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  1. I see only happy people, no problems. The last computer hardware updates are December 2017. Now I have : AMD Ryzen 5, mainboard B350 Tomahawk, 16 GB RAM, GF GTX 1060 3 GB. Problems appeared after installing patch 4.01. Graphics card updates are downloaded automatically. Interestingly, I did not observe these problems in CMSF2 but I play relatively little.
  2. Hi In CMx2 I play from the very beginning and a lot, a few pbem games at once. However, now there are problems after new patches 4.01 and 4.02. The crash game has often happened in CMFI today, two times while watching a movie ( two different games) All CMx2 ( BN, FI, FB, RT) crash when browsing maps in the editor. This has never happened, there has been no failure over several years. Recently I did not exchange equipment on my computer. Does anyone have similar problems.
  3. there were also bikes, but I did not hear that motorcycles or bicycles were used on the battlefield.
  4. yes, we started on version 4.0, I can share my files.
  5. if it's a spooky accident when your own units are shot at low visibility, it would be an interesting flavor.
  6. With Weapon2010 we play pbem is the same game as he presented. My infantry also likes to shoot their tanks. Infantry with the order of movement, the position of the tank already known in the previous round. It's probably not a coincidence, the new installation would only help, there is no installer with the last amendment.
  7. Yesterday I posted a movie with a strange behavior of panicked infantry in CMBN, today I decided to reinstall the game ( new installation with patch 4.01) and now everything is ok. Infantry behaves as it should not run aimlessly or towards the enemy but seeks shelter fleeing from the enemy. I wonder if other games should be reinstalled too. Thanks to the team BFC returned the desire to play 😄.
  8. I made a short video of how the panicked infantry behaves, it does not look good, they usually run towards the enemy.
  9. Where you can report bugs in the new patch, a few appeared. CMBN: - pioneer section of 8 people who occupy two tiles, a blast order tearing down the bocage we also have two tiles as for the order of movement. Demolition is random one of the tiles but 3 loads are consumed with 6 remain 3, the next demolition worn 2. When sharing the demolition section it looks ok only demo charge is divided 6-0, 4-2 but never 3-3. Next bug CMBN, CMFI when you load a map in a scenario editor, a crash is very often, it never happened. The behavior of the panicked infantry, crew is also strange, running towards the enemy, which location is known to them.
  10. After uploading the new patch CMFI is not stable or other CM I do not know. When viewing maps in the editor, the crash often follows. It was never before, CM was super stable.
  11. Only the main goal should be set, the rest depends on the player, it allows you to empathize with the role of HQ. Such hints occupy a hill X, go woods are good for preschoolers. Any good scenario must have several AI plans.
  12. I would like to remind you what has been introduced in patch 4.0 because you complain a lot, and the game looks much better than version 3.0. I will mention only what happened in the gamplay and editor, it's hard to call it a game break. The only thing is the infantry is leaving the place too easily under fire which seems safe. In some cases, this is annoying just like spotting a short distance. However, you can still play it. Gamplay Hulldown Command  Vehicles have access to a new movement command called Hulldown. This command allows a vehicle to move forward until only the turret is exposed to a specified target, and then the vehicle stops moving. Improved Infantry Spacing  Infantry on the move will now respect each other's personal space! While moving, squad and team members will maintain a few meters of distance between each other. Soldiers will also spread out laterally on the move when possible (some terrain may necessitate column movement, such as paths through rough terrain). Peeking Around Building Corners  Infantry units positioned adjacent to building corners will now automatically post some soldiers at the corners to observe and fire around the obstacle AI Proactively Avoids Artillery Fire  The TacAI that runs soldiers and vehicles will more proactively, and reactively, attempt to avoid incoming HE fire. Two classic examples are that the AI will attempt to avoid being wiped out by incoming artillery barrages and direct tank fire. Combine Squad Command  Combine Squad is a new Admin Command for squads. This command is useful for squads that have suffered major losses and need to consolidate their remaining personnel into larger teams. Editor AI Area Fire Orders  The AI can now be scripted to use Area Fire! Each AI Order can have a target zone designated. AI Facing Orders  Each AI Order can be given a location for it to Face towards. AI Withdraw Orders  AI Groups can be ordered to Withdraw towards their movement destination. Vehicles will move in Reverse to the destination, while infantry will leapfrog back while turning around to face behind them. Campaign Resupply  Personnel replacements and ammunition levels are now more uniformly resupplied across all core units between campaign missions, as opposed to the all-or-nothing check on each unit done previously. 3D Flavor Object Clone Tool  Flavor objects can be cloned within the 3D view without having to go back to the 2D view. 32 Order AI Plans  Each AI Group can now have up to 32 orders, increased from 16. Stream Terrain  Small streams can now be placed on battle maps.
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