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  1. If I purchase 3.0 what would be the install order?Do I need 2.0?
  2. I am reinstalling on windows 10.I have CW,MG,2.0 upgrade as well as the Fortress Italy and modules.What order do I reinstall?
  3. I thought he was a troll right away.He could have easily tried to CMFI demo or watched the many youtube vids to get a look at gameplay.
  4. Will this be changed in a future patch?Had situation,where my hq tank was destroyed,but all crew got out.They were veteran quality and I wanted them to switch out with a green crew tank.
  5. same here,but crashes on loading screen,loads very slowly,when I left click mouse,percentage of load sppeds up,then crash
  6. During setup phase I moved a T-34 what I thought was behind another,instead I put 2 T-34's on top of one another,also during battle,T-34 moves over infantry.
  7. Im getting new laptop,will these specs be good for play?2GB DDR3 NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 740M with NVIDIA® Optimus™ technology.
  8. Looks pretty good.Though I usually stopped buying their products as they are overpriced,this one looks like a keeper.
  9. Thanks found it,I thought it would have been on game menu,but its in files
  10. I realize manual can be viewed on Batttlefront site,but I would like to download it,how to do this?
  11. How do I slow down the scroll speed?I would like to look at some things and can never get the camera right,I either overpass what I want to see of too far away.What setting to fix?
  12. When I click on section some of the soldiers weapon outline in the info box is yellow?What does this mean?I know they are alive as I can see them there on screen.
  13. Sorry I posted on invisible vehices,but I have gotten invisible soldiers,but only in CW.Anyway I am reinstalling now,will install CW,then patch 1.11 then upgrade and 2.01 patch
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