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  1. What explosion mod are you using if you don't mind me asking?
  2. In the Danish army, and a number of other European armies', they have transitioned to dehydrated/freeze-dried meals. Supposedly it was done to reduce the weight a soldier has to carry around and allow for more variation in the meals.
  3. AtheistDane

    Challenger HE loadout too low?

    It's not just the Chally 2, all British vehicles have peculiarly low HE loadouts. HESH rounds are supposedly multi-purpose, meaning they can defeat all but the most heavily armored vehicles, thus they ought to be the majority of the rounds carried in a Challenger 2.
  4. AtheistDane

    Dismounted trucks/Ammo dumps missing?

    Damn. The crews do reappear and spawn in the trucks on scenario start.
  5. AtheistDane

    Dismounted trucks/Ammo dumps missing?

    The crews aren't separate in the editor, so this is what I did: Dismount the drivers in preview mode and replace them with UNCONs (triggermen). Any other way to do it?
  6. AtheistDane

    Dismounted trucks/Ammo dumps missing?

    Wow! That's a nice workaround. Thanks for sharing Edit: Can't really use US supply HMMWVs as ammo dumps for REDFOR units though, as they don't carry the right ammo.
  7. AtheistDane

    Dismounted trucks/Ammo dumps missing?

    I see. That is a shame though, ammo dumps were quite useful in long/large missions where units often run out of ammo.
  8. Hello, Are dismounted trucks/ammo dumps missing? The "dismounted" setting from the "vehicle status" drop-down menu is grayed-out/unselectable in the editor.
  9. AtheistDane

    CMSF irregular thoughts

    Very interesting thread domfluff Personally, I tend to use OPFOR ATGMs at ranges under 1000 meters (unless they have the Kornet, then its 1500 meters), as I find that they tend to miss at longer ranges than that. What do you guys find to be the optimal engagement range for OPFOR ATGMs? And do you manually target enemy vehicles or use target arcs?
  10. AtheistDane

    CMSF2 Release Update

    So will it be a November release?
  11. My biggest problem in this scenario is the lack of HE ammo in my vehicles (iirc my Challenger 2s only have 10 HE rounds and my IFVs only have 30). Wouldn't British army units who know they are going into a MOUT operation stock up on HE?
  12. AtheistDane

    Demo Feedback

    We need a target co-axial command, or a weapons toggle system like the one in the Wargame series (you click on the weapon icon to toggle it on/off). It shouldn't be too hard to program the AI to use such a toggle system.
  13. AtheistDane

    CMSF2 Release Update

    Great news! So will we still be able to buy the base game and all modules at release, and have access to British and NATO units?
  14. AtheistDane

    They meant september of next year!

    I love Combat Mission. I will never forget the first time I played CM:BB all those years ago. It was a case of love at first sight. However, the lack of patches and the lack of feedback regarding in-development projects is vexing. A monthly update on the main website or the forums about what is being worked on and how things are coming along would be nice. Also, I think a lot of people would like to see more being done to improve the visual aspects of the engine, like better explosions, more stages of building and vehicle destruction and a greater variation of craters, perhaps based on terrain - i.e. no more earthy craters on paved/concrete roads etc.
  15. AtheistDane

    CMSF2 Demo

    And I was at the Battle of Tours in 732.