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  1. Bud Backer

    E-mail too long for log in

    I had the same issue. It accepted “.co” so keep going! The limit is with the “user name” which in most cases is an email. The actual email field should accept the full entry. If not, open a help desk ticket.
  2. Bud Backer

    CMSF2 - UK-Germany Beta AAR

    Good to hear you’re recovering!
  3. Bud Backer

    I Don't Read the Dev Updates BINGO!

    Hahahaha! Brilliant!
  4. Yes, this is the part that I worry about too - one can’t recycle positions endlessly, it becomes almost as bad as just sitting there. I have to process what Bil and Rinaldi said. I have no doubts as to them being correct. It’s more that I need to see how to do what they say must be done.
  5. While I understand your point, and agree with it, my struggle has been to find where to move to. Just shifting about carries its own risks, so I’m wondering what your thought process is on managing that. Sometimes, where on is is where one wanted to be for tactical reasons, and displacing may not offer as good a position, or in fact, the other reachable locations are worse. How do you deal with that?
  6. No, can’t be. He mis-spells armour.
  7. Bud Backer

    T-90 with Teeth

    Those are some rarely successful T90s indeed. Well done!
  8. Bud Backer


    I think some folks also forget a bit too readily just what these games were like when they first came out. CMBN is not by any extent of the imagination the same creature now that it was in 1.0. @MikeyD - I hope you complained to the manufacturer about that horrible car. Surely if you spent that much money upgrades are free, right?
  9. Bud Backer

    What will the next CM be?

    Won’t run on my Mac, Windows only. But thank you for your effort, always appreciated.
  10. Bud Backer

    What will the next CM be?

    Ohhh no, not the age of sail. I want to see the towering columns of coal-fired smoke from my boilers. The surge of the battlecruisers as they rush forward to fight those of the enemy. The thunder of the guns and the acrid taste of cordite as my dreadnoughts engage the enemy.
  11. Bud Backer

    What will the next CM be?

    Me too. I’d love a fun, hopefully multiplayer capable WW1 naval game.
  12. Things certainly have heated up! Have a fun trip, Bil!
  13. Bud Backer

    What will the next CM be?

    No worries, mate. thanks!
  14. Bud Backer

    What will the next CM be?

    A quick look left me the impression it’s singke player only. Is that correct?
  15. Thank you for the detailed maps and strategic overviews, Bil. I absolutely marvel at your graphic skills and presentation but it’s your most recent post explaining your intentions that grounded me clearly as to what is going on and where.