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  1. kendar

    HQS 2.6 .man files

    I think they are part of a compress file. What i did is to unzip the first one and all works. Waclaw tells to use winrar to do so, but it works with bandizip. Hope it helps
  2. Tried and... all Good Many Thanks and happy chrismas
  3. kendar

    AD CMFB Terrain Mod

    You no What ? i love all your work on these titles... Thank you for sharing one more time
  4. kendar

    Quiet background Sound

    I made 3 mn loops because this is the time of the originals. Don't know if this is capped, but don't think so. These sounds were made for CMBN in mind, so no winter Feel free to modifiy them if you want, i don't work on them anymore.
  5. kendar

    Quiet background Sound

    Here you go, hope it works. https://www.dropbox.com/s/6hivgmp8729vl9w/background.zip?dl=0
  6. How Lucky you are... Since Black Sea, my downloads from BF are never less than 04 hours if it doesn't stop.
  7. kendar


    none of the links is working... Is there a way to get this ? thanks in advance
  8. Hey Akd, Don't want to bother you, but i really look forward any update from your sound mod Hope you still work on it for my eargasm
  9. kendar


    Many thanks Waclaw, and ggod job on these sounds once more
  10. kendar


    Link doesn't work, too many dl ?
  11. kendar

    Buddy Aid way too easy

    The only thing i found a little upset with Buddy aid is when my men keep doing it whereas they are shoot on... I mean one wounded in a little wood, all my men go prone, a one get up to make Buddy aid, only to be hit ?
  12. kendar

    Task Force Spartan Resolve

    Nope, works fine here. This problem looks like the ones when installing a campaign without the relevant module intalled in the the others CMX2 games. Codename Duchess is your game up to date ?
  13. kendar

    Task Force Spartan Resolve

    just in case,here is the software i use, can extract all (Zip(z01), ZipX(zx01), TAR, TGZ, 7Z(7z.001), LZH, ISO, EXE(e01).). http://www.bandisoft.com/bandizip/fr/
  14. kendar

    Task Force Spartan Resolve

    It's not the name of the mods that is too long, but the path to destination. I mean, if you try to extract as it is, the extractor try to put them in a long "name folder\long name foler\long name folder\name of the file" What i did is to open the archive in exploration mode and to extract them one by one in a simple folder named "a" for exemple. Hope it's clear, as i don't write English very well.