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  1. I have played 3 CMRT battles since 4.02 came out and I’ve yet to see anything odd about retreat behaviour or any other AI behaviour.
  2. Yeah, when we don’t email or use our SMS messaging on our phones, Ian and I use the text file. It works great, I just open a text editor and add to the file and he reads it. Ian, when I add to the file, do you get a notification?
  3. Bulletpoint, even if I said what you claim, that is not a strawman argument. Look it up. However, I did not say that the game is perfect. You chose to make it binary, not me. If you’re going to practice creative interpretation of what I write, we cannot have a sensible discussion because our frames of reference are completely separate. What I did say, and the only thing I said, is that I don’t need to know every single detail of how the game works to enjoy it. That things can surprise me and solely on the basis of them being a surprise does not make the game “broken” or “buggy” as more than one person has attempted to posit. Please don’t put words in my mouth, it’s not going to go well.
  4. I end up in similar conversations with a close friend with whom I play all of these games. He wants to know exactly how to explain every result that he did not anticipate. It can become frustrating, because there seems to be an assumption made that if the result is not what is expected that it is a bug or flaw in the game. By no means am I saying that the unexpected cannot be a bug. But it is not automatically one either. I like that nine times out of ten (for the sake of argument) the results are within the realm of what seems normal. What seems like a sure shot misses, but we accept ( well most of us do) that hitting one's target is not guaranteed. When things go weird, like a partial penetration that somehow wrecked my opponent’s tank, is not something I overanalyze. Is it happening a lot? Is it impossible within the laws of physics? Could human behaviour never result in what happens? If the answer to that is all “no” then I may grumble that I was unlucky, but I move on. I don’t need a guide to justify everything that happens in the game. Nor do I expect a chess-like sureness of what is and isn’t possible. I will repeat, I am not dismissing bug reports. But just because something happens that one doesn’t have a user-manual explanation for is not a cause for a crisis of confidence that the game works by and large as intended.
  5. Yes, that's happened to me too. Thankfully in my case it took 3 minutes to install and perhaps 5 to fill out the Helpdesk ticket. Not a lot of effort.
  6. I like the occasional monster sized battle in CM, but my usual preference I’d for about a company. with the big ones it helps to break it down and do it only when I can spend the requisite 45 minutes etc to do my turn. But that means a slower paced game. My company battles are a pleasure. Enough toys to have fun, and not so many I’m wondering where some insipid bugger ran off to with my coffee thermos.
  7. Don’t sweat it. Meds and forced inactivity don’t make for a peaceful mind. I was just teasing you. i agree with you on the issue of realism and playability with old board games. I bought nowhere near as many as you, but I’ve had my share and while I started with AH Battle of the Bulge, with its division - level units, I sought more “realism”and less abstraction. Down the rabbit hole to PanzerLeader and PanzerBlitz, eventually to all the modules for Squad Leader, and branching out to other things like VietNam, etc. Trouble was, being able to recollect all the rules for something as complex as SL, (and rule revisions as old ones were superseded) became an issue. As was battle preparation - it took time to set everything up. So much time that playing with others became an impossibility. We’d never finish what we started and that was unsatisfying. Returning to simpler things like PanzerBlitz with its simpler mechanics and manageable scale, it ended up that “too much” realism was replaced with something that just worked. Computers were a revolution for me. I didn’t have to play both sides, and I didn’t have to spend hours putting counters on a map (only to jar the board with a knee and have to start over). When SSI came out with Steel Panthers, I was instantly hooked. This was as close to SL one could get without the pain. CM bested that of course, but this isn’t meant to be a game comparison, more that as much as I seek realism and depth, there comes a point where it’s just work and not play.
  8. This is the forum equivalent of drunk dialing! We’re sitting here wondering..huh? What was that all about.
  9. You’re right. My bad for rushing while reading at work.
  10. The Germans also had some fine BMW motorcycles, not just the Kettenrad.
  11. Im almost finished. An easy, pleasant read.
  12. I can't speak about every company out there but I've been doing software testing both professionally and for hobbies like CM for decades. Yes, decades. Have yet to see any of said companies set up a place for the end user to upload files. The onus has always been that the user does so. And surprisingly, it works very well indeed from small businesses to companies with thousands of employees working for them, as I've had experience from one extreme to the other. I'm sure there are those out there that do it differently and it works for them. Good for them. Good grief.
  13. Here’s the official word: https://support.aspyr.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000214186?utm_source=catalina&utm_medium=Email Some developers are not updating software, or require one to replace it at a significant cost. Since I refuse to go to subscriptions for photoshop and Lightroom (among others) I’ve been gradually phasing applications that will not work (and are due for replacement anyways) with others.
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