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  1. All worked fine. Thank you. To summarize: Purchased and Installed 4.0 upgrade (Full Installer) - I did it "on top" of 3.12 (Base + Commonwealth modules) Then License for 4.0 upgrade activated all previous installed modules and Upgrades (For me Base + Commonwealth + V2 + V3 + V4) Repeat "Activate modules" for each new purchased modules and packs license (for me Market Garden + Vehicle Pack + Battle Pack1) Finally... Many thanks to IanL!
  2. Yes I agree, better to use full installer. Oh, and last question, as it is a full install is it important to remove previous install or just installing on top is fine?
  3. Thanks IanL Now I purchased the the V4 upgrade and clicked the download link I can see the two possibilities (Full or Upgrade). This is not mentioned before. And even now it's not clear (for me at least) what is the FULL installer. Based on your advice I guess all existing modules and packs are included. I will do like you said and come back for confirmation. Could be useful for other dummies like me Best regards Yves
  4. Hi there I'm ancient CMBN (and older CM games) player coming back after several years without gaming. I see there were some updates during my "absence" and I try to catch up. I was on V212 (CMBN + Commonwealth licenses) so I installed the V3 upgrade (SKU CMBN-UPV3-PC-DW). I'm on Windows 10 BTW. Now the game version shows 3.12 (Game Engine 3). Installation went well I had to reactivate the base modules but all is ok. I even see some Market Garden campaigns and battles and some battles prefixed BP1 (Battle Pack 1?) but it only says I need Market Garden. These are grayed out, it's normal I don't have the Market Garden module licence). Now what? I have some doubts on how to have all modules and packs at latest level (4.0?). Specially with the Battle Pack 1, in which it's said " The Battle Pack updates your game engine from v3.11 to v3.12 ". After some study, here's what I intend to do: Install CM Normandy - UPGRADE 4 (Windows) and CMBN - Market Garden (Windows) (no matter in which order I guess?) Purchase and activate CM Normandy - Vehicle Pack (Windows) (text says there nothing to download, only license) Finally deal with CM Normandy - Battle Pack 1 (Windows) (all other modules and pack are prerequisite). But here it's not said it's only a license activation and I don't want to downgrade my game. So here I'm not sure what to do Is there someone here who can validate my path and tell me how to install the Battle Pack 1 without downgrading? Cheers Yves
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