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  1. Hate to hear this one is being called...and I hope everything is ok with Baneman...I know awhile back my laptop went down and I lost everything and had to do an entire reinstall. It knocked me out of cm for a while! I also look forward to starting my rematches again with IanL...aka Canadian Cat! So IanL be looking for an email soon! He is a tough opponent Bill...be careful...look forward to seeing this one play out!
  2. Yeah I don’t at all understand why they do not have a developers blog or something. I’ve stopped playing and I own everything they have made. My regular playing partners have also gotten fed up and stopped. The lack of updates and info has certainly been disappointing.
  3. Thanks I went with the CM-Helper...only problem I am having right now is that when I go and put in the destination for the outgoing file it will not save the destination?
  4. Can anyone steer me to where I might be able to download H2HH? I currently have 2.9.2...but for some reason it will not come up anymore when I double click it!
  5. also noticed in the saved game for CMRT I am getting laser warnings on my tanks...
  6. another question...im playing CMRT and the dust from Vehicles or explosions look like fire? Is that a graphical error as well with a saved game?
  7. Hey thanks Steve! That worked except now I cannot view the individual weapons in the squad weapons area and Im showing an icon for Russian tanks but no tank...does this mean that I am going to have to uninstall and then reinstall?
  8. Hey Steve I have tried exactly what you said and still is not recognizing my Licensing key...and as soon as it sends me to CMRT opening page it tells me License failure. I bought the bundle and only downloaded the CM Red Thunder upgrade 4 windows. none of the other programs...i am having no luck...my order number is 00310401
  9. Hey thanks Steve! My frustration is not with you but with lack of computer knowledge! I tried what you said but still does not work...when I downloaded the bundle I only chose to download one at a time...I did not download the CM Red Thunder 2.00 Full just the CM Red Thunder 4 Upgrade. Is that part of my problem? Do I need to install both?
  10. Running into the same problem with CMRT I have put in the license code for both the base game and the 4.0 but it is telling me that the Lic key is invalid...this is so frustrating
  11. Ok getting really frustrated...I cannot get CMRT to activate...I have entered the base game code and when I go the game it is still telling me that I need to activate the version 4! Now I did buy the bundle but only downloaded the CMRT part would that matter? Because looking over the folder it had everything from 2.o to 3.0 which I already have
  12. I never run mods...I was also thinking that It maybe an install issue. So was thinking the same thing
  13. Hey John before I do this...McAfee is telling me that it has detected a Trogan in the GL file called Artemis!4CF7D8E812BD. Just want to make sure that is nothing before I proceed.
  14. I am having issues with the graphics on U.S. helmets...anyone know how to fix this? CM Final Blitzkrieg 2016-04-22 07-06-49-65.bmp
  15. I take it Elvis is John...I will sing Johns praises. John deserves a lot of credit for what he does on that help desk. I think I was the 4th you were looking to hear back from. I sent you the info you needed earlier...and yes I do have the McAfee as well! So good I will try that tomorrow! Thanks!
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