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  1. mirekm61

    Weekend Challenge Battle

    the beginning was tragic, hence so many losses.
  2. mirekm61

    Weekend Challenge Battle

    With low visibility, losses are rather inevitable, nice scenario.
  3. mirekm61

    Weekend Challenge Battle

    do you have something for this week?
  4. mirekm61

    Weekend Challenge Battle

    Hi Nice scenario for the Sunday afternoon, the result after the first approach. The scenario is not too difficult. Now a few comments, -axis training a little low, regular / green. It causes that they quickly run away from any shot. -axis receive meals after 3 hours, this is 4 platoons
  5. CMRT covers the summer of 1944, both interesting. CMFI + GL have a Mont Casino.
  6. mirekm61

    Daily Challenge

    Limit the number of repetitions will be difficult, just give a few plans AI. I played the first scenario but the result is not suitable for publication. The scenario is ok, the next also assign HQ.
  7. mirekm61

    Daily Challenge

    The idea is interesting that maybe one battle for a week, if I play it I will say something more.
  8. mirekm61

    Shock Force 2 Beta Showcase Video

    Old history, as a young soldier, I was traveling from Poland to the former USSR for training. Exercises from launching missiles, there was an appropriate training ground behind the Volga. One day there was a trip to Volgograd.
  9. mirekm61

    Shock Force 2 Beta Showcase Video

    Yes, that monument is so impressive, I was under him in 1982.
  10. After 18 years of playing in CM I have some thoughts too. The best games is QB human vs human, or a well-balanced scenario. The game versus AI is only in a well-prepared scenario. Playing QB is a waste of time, this is due to the AI plans that each map has assigned. Mostly AI forces are divided into 2-5 groups, it's definitely not enough. As we give orders ourselves, they are detailed. After all, no one gives one order to the whole company platoon of tanks. AI forces can also be divided into small groups, and detailed orders (each vehicle, section, team should be separate group). Playing QB very often happens that the forces of AI are idiotically arranged, eg: a tank behind the building, etc.To prepare a scenario, map is needed and here would be useful for a separate map creator, with the possibility of transferring maps between games, with ctrl + C and ctrl + V it would greatly speed up the creation of a new map. Another thing is the ability to divide AI forces into groups, there are only 16 of them. It's a little bit max AI strength is 2 companies and several vehicles, then we have the possibility to issue detailed AI orders. Which, of course, will translate into the quality of the scenario. Someone will say, but he's smart, and he has not done anything yet. For years I have been creating maps and scenarios that I play with friends who are happy with my ideas. Although none of these things have been published, it will change soon. I am currently working on a campaign for CMFI, I already have a few scenarios and I need a tester what I came up with. Are the scenarios not for difficult, boring, etc. Because working on a campaign for one person is a lot, especially testing is time-consuming. If someone is willing to help, please contact especially those who play QB with the computer.
  11. Hi For everybody interested, how the boss at work to determine how much it will take us to complete the task. It is possible to self-advise BFC how to determine the date of release of the game. At the beginning of August, the boss asks when we are finishing the project, we know from our previous work and experience that it will take us 2 months. We, however, answer the duration of the formula: time x 2 plus half the time. In this case, it's 2 months x 2 = 4 plus 1 month, which means we get 5 months. The boss can shake his head for a long time, but you know he will not do it himself at the time. Now we can act smoothly and the thread does not bother us. If we do it sooner then everyone is happy, and we can tell that we were doing after hours, nights, on weekends to speed up, etc. Sorry my english.
  12. mirekm61

    Happy New Year's Day! 2018 look ahead

    I'm beginning to worry about BFC since the last production (CMBS package scenario) year has passed and independent production of CMBF for two years. May the Final Blitzkrieg not be the last one.
  13. mirekm61

    Happy New Year's Day! 2018 look ahead

    It will be good if they realize what they announced, because it does not look interesting. We have been waiting for new screenshots for over 3 months, what to say about the final product. New news is always welcome .
  14. mirekm61

    Naughty or nice... here's some bones!

    it seems that pickup truck + MG i new.