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  1. Thanks to all! Marginal observation: turning shaders ON by Advanced Opition is in some sense useless, since you have to toggle them ON again in the game, at least in some scenarios as discussed here:
  2. Hi everybody I noticed that CMBN v4.00 is working very well on my new Mac Book Pro with latest radeon 4GB video card. However, decals showing hits on armour appear white. Has the issue noticed by some other people? Is there some patch around which solves the problem? Thanks in advance, later I will submit some screenshot. Luca
  3. I do not understand. How do the system knows which modules do I own in case I use the single 3.0 serial? I thought I have to use a game activation serial for any module I own in case of reinstallation, is it correct? thanks, Luca
  4. I just noticed M18 tank destroyer is totally black... may this be the case? Do I have to reinstall? Thanks, Luca Edit: Solved, the M18 is part of Market Garden, which I do not own. I saw it black in tDeploy Mode in the Scenario Editor.
  5. Thank you ian.leslie I do not remember, I think it was some sort of allied antiaircraft vehicle. Anyway, no problem for the last scenario, I am glad if I have helped the development team to correct the problem in the future. Regards Luca
  6. Market Garden vehicles are present in the list of the vehicles that you can purchase in the Scenario Editor even if you do not own it...
  7. With great disappointment I discovered that if you include a MG vehicle in a scenario but you do not own MG, 1) you are allowed to save your work with Scenario Editor without any notice; 2) you cannot play that scenario (it appears dimmed in the battle list); 3) you cannot re-edit that scenario again (a popup windows suggests to buy MG by visiting BF website). In this way I lost a complex scenario I was working on since many weeks... The obvious answer is to avoid to include units or vehicles that belong to MG, but I am not so skilled to remember exactly the list while I am working with the editor. Any suggestion in order to revert to my original scenario? I have CM:BN + CW + Vehicle Pack (v.311 patched). Regards Luca
  8. Hi sburke, thanks a lot, it worked. No need to register the vehicle pack a second time, it presumably used the first registration I did (although in the wrong order). Best regards Luva
  9. Dear friends unfortunately I made a mistake on installing the Vehicle pack, I first activated the Vehicle pack module then the program, it is my fault, I did not read instructions accurately. Now I need to know if there is a way to restart the licensing process without reinstalling the whole program, which may be painful. In case I had to reinstall everything, could someone be so kind to tell me which are the only and necessary modules and license activations in order to switch back to 3.00? Thank you in advance, Luca
  10. I have a MacBook Pro (MacBookPro11,3), and I transferred my programs from a Time Machine backup, including CMBN v. 212, which does not start and simply prompts a window with the message: Error: errorCode errorMessage Please contact your vendor for assistance. Do I have to license it before using? Thank you in advance, Luca
  11. The terrain mods greatly improve the viewing experience. Thanks a lot. Regards Luca
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