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  1. Yeah, where did this new stuff come from that ht-57 is talking about?
  2. I guess I didn't read the Readme well enough. I put the Sweetfx folder and the .dll files in my CMFB root directory. Don't we have to actually launch Sweetfx so it is already running, before we activate it with the Scroll Lock key? Does just launching CMFB and having the SweetFX folder in the root directory automatically launch SweetFX? I just put everything in the proper folders, and launched the game last night. It looked beautiful, but I did not activate SweetFX, or at least I don't think I did.
  3. Oh yeah, Veins! I forgot about his stuff. Could some kind soul please provide the link to Vein's special effects mod? Thanks!
  4. Will you always post here when you patch/modify your files, so we know there is a new version? You are the new kid on the block Worghern, but you're definitely no rookie! Your work transforms CMFB into a work of art. As has been said many, many times before, Battlefront is insane to not hire Aris, Juju, the guy who does the excellent sound mods, and now you, Worghern, to do all the graphics and sound for their games. Their engine is wonderful, you modders are they eye and ear candy. Battlefront - you guys need to really consider using these folks talent! -=Jeff
  5. I apologize, but I am still confused as to what to do to put all your files correctly into my Z folder.
  6. My next, and hopefully last stupid question . . . Do I put all five unzipped files into my Z folder separately, as five folders, e.g. .env.001a, .env.001b, .env.001c, .env.002, and .env.003? Or, do I combine all five of these folders into one folder? Or does it not matter? Your readme says to place my "Worghern Final Blitzkrieg Environment" folder into my Z folder. But, I don't have that folder anywhere. I just have five unzipped folders as noted above. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!
  7. Will Aris' latest graphic fx mod compilation work in CMFB? This is the one I'm thinking of getting: http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=650 Thanks in advance for any help!
  8. I'm talking about the link shared by Jace11, as below: Its actually been on cmiii mods for awhile now, if you know where to look... http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?wpfb_filepage=worghern-final_-blitzkrieg-env_-000-7z then cycle through next posts..
  9. Super duper excellent! In the link above, I see a bunch of .env files, then the last one is a 777MB reshade file. Does the reshade one include everything, all the .env files, just with reshade turned on? Finally, how do we extract these .env files, please?
  10. But, but, I did read the Readme. Apparently not careful enough. <hangs head in shame, and sulks off to the "ignorant mod user" pasture> To my lame defense, the Readme doesn't specifically say to make sure the Options folder is NOT in your mod or Z folder. So there. But, it is pretty obvious, I must admit.
  11. Never mind. User error. I had the Options folder in my Z folder, and it was interfering. Silly me. All is well. -=Jeff
  12. This is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!! Thank you so much, Juju! I don't know why Battlefront doesn't sign you up to use this as their default scheme for their games. You definitely deserve the recognition. I copied the Pac Man progress bar folders to my Z folder, but it still shows the American star symbol on both the loading bar and the in-game turn bar. What could I be doing wrong that it's not using the Pac Man graphics?
  13. Oh wow, I didn't realize even quick battle maps had scripted stuff. I thought they were just maps, and you bought your forces and played skirmishes on them. I have not played any quick battles yet. I thought only campaign missions, and single battle missions were fully scripted. Thanks for enlightening me.
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