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  1. agusto

    The state of CMSF2

    CMSF2 upgraded to game engine 4...cant believe this finally happens. " I said now I know the answers, “Do dreams come true?” " - Tupac
  2. The avaerge Euro-Based CM game is a WW2 title, rifles sucked back then. But today, i would take an assault rifle instead of an SMG any time.
  3. Hey, the links dont work anymore and i cant find the mod on the new repositories. Does anybody have copy? I ve always loved this mod. EDIT: Found 'em! If anybody still cares, the mod can be found here: http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=314&func=fileinfo&id=3487
  4. Ukrainian BMPs surpressing the remaining russians on the other side of the bridge. Crossing rivers can be expensive.
  5. We play this way, c3k. And that' s why we are not real army commanders ;).
  6. Letter home in RL: "Dear Mrs, your son died heroically in combat. He singlehandedly took out an enemy pillbox while throwing himself onto an enemy handgrenade, saving the lives of many of his comrades in the process. He is awarded...bla bla bla" In CM: "Dear Mrs, your son died heroically, together with the rest of his platoon, when his commander forgot that he had ordered an artillery strike on the building your sons platoon was ordered to occupy." "Dear Mrs, your son died heroically when his commander, a highly qualified soldier with 30 minutes of virtual military training, ordered him to charge through the killzone of the machine gun that had already killed the rest of your sons platoon." "Dear Mrs, your son died heroically, together with the rest of his platoon, when his commander forgot that the enemy IFVs thermal sights can spot him through the smoke." "Dear Mrs, your son died heroically when his commander wanted to see if he can run faster than that enemy tank can turn his turret. Obviously, your son failed at his task, but nonetheless his death was judged as very entertaining by those who witnessed it." "Dear Mrs, your son bled to death heroically, together with the rest of the wounded soldiers of his platoon, because his commander thinks that buddy aid is a waste of time and too much micromanagement."
  7. Beautiful screenshots HerrTom. I just gotta install that game again. Also where can i get that NVG effect ?
  8. agusto

    Black Sea v1.04 released!

    Cool, i ve been waiting for the BMP-2 LOD Bug to get fixed for quite some time. Thank you for the good job! Will install the Patch as soon as i have time to play.
  9. agusto

    Mullah Fayyad Highway - Iraq 2006

    @Combatintman Cant wait to play your latest scenario! I have always loved your work. I particularily enjoyed the Operation Galcier series.
  10. agusto

    Download Issues

    Hello! Thanks for all your support. Eventually it turned out to be an issue related to my computer. On my second PC, the download worked fine an i was able to quickly DL my game. Interestingly it hadnt to do anything the the browser or anti virus i used because both my PCs are configured the same way in that regard. Best Regards agusto
  11. agusto

    Download Issues

    It looks like BFC outsourced their filehosting: "If you continue having issues with the download [after makeing sure the most obvious causes for a failure are excluded], please email support@sharefile.com directly, or go to their support site at http://www.sharefile.com/support/?src=direct&v=e&cat=1" I dont want to have to deal with a thrid party company. Am i really the only one having these kinda issues?
  12. agusto

    Download Issues

    Yes, it is just the way you described it. I have not yet been able to download my game despite numerous attempts.
  13. Hey guys! I purchased the game as DL only but bwhen i download the .zip file, the dowload stops after a few Megabytes and i have to restart it. Happensx with FF and IE and Orbit DL-Manager. I havent tried chrome yet. Am i the only one who currently experiences this issue? What can i do about it? I have abou 70 Mbit/s down an i can watch full HD video streams without a problem and i can use VOIP without any issues as well, so it is noz my internet connection that is failing. It must have something to do with the download from BFC beacuse i am having this problöem exclusively with their downloads.
  14. Wow 24 kills and 3 dead IFVs...not bad for a recoilless rifle team. Mine usually tend to not survive that long after making contact with the enemy. For far were they away from kill zone? @Rinaldi: yeah, those are awesome screenshot. Very nice ;). I havent had any time to play lately but these pictures make me wanna turn on my PC and fire up a scenario so badly lol.