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  1. I had this when I installed CMBN on another machine. Installing CMBN in the correct sequence (shown below) corrected this problem for me: This list come from another post but should be helpful: 1- install the base game, Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy. This will typically be v1.00 or v1.01. 2- install the Commonwealth Module if you have it. This will update your game to v1.10. 3- install the CMBN v1.11 patch. (You can find it at www.battlefront.com/patches.) 4- install the CMBN 2.0 Upgrade. 5- install the Market Garden module if you have it. 6- install the CMBN v2.12 patch. (You can find it at www.battlefront.com/patches.) 7- install CMBN 3.0 Upgrade 8. activate the game with the 3.0 License Key as a last step (I'm quite sure there is no need to activate each game version/module but someone else more knowledgeable might have to step in to be 100% sure). Therefore I think you need to buy the 2.0 upgrade. Hope this helps, Ian
  2. I'm building up a new PC and would like to install my CMBN, CMFI, CMRT, CMAF, and CMSF games on the new PC, but I already have these games installed on my other PC. I intend to keep the other PC so is it possible to install these games on both PC's or does the license only cover one installation ?
  3. Same here, been playing Combat Mission games for the last 13 years. Have bought the whole series so far. A Tremendous series of games. I have made a number of scenario's over the years but unfortunately have not put them on the repository. I will continue to play Combat Mission for many years to come.
  4. I know the main bridges weren't blown but smaller bridges could of been blown by pioneers. Just a thought. As an aside: Wasn't the son bridge partially blown at the north end as part of the german retreat from Normandy, and the Allies had to build a baily bridge. Also the railway bridge at Arnhem was blown. "After Generaloberst. Student, the German commander in this area, orders its demolition the bridges over the wilhelmina canal at Best was also destroyed. The destroyed draw bridge over the Wilhelminacanal at Breugel a few miles past Son. This bridge was already destroyed by the Germans on September 13. Also the bridges at Best were destroyed by the Germans a couple of day’s later".
  5. I tried to blow the bridge with pioneers in "A moment in time" mission 4 using the blast command. Nothing happened. Am I to ambitious Out of curiosity what ever happened to the flame thrower ? it's not in CMBN or CMFI.
  6. Yeah, I get this aswell in the Devil Hill Scenario. Still an awesome game though :-)
  7. On the 3rd Mission of the road to Nijmegen campaign "Hells Highway", I called in the typhoons after 5 mins and they truned on my forces knocking out two shermans and leaving a very large crater smack in the middle of the road, and my forces were outside the area of the intended Typhoon attack. ---- Cool Where is the purple smoke ;-) Awesome game though :-)
  8. I'm using two Gainwood 2GB GTX660's SLi'ed, having upgraded from two MSI GTX580's. I run all the combat mission games in SLi at 1920x1080, everything full on, and have had no problems running these games what so ever. I had trouble with the MSI GTX580's with games such as Far Cry 3, Black Op 1&2 crashing all the time which is why I upgraded to two GTX660's. No crashes with the Battlefront games though :-) So YES buy one. If you are thinking about SLi then I recommend two GTX660's, but if you only want a single graphics card then maybe stretch your budget to get the GTX680 Ti. There is really no noticable difference with the Ti version and non-Ti version for the price increase. Also the 600 series of cards seem to run DirectX11.1 OK without crashing. I have had no trouble with running all the combat mission games in SLi using the GTX660's & GTX580's. The graphics in the combat mission games are also better on the GTX660 than the GTX580. Hope this is of use to you. BR, Ian
  9. Whats wrong with buying the CM Normandy - v2.0 UPGRADE (Delivery: Download & Mail) option (40 US dollars = 24.7786 British pounds sterling) - Bargin It's nice to have both the download and DVD, gives you two independent sources of backup incase anything goes wrong with your PC.
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