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  1. Hi For everybody interested, how the boss at work to determine how much it will take us to complete the task. It is possible to self-advise BFC how to determine the date of release of the game. At the beginning of August, the boss asks when we are finishing the project, we know from our previous work and experience that it will take us 2 months. We, however, answer the duration of the formula: time x 2 plus half the time. In this case, it's 2 months x 2 = 4 plus 1 month, which means we get 5 months. The boss can shake his head for a long time, but you know he will not do it himself at the time. Now we can act smoothly and the thread does not bother us. If we do it sooner then everyone is happy, and we can tell that we were doing after hours, nights, on weekends to speed up, etc. Sorry my english.
  2. mirekm61

    Happy New Year's Day! 2018 look ahead

    I'm beginning to worry about BFC since the last production (CMBS package scenario) year has passed and independent production of CMBF for two years. May the Final Blitzkrieg not be the last one.
  3. mirekm61

    Happy New Year's Day! 2018 look ahead

    It will be good if they realize what they announced, because it does not look interesting. We have been waiting for new screenshots for over 3 months, what to say about the final product. New news is always welcome .
  4. mirekm61

    Naughty or nice... here's some bones!

    it seems that pickup truck + MG i new.
  5. Hi

    If you want to play, I prefer ME  buy 4200 (large) on a map 2x2 km, any side

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    2. mirekm61


      ok, game start in DB is also a map " mervill-map" please see in scenario editor.  I use a CM-helper for game by DB.

    3. Gen_Dumitrescu


      sorry ... emai is gfdne1997@yahoo.com  please send me the drop box link on the email and we can start. thank you. 

    4. mirekm61


      invitation to DB sent

  6. mirekm61

    Any news about CMFI 4.0 release

    At the end of the month some news, channel Chris can be active ?
  7. mirekm61

    Q Hotkey

    for key X, Q (which supports the camera in three modes) assign other keys in each mode, then these buttons are "free". In this way I have set key F = fast, R=reverse
  8. 1. Old save is compatible 2. No, there are newer files muzzle fire, muzzle flash, tracers and old mods probably not work
  9. mirekm61

    New on Combat Mission

    From my side: Get ready for a 30 FPS max 40 (to play in CM is enough) recommended graphics Geforce The best game of the living by the player PBEM, as the AI is doing you see in the demo, everything depends how it is designed scenario. Mods is only graphic. Generally, you should play mode WEGO for me is the best game. Why this long to write
  10. mirekm61

    Need some help.

    I think is not a short tutorial, you need a lot of play to really understand how the game works. You should have a plan and try to implement it, do not play from case to case. One is certain that you must be patient and not to rush. I know that these councils are very general but CM is not a template on how to play.
  11. mirekm61

    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    Hi a short video what's going on in my games https://youtu.be/8bKIaBe_uBM
  12. cześć Mody tutaj: C: \ Users \ ....... \ Documents \ Battlefront \ Combat Mission \ Finał blitzkreig\ User Data\ Mods
  13. mirekm61

    v1.01 Patch is here!

    I just checked and everything works ok, on the new version of the file has loaded next PBEM without any problem.
  14. mirekm61

    v1.01 Patch is here!

    Actual PBEM game will work on patch 1.01 ?