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  1. Indeed. Thankfully they don’t carry many. Thank you! Thank you for commenting,
  2. That is true though in the past it didn’t stop people from adding to the thread - and I don’t mind at all that they do. I haven’t forgotten. The men near the wrecked bunker on the ridge likely could see the tower, but until something bigger comes along to shoot at it I won’t worry. Tell that to the Sherman crew..
  3. Sure thing, links are in my signature but here it is specifically:
  4. They were incredibly brave women. I don’t think they were really known. So I made a point of mentioning the wayyyy back when in my “Somebody’s Hero” CAAR Years ago.
  5. Thank you very much. I really do want this to feel like a story.
  6. Had the same experience myself with assault squad. It was painful at times. I’m sure RT can be fun, but like anything, it has advantages and disadvantages. Can’t imagine the frustration of a battalion level RT battle.
  7. Yes. Though that is unlikely to be recognized. After all there should be daily updates on moving a bolt 3 microns on a model. Not that that would satisfy anyone.
  8. No, they just do backseat coding and business management instead.
  9. Indeed, although I think that is unlikely. Ian had a few minor stumbles but he has plenty of time left (about 45 Min) to use his otherwise overwhelming power to clobber me. I hoped the heavy mortar barrage (120mm mortars are equivalent to 150mm howitzers) would disable some of his armour but that doesn’t seem to have happened. And I don’t see what happened to his infantry, though if it was walking around in the woods they hopefully were savaged.
  10. I’m wondering how long before anyone notices Kurt’s picture changes slightly each time...
  11. I assume that it did not. But the bloody crew is running toward me like a bunch of raving lunatics! Given nothing happened to interfere with the Pantherturm that destroyed his 105 Sherman, I’m hoping/guessing that the precise origin of the shot is still unknown to him. The LOS is actually very tricky there, so he probably had no eyes beyond the Sherman crew on the shooter. My hope is that happened again with the flak 88. If it did, I’ve caused another delay and may get another kill too. We’ll see...
  12. Yes, but by my calculus, I want each Pantherturm and 88 to take care of 4 enemy tanks. I want my limited armour free to deal with the hordes of enemy infantry. Thanks, Bil. I would like to hope that I am the cause of that with my defence plans. Indeed. Especially because my 88 crew is veteran with very good morale. They were enjoying their Sulima’s a bit too much this morning...
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