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  1. A company of infantry is only 9 squads, so it's not quite a huge number of units to split amongst 18+ buildings, plus the half dozen trenches. I have scouted the woods to either side. The AT guns were in the tree line you mentioned, they have been destroyed. He has some more in the trees behind the village but I am taking them under fire. They have hit one king tiger 20+ times but I'm still chipping away at them. I can't guarantee he has a company there - it could be more or less but there are no units of any significance anywhere else. I for a time was wondering if he was doing something weird like buying a crazy amount of arty to hammer me once I enter the village but that seems less likely to me than that he wants to demonstrate to me how infantry is going to be impossible for me to remove. Guys, I do want to add that I find any comments useful - they jog my memory, make the reconsider, or consider for the first time, things you bring up. So please don't take my responses as defensive - they are not. I'm trying to process what you're saying and reacting, but everything said here is worth reading. I ran out of upvotes/likes for the day... I will catch the rest tomorrow.
  2. Well, I wasn’t just sitting watching all that time. I did fire in several buildings but he never had anyone fire back. I hoped to elicit response. He probably set his troops as high experience and morale. Time remaining on the clock is about 27 minutes.
  3. I do need to take the village, yes. An interesting suggestion but the bulk of his forces are there so while I have lost no vehicles and only a 8 men so far, I haven’t killed enough of his forces to make it a victory for me. In any event, even if I had, this is a useful place to see how handle this problem. What bothers me so much is that I don’t see almost anything, and I expected I would. I do have direct HE available. I don’t believe it is sufficient to knock down most of the village buildings. But it may allow me to clear the trenches and then let artillery do some more work. I don’t have huge resources of artillery but I may as well use it. Does no good having rounds after the battle ends.
  4. It doesn’t happen often but Artillery definitely can penetrate roof armour - this is it wrecking my Brumbar.
  5. These are useful and interesting comments, thank you. I did not think of isolating some defenders from the others with smoke. I have to see how much I have. The weird thing I am experiencing is that I am simply not getting even contact icons (one or two, but I know he has a much larger force here). So I have a host of small buildings, plus scattered trenches everywhere. I can’t hose everything with prep fire as there are too many targets and I’m scared to walk my men right up to him. I’ll be ambushed.
  6. The situation is a follows: I’m fighting a player using US paratroops that are dug into a village. They have trenches and building to hide in. From a distance I’ve destroyed his ATGs and while he has one of his two Hellcats still working, it’s boxed in and the moment it exposes itself it will be destroyed by my King Tigers. I have a two platoons of Panzergrenadiers mounted on half tracks, 4 king tigers, and assorted artillery. I’ve hit the town with my artillery (Nebelwerfers and 120mm mortars). I believe the losses to him are not significant. He has approx a company of paras, all set with short target arcs, and despite my having many eyes on the town for quite a number of turns (like 20+) very very few reveal themselves. I have some arty ammo left but used more than half. If I ride into town I’ll lose stuff like crazy to bazookas and so on. Surely there has to be a way to deal with this with the resources I have at hand. How can I dig out those paras without catastrophic losses? I’d appreciate ideas, and the debate that will follow.
  7. Unfortunately the paucity of maps is something I’ve noticed in his other books, but we do have other sources for those. I’m glad you brought these two up. My interest is generally from 1942 on but it’s a nice change to revisit these earlier experiences. Thanks for the nudge to do so.
  8. From a battle I have been playing in pre-R2V CMFI for months with a friend. It’s a huge complicated battle, starting in pre-dawn light and with rain. An early engagement led to him losing quite a lot of armour and infantry around a wooded hilltop that I was using as a place to park my reserves. My estimate is it cost him three to four Shermans, three to five Bren carriers, and probably a platoon and a half of infantry. I lost a Panzer III and a Tiger and one squad. I still have armour, artillery and infantry there. That was an unfortunate place for him to attack... A kilometre or two away, my main defensive position, a large town, falls under an exceptionally heavy artillery bombardment. This explosion is the result of a large artillery shell striking the roof of a Brumbar, as well as the detonation of on-board ammo. Never seen this in game before and the image isn’t doing the spectacular effect justice. Nevertheless you can see the blast is substantially taller than the four and five story buildings nearby. This is the scene after the blast dissipated. The Jagdpanzer IV in the foreground is operational and undamaged from the blast, but the hapless Brumbar, which is kept secreted totally out of sight, is visible (below the smoke plume and flames) in the giant crater beyond it. The blast appears to have knocked down an adjacent building as well. Men inside nearby buildings are cowering.
  9. Banned for making a bug report, geez... Never heard of this bug either. Perhaps it’s not in CM...
  10. Full games (non-demos) CMBN, CMRT, CMFI, CMBS, CMSF2, CMFB all work on MacOS Catalina. Several beta testers are using that OS.
  11. Coffee going up the sinuses into the nose, or on the monitor and keyboard. Ahhh choices are what life is all about.
  12. That was my experience after having CMBN and thinking, CMFI? Really? who cares? And now, I love it!
  13. Heh. With a bit of searching the archives I can even see @MikeyD participating in those discussions so long ago. Good memory, sir, good memory indeed. Quite a number of threads on this and related topics.
  14. I’ve done COOP play in CM and other games. It’s entirely workable, as long as both players can function truly collaboratively. That was never a problem for me. Yes we had disagreements on strategies but we resolved them and continued. The reward of doing something together with a friend far outweighs any minor debate.
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