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  1. As I wrote in each scenario, AI has several plans. In this scenario, one of the plans is the escape of the observer. Apparently you came across this plan, if you play again it is not known whether it will be in the tower or not. This was the idea of these scenarios, the welds can happen differently, once you have to go straight to the monastery, another time try to get around it. You need to feel the situation and have a bit of luck just like in life.

  2. What should I say, I also have problems with the passage of these scenarios, the third mission is as difficult as the others. However, this campaign was supposed to be different from the others, where the scenarios end with minimal losses, or you always have the full composition of units in the next battle. The loss of "Commando" does not bode well, the additions are very small 10 or 20%, there are two missions where only "Commando" fights. The key to winning is not to lose too much because there are no additions. You don't have to win all the scenarios to complete the campaign. The company update is at the end of the month. I will rely on your suggestion and we can do a little easier.

  3. Hi


    I apologize for my English, but I can only do this, I help google translator.

    The campaign presents the fights of this company in the Ancona area on July 17-18, 1944. Module Gustav Line is required, all scenario  are not historical.                                                                                   All maps are obtained from the collections of QB maps or scenario, maps about the size of 1x1 km.

    I hope this campaign will be different from the others, where the AI often has 1 plan and its defense units are very static. It is hard to play it again after some time, where it is known in advance what and where it is. In all scenarios, AI has 3 plans, each plan may even differ in the composition of the units. Do not be surprised that "Tiger" appeared, and when you play this scenario again, it is not there, or the opposite. The size of the scenario is small / medium, but at this size it is good to determine the AI behavior, each vehicle has its own plans. I tried to use all the possibilities of the 4.0 engine like shelling a particular area, planned AI withdrawal, etc.

    As a player we will not receive any additions max 10% (the campaign lasts 2 days) this only applies to the composition of units, so every soldier is particularly valuable. Ammo replenished every battle. Similarly, the main armored forces of the enemy are not resurrected. If we can hunt something, it will not appear again. A good example is the first mission in which we must detect and kill the enemy observer. If we succeed, the enemy will be deprived of heavy artillery support in the next mission. Of course, the fire will not appear in the first round, but later when we start attacking. I hope AI will be able to operate artillery well. I find the scenarios difficult, but don't worry that the campaign will end after the first failure. There are 4 to 7 missions to complete, it all depends on your actions. Remember that we play against a very well trained enemy unit, veteran / crack / elite.

    All comments are appreciated, 


  4. I see only happy people, no problems. The last computer hardware updates are December 2017. Now I have : AMD Ryzen 5,  mainboard  B350 Tomahawk, 16 GB RAM, GF GTX 1060 3 GB. Problems appeared after installing patch 4.01. Graphics card updates are downloaded automatically.
    Interestingly, I did not observe these problems in CMSF2 but I play relatively little.

  5. Hi

    In CMx2 I play from the very beginning and a lot, a few pbem games at once. However, now there are problems after new patches 4.01 and 4.02.
    The crash game has often happened in CMFI today, two times while watching a movie ( two different games)
    All CMx2 ( BN, FI, FB, RT) crash when browsing maps in the editor.
    This has never happened, there has been no failure over several years. Recently I did not exchange equipment on my computer.
    Does anyone have similar problems.


    13 hours ago, IICptMillerII said:

    Additionally, was this PBEM already in progress? As in, you were playing the PBEM on v4, then you patched the game and continued playing the PBEM on patched v4? It is well known that applying any type of patch/upgrade and then trying to resume a saved battle may result in some odd behavior.

    yes, we started on version 4.0, I can share my files.

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