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  1. Omg, that’s a blast from the past. I lost touch with J.D. Webster but years ago when there was a paper version of this I used to do research on aircraft and submit game stats for him. He had a newsletter for the game and it would include additional aircraft and aircraft variants. The computer version solved the issue of having to get together with an opponent. The AI was a respectable foe.
  2. Yes, like all sides the Germans used captured equipment. I have read accounts where there was some trepidation about being misidentified as the enemy in the heat of battle, and how some put enormous German crosses on them for easier identification. The 6th picture in the article you linked shows some of that, with an oversized cross, as well as extra ones that would ever appear on a German tank.
  3. One of the things I hate most about urban battles is exactly what you described going on at Berliner Weisse. I stubbornly hope for a tipping point to be reached. Probably what everyone is doing here! Nice AAR.
  4. Without at least one (but preferably several) screenshots it’s difficult to know if what you’re seeing is what is normal and what is some other issue. I play on a 2012 MacBook Pro and with settings all maxed out I don’t see blurriness. If I’m counting bolts on a truck wheel close up yes, it will not be superbly crisp.
  5. Does the UI indicate each man is actually “hiding?” Or are you basing that on their visual behaviour? if it’s cowering, pinned, or something other than “hiding” then the men are reacting to the perceived threat, IMO and while not obeying an order to “hide,” they are trying to not get hit.
  6. Have you tried this. Both my MacBook Pro and a friend’s iMac had the same problem and this was able to resolve it. https://battlefront.mojohelpdesk.com/help/article/136663
  7. Now you can shoot the messenger and eat him or her!
  8. Good thing about these is they can get wet and still work, and they never suffer from bad batteries.
  9. Thanks very much! It's a delight to see these works still get a read.
  10. Must be the light, it’s liquid.
  11. Ugh, I don’t know why I thought this was CMFI. I recall reporting that the Canadian firefly was missing its commander but that was years ago. This is far worse! I will try to reproduce it and file a report. Thanks, mate!
  12. @Rinaldi - would you mind confirming, this is not a scenario, and is instead Quick Battle? If the former, can you say which one? If the latter, can you give Year/month and location info (northern italy as set in the QB generator, for instance). Thanks!
  13. No, Apache was my third. If you click the link in my sig you will see I numbered them in order the other day. But thanks for the compliment.
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