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  1. Nothing to be sorry about. I know they have a reputation for being fragile, but I think that might be because some people (me included!) may be using them in a manner that was not intended. Certainly that 100mm gun encourages the notion these are almost tank-like, and that they certainly are not.
  2. Made sense to me that if someone joins an existing squad they will know his name - yelling "hey you, new guy!" isn't practical. Gorokhov started with six, if you include him. Two were badly wounded earlier, Danilov and Yablonski. Oleg came and went, so including Gorokhov there are four men left in the squad. Now, don't mock the BMP-3s too hard. They can be more fragile than you might wish, which will be shown, but as you will also see, they are quite serious customers for my enemy.
  3. Thanks! Oleg was with the squad for less than ten minutes. They barely said ten words to the guy he was around so briefly...
  4. That’s terrific! Just be sure to point out the stuff that isn’t in the game when you see it.
  5. In Soviet Union you not miss howitzer. Howitzer miss you!
  6. Imagine if something utterly brilliant was posted here. Now consider that it was removed. Shame that it's neither. Just a glitch with posting...
  7. No way I could know, as the hole was in the hull just below the turret, near the driver hatch. I thought that it was dead until you rolled it back and then... came back again!! That was an agonizing bit of time watching that tank turn the turret and then... nothing. *phew* Earlier I mentioned I had more to say about the smoke. As already seen in the comic the smoke came it handy for Gorokhov's troops to advance toward your lines in perfect concealment, as to later withdraw back into it after their mauling by your tanks. More interesting to me was that your tanks responded very rapidly to laser warnings from my tanks, before my tanks would fire. However, once you were hidden behind the smoke (and neither of us could fire) I always adjusted the positioning of my tanks (and brought up more) so that when the smoke cleared, usually there were 3-4 heavy guns pointing at one of your tanks. That's what I meant by using it to my advantage. At it worked every time in this battle. It only failed when I got a bit overconfident and moved a vehicle when the smoke was thinning, but we will get to that later... So I started using smoke - my own T90 and BMP discharged smoke - offensively; creating cover to move into advantageous positions. I don't know why I didn't think of that before. I guess my tendency to conserve ammo and by extension this life-saving but limited capacity to make smoke made me never consider it before. Probably rather dumb on my part... This was one of those rare moments when you didn't surprise me. You're definitely the better player. But this time when I looked at this map during deployment I thought, if it was me, I'd try a swing around the ridge and hit early. So I was waiting for just that move. I had a lot of infantry, so losing 2/3+ of a platoon in exchange for three tanks and two BMPs seemed an excellent trade-off. Though I don't want to overstate things. I was disappointed and concerned about losing that many men, this early on. My own (apparent) lack of familiarity with certain features of modern stuff proved costly. For example, the tank-fired airburst rounds were utterly lethal in causing casualties. Not all at once, but those 3 tanks managed to kill/wound off a few men each and every time they fired, so over time it attrits my force considerably. Thankfully I didn't send more men there with 1st platoon! It likely was more than 8 BMPs, but certainly all 4 of my tanks were there waiting and ready. I knew you could not cross directly over the ridge and attack me frontally as I had well over a company of infantry in the woods atop it and it would likely not have gone well for an unescorted armour force. So I was already set up with half my armour facing not forward, but to the side where you came. I should add that at this point, (and I mentioned this to Ian in an email about this battle) that I felt really good. He lost 3 tanks and 2 BMPs and some infantry. As the defender he had less points so I should be even more outnumbering his forces than at the start. I underestimated his force armour composition badly. More on that later...
  8. Great to see you back here, gnarly! I was fixing some missing images in another comic and saw your posts there and wondered "whatever happened to that guy; I don't see him any more." CMBS, when I first played it, was a terrible surprise at how easy it was to die in it. WW2 expectations and methods lead to a quick death. If @37mm and his merry band of modders choose to make an African-setting variant of their superb mod for CMSF2, I will do one for that game too. I have ideas... and Syria doesn't interest me in the least as a setting.
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