces) is a little frustrating.
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