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  1. Hi

    It should be, and I did run a test when you first mentioned this. If you could perhaps email me a saved turn that would probably be best, as then I'll be able to check the maths and see what's happening.

    If you can email it to bill.runacre@furysoftware.com that would be great.




    I just sent the save game to your email.

    At this point, in July, 1916, German morale is down to 32.

    Another anomaly - US war entry percentage is at 0 percent, even though the Germans are using unrestricted submarine warfare. I am wondering if I somehow caused this by investing in US technology long before the US was anywhere near to entering the war.

  2. Hi Bill,

    I started a new game as the Entente, so I could see German NM from a different viewpoint.

    We are now in December, 1915, German national morale is already down to 54. The capture of cities in Poland did not increase their NM, even when they took Warsaw and several other cities over a several term period.

    The Germans have had heavy losses, but Russia has suffered heavier losses than the Germans, yet has NM of 70. The Russians have lost much more in resources as well.

    Is it possible that NM for Germany is not being increased by the resources they capture?

  3. Hi Bill,

    I appreciate your patience. As for Holland, I did lose it for about five turns early in the game, but got it back with a big diplomatic investment and held onto it until the end. The morale hits from losing the Dutch food ended when they started trading with me again.

    I was taking heavy losses in the west through most of 1916 and especially 1918, though I was inflicting them as well.

    I will take your advice about ceasing attacks in the east, once a certain success has been reached. I will start a new game, taking your comments into account, and see what happens.

    Thanks again,


  4. Hi Vaalen

    I'm a little confused as we haven't changed anything with regards to NM and the occupation of enemy resources, except that now you will no longer gain NM from occupied resources once the enemy Major it belongs to has surrendered. Is that the change you're thinking of?

    If so, I'd be interested to know how it directly affects your strategy, so I can work out how that would affect Central Powers' strategy.

    If that isn't the cause, then there might be something else at work.

    It would also be good to hear if anyone else is having any difficulties relating to this.



    Hi Bill,

    I think my original message was confusing, as I was somewhat confused, and I apologize for the confusion.

    When I read the 1914 Call to Arms AAR, the CPs kept their national morale increasing by capturing enemy towns and resources, mainly in Russia.

    When I played the same scenario as the CPs, I did not seem to get any increase in National Morale for capturing enemy resources. I did capture quite a few in Russia and Rumania, and Serbia.

    I thought this increase had been patched out of the game, but you just wrote that the only change is that you no longer get NM increases only when the enemy major surrenders.

    If that is the case, perhaps my accepting the treaty of Brest Litovsk had a role in this, but my morale was very low and decreasing even before I signed the treaty. I had occupied many russian resources. I was taking heavy casualties in the west from a lot of enemy artillery and constant attacks.

    In terms of effecting my strategy, it has left me somewhat puzzled, but my new idea is to attack regularly in the west as well as the east, to try to weaken the french and british.

    I deeply appreciate your taking the time to help me. This game is incredible, and the depth of support you are providing is terrific.

  5. I have tried to learn how to play the game by following the 1914 after action report, which was excellent.

    However, the key to keeping up National morale during that AAR was to capture enemy cities and resources, which caused a NM boost. That is no longer true, due to the recent patches. While the NM boost enabled the Central Powers to have morale around ninety even late in the game, which is not realistic, the current situation is that CP Nm falls too quickly, regardless of their success in the east against Russia, Serbia, Rumania.

    By the time I finished Russia and reached the campaign season in 1918, Germanys NM was below 20 in may, even though the treaty of Brest Litovsk had fired.

    I must admit that the AI, which had been relentlessly attacking in the west, with huge amounts of upgraded artillery, wound up winning the game.

    Any ideas on how to deal with the new NM situation, where it no longer goes up through conquest of resources and towns?

  6. I would like to try the scenario against a human opponent. I am a novice to the game, but would you like to try it against me? I hope I can give the Balkan League a better fight than the AI

    Aryaman, I never play games online. I very much appreciate the offer, though, and have enjoyed the way you raised and discussed this very interesting subject.

    Best wishes,


  7. After reading this thread, I played the scenario as the Balkan league, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I actually won a decisive victory against the Turks, but had to work for it. I must admit I took the tip Bill gave, and cut the rail line between Constantinople and Salonica on the first term.

    The OB might not have been totally accurate, where the Turks and Bulgarians were concerned, but the scenario was a lot of fun, and gave me a sense of mountain warfare.

    I would not mind seeing a larger and more historical Bulgarian army, though, both in this scenario and the main 1914 scenario. Great fun.

  8. Vaalen,

    you're facing the same problem you historical counterparts had to face.

    Your opponent (the Entente) has a better strategic position, and a stronger fleet.

    The German Hochseeflotte never dared to face the entire Royal Navy. If at all they tried to build up traps, but they were simply not strong enough to win the naval war.

    That is why they preserved the Fleet most time of the war, and finally (and foolishly) decided to start the unrestricted sub warfare.

    In short: you need good planing, a good build up, and a big portion of luck to do well in a naval engagement with the Royal Navy.

    All other situatons will end like you described it: the german losses will probably decide the war (because of the National Morale losses, which the Germans usually can't afford, while the UK has nothing to lose and much to win from a 1:1, 2:1 or 1:2 naval loss ratio against a the German navy).

    I don't say that it is impossible to do very well with the Central Powers navies, but in the North Sea it is very hard, and probably very expensive as well.

    If you like you can read about my first try to use the German Hochseeflotte, which is described in this after action report (AAR).

    But even if you don't read it (which i could understand completly), i would like to suggest that you play the game against a human player. It adds about 200% (or more) to the play fun.


    I did read a lot of your AAR, which is very interesting and shows the importance of using DDs and Subs to screen the battleships, and that hit and run is the best strategy for Germany. Thanks for the explanation, and I will learn a lot from your AAR!

  9. Good points as always and there is of course always room for improvement and I thank you all for taking the time out to share your thoughts :)

    I think the suggestions for recreating the effect of mines above would fix the main realism problem with this fantastic game, and I would like to see it implemented.

    In my first game, the Entente AI destroyed the almost the entire AH fleet, when it was in port or on the Adriatic coast, using a multinational fleet.

  10. Hi Vaalen,

    thank you for your nice introduction (btw.: i feel exactly the same about the game!), and welcome to the forum!


    I added a little answer to your question into Bills excellent Information for New Players thread. I hope you can understand what i tried to explain.


    Xwormwood, thank you for your clear explanation and the screenshots, which really helped me understand this. Thank you for the welcome to the forum, and for placing your answer where it can help others who are new to this masterpiece.

    Best regards,


  11. Greetings to all, and my deepest thanks to the designers for creating this incredible game. I have never played a game which recreated the feel and atmosphere of World War 1, until this one. I first played yesterday, and got so lost in the game I forgot about lunch!

    I do have some questions that I could use help with, though, as the manual is not as comprehensive as I would prefer.

    How do you activate the unit switching feature, where you can relieve a battered unit with a fresh one?

    The AI has done it to me many times.

    Thanks, Vaalen.

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