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  1. AtheistDane

    Vehicle protection from artillery shells

    Your work is extremely impressive, HerrTom. I hope it makes it into CM one day.
  2. AtheistDane

    Who plays Real Time mode?

    I play real-time too, and elite difficulty - iron is just too much of a hassle. What difficulty do you guys play on?
  3. AtheistDane

    Stuttering and cracking sound

    UPDATE: I seem to have fixed my problem myself. After much tinkering with audio settings, audio devices, audio drivers and even audio codecs without making any difference, I decided to change the CPU affinity settings for ShockForce.exe to run on CPU 3 and 4 rather than 1 and 2 as a last resort - and this seems to have fixed it!
  4. Hi All, I'm experiencing stuttering and cracking sound in CM:SF. It starts right after the intro and gets really bad in-game. I've uninstalled all mods (sound and otherwise), and the problem persists. None of my other CM games (CM:FI, CM:BN, CM:RT, CM:BS) have this problem. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  5. AtheistDane

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Great news about the patch and CM:SF2, it was long awaited. Any chance of a special effects pack/module in the future? It would include full 3d explosions, improved explosion craters based on the kind of ground (i.e. on hard ground like a paved road or rocky ground the crater would be much more shallow), more detailed building destruction (i.e. each building floor is divided into numerous "destruction-sections", instead of just one), flammable buildings, terrain and flora, blood and gore and animations for wounded pixeltruppen. Would anyone else be interested in such a pack/module?
  6. It wouldn't surprise me if part of the German Military's budget is being diverted to pay for the millions of unproductive Third World immigrants that Angela Merkel and the other open-borders lunatics in Germany have imported over the last two decades.
  7. AtheistDane

    SHORAD Stryker getting deployed to Europe

    IMHO, the 2006 War ended as a stalemate, not a defeat. Israel could've crushed Hezbollah, but they didn't want to pay the price it would've cost in blood.
  8. Depends on your budget and whether or not you are going to play other games. The GTX 1050Ti is supposed to be a pretty good bang for the buck.
  9. AtheistDane

    "6,000,000 carrying arms"

    WOW! That is a statistical goldmine. Thanks!
  10. AtheistDane

    The patch?

    Not to mention that the Battlefront website isn't being used to relay information about what is going on. Last Combat Mission related post was in April 2017. I don't understand why they don't post the screenshots of CM:SF2 there to let everyone who browses their website know that it is in development and will be released in 2018 (*fingers crossed*) among other things going on with the Combat Mission series. If you only browse the website and not the forums you might get the idea that nothing is being worked on.
  11. AtheistDane

    The patch?

    I think people are just excited. And Steve did hint at the patch being close to release, a month ago
  12. AtheistDane

    HerrTom's explosions

    HerrTom, Do you think you could an make explosion more like the ones in this video? (If you go to 0:30 it's in slow-motion) I'm thinking 3-4 (maybe 5) "explosion" frames and the rest smoke. Maybe this can serve as an inspiration. Though it probably has to be circular due to the fact that the game only uses one explosion for everything.
  13. AtheistDane

    Turkish Leo2 tanks struggle in the Syria

    Nice post! The mad sultan, erDOGan, overstepped this time. Also, people seem to have conveniently forgotten that Turkey actively bought oil from ISIS in return for weapons and medical care. M72 LAWs of Turkish origin have been documented amongst ISIS rats on numerous occasions. Turkey's membership of NATO is about as obsolete as NATO itself.
  14. AtheistDane

    Russian army under equipped?

    The only part of what you wrote there that I agree with is that you put "NYT" and "propaganda" in the same line. All you have to do is to browse the NYT website and read the headlines and it will become obvious that the NYT has a clear political bias. We saw this during the presidential campaign as well. I'm not the one displaying a dogmatic belief in what a specific "news" outlet says, you are.