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  1. This sounds like a very interesting set up!
  2. Bud Backer

    T34-85 for sale

    Dear Kids; Thank you for the new car you got me for father’s day. This is quite a surprise. It’s a vast improvement over the Pinto, that’s for sure! And it’s very solidly constructed. The seating arrangement is a bit peculiar, it seems to have an upper “observation deck” behind the driver and passenger seats, but anyone up there is looking through rather small windows, and one even has a telescope. Was this a survey vehicle at one time? I was worried when I started driving it in traffic. The Pinto was flimsy, but had better vision to the sides and rear. After getting groceries I accidentally drove over your mother’s begonias while backing into the driveway. I was able to make it up to her by taking her shopping the next day. The long rod in front is amazing for how many hangers of clothing it can fit! She bought three dresses, a blouse, two pairs of pants, and a couple of shirts for me and we could have easily hung a dozen more items. I think this convenience is making her come around. At first she wasn’t happy about how noisy it is inside. But I think it’s a good thing. On long trips we won’t be able to argue very long when I get lost and she gives me directions because we’ll shout ourselves hoarse. This is my first diesel, so I am being very careful to pull up to the correct pump when I fill it up. The gas station attendant must be very impressed because he is so much more polite and respectful than he was when I had the Pinto. In fact, no one cuts me off on the road any more. Driving has never been easier. The only thing I am missing is the owner’s manual. I can’t seem to find out how to activate the air conditioning. If you know, please send me an email, it’s likely really obvious, but the letters on all the controls are a bit illegible and look like chicken scratches due to the age of the vehicle. Thank you all for finding something I’d enjoy driving. It’s the perfect gift. I hope you didn’t pay too much for it, but it’s the finest used car I ever had! Dad.
  3. Bud Backer

    Unread Content loading slow or not at all

    I do the same as @Muzzleflash1990 and it’s damned annoying. I have to close the browsers and retry several times to get it to load.
  4. Bud Backer

    Mac High Sierra compatibility with CM

    This isn’t good at all.
  5. Bud Backer

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    Schnellpanzerkrankwagen (Leichte) Ausf C!
  6. Bud Backer

    Siege of Jadotville

    Good one! Although in our case, more shelves would require an addition to the house!
  7. Bud Backer

    Siege of Jadotville

    Let me know what you think. I also got it for the kindle. I spent part of the day today sort, moving and arranging my physical books. Not enough walls for more bookshelves in the house!
  8. Bud Backer

    Siege of Jadotville

    If the period interest you, I suggest https://www.amazon.com/Katanga-1960-63-Mercenaries-African-Nation-ebook/dp/B01LBOFUVC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1527973538&sr=8-1&keywords=katanga+1960-63
  9. Bud Backer

    The patch?

    Likely true, but it is really tiresome to see always the same kid taking a p**s in the swimming pool. And acting all innocent like we don’t know what he’s doing.
  10. Bud Backer

    Mac High Sierra compatibility with CM

    I have all the engine 4.0 games and all work on High Sierra. Installation can sometimes be annoying but usually can be resolved by following this.
  11. Bud Backer

    Tank Duel

    Reminds me a bit of Up Front! by Avalon Hill.
  12. That’s a very handsome map, with interesting terrain features. Nice work!
  13. I believe not. It’s whether they have communications links that will.
  14. Bud Backer

    Excursion in Gleize

    If you do, stay in Roche-en-Ardenne. Pretty village with lots to explore including a ruined castle. And a Pershing on display along the bucolic river. From there, you’re not far from just about every Bulge place you are likely to visit, so it makes a good base.
  15. Bud Backer

    Excursion in Gleize

    I loved that little museum when I visited it in the 90s. The curator was a young boy when the battle took place. He took my wife and I on a brief outdoors tour when we started talking to him and asking non-touristy questions, he was so delighted. As were we.
  16. So I know you guys are really not particularly interested in any of this stuff but I thought I might post some WIP Beta shots from the upcoming CMFI Rome to Victory module. You know, cause I have nothing else to do and no one will ever notice this stuff anyway but I need to put it somewhere...
  17. Bud Backer

    s h o c k f o r c e 2

    Perhaps he was dictating?
  18. Yes, you do.
  19. Sorry guys. I was out of town and got sick right when I got back.
  20. Bud Backer

    AAR - A Lesson in Defense

    Very well, I look forward to that. Thanks for the explanation of your own actions.
  21. Bud Backer

    AAR - A Lesson in Defense

    I like your aggressive tactics, Bil. I’m too often overly passive on defence. There’s a lesson in this. If you were to put yourself in your opponent’s shoes, and you realized your enemy was making a spoiling attack, what would you do? Press eve pin harder in the main axis of attack? Divert forces to deal with this? Something else?
  22. Just highlighting a logical point to ponder.
  23. Bud Backer

    Detection... magic?

    I agree with Bil. I’ve had plenty of units hit and not spot anything, or only discover the shooter after some time, well in excess of 7 seconds even.
  24. You can achieve the same effect by dropping your knickers with your bum in the window. That “flash” will allow your men to storm the place effectively.