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  1. Swap unit bug had a patch for the base game. Would it be possible to have also for Breakthrough expansion? Thanks.
  2. Problem seems to be related to latest AMD&ATI graphic card driver update. When I uninstall graphic card drivers I can play scenarios smoothly. My system is Win 7 64 bit. I'm not good at computers, is there any solution other than uninstalling drivers. Thanks.
  3. Game is installed for months in my hard drive but today I failed to launch any scenario with this error. I re-installed both WW1 and WW1 breakthrough with latest patches but no luck to solve the problem.
  4. Call to arms is excellent in terms of pbem and solo play so I'm glad I purchased Breakthrough while waiting for Strategic command 3. Any of the other scenarios or campaigns popular for pbem play? Russian civil war, Africa campaign and ww2 scenario specifically. Does smaller scale (division) campaigns offer good pbem play? Thanks.
  5. Hi, Played pbem with the base game few years ago and with the breakthrough expansion I want to return playing this very good game. I have good turn rates and would prefer multiple (at least 2 turns a day) turns a day. Would also prefer 'call to arms' scenario with soft build limits off. Either side is ok. Thanks.
  6. Hello Bill, All written holds true. Norway,Sweden trade under constant raiding by Entente and heavy corps losses for CP. I neglected that part as Germany had both 4th level Production and Industrial technology. Only positive side Holland has 78% relation with CP. For higher starting NM for Germany I agree. French has 60+ NM and hardly do anything still territory wise. Germany still at this point reinforcing and have good MPP, additionally have to get organized and fight in 2 fronts so a little NM boost at the beginning can be needed. Related to OE, I imagine Ottomans NM very much influenced by controlling Mesopotamia and Damascus,Tripoli etc. They have 8 NM for now.(Late Jan 1917) But it seems it is very difficult to hold those territories and loss of corps are inevitable in at least Pbem game.
  7. Low CP NM is a problem also in my pbem game but I'm not sure if it's similar example above. Dec 1916: GER:34 AUS-HUN:44 OE: 18 Both GER and AUS-HUN have very high losses in terms of troop losses, OE has mediocre losses. Baghdat is not captured yet but OE will surrender any time soon. I looked back to the manual but does troop loss have impact on NM?
  8. In my pbem game opponent took control of Basra(25 NM value) and just in previous turn Sedd el Bahr( cost 12 NM). It is jan 1916 and all the other towns including Erzurum and Eleşkirt under Turkish control. Historically I think those two eastern towns were more devastating for Turkish morale in WW1 and it is true in game turns regarding NM value for those towns. ex: Armenian milice and russian advance were a real problem. But Turkish NM is only 58% now. It seems English divisions near Hedjaz and arab partizans will definitely be successful and control Damascus. So it will be more NM loss. I think for advancing years it would be best and historical for Turkey not care about Damascus and Basra and only take NM loss when core provinces under enemy control. But again for scenario balance I'm not sure.
  9. I think for WW1 scenario, weak ZOC can be justified with multiple level & direction of trench system and the impact of supply on movement. Plus when there is artillery behind the defense penetration will be less usefull with high morale,readiness loss for the attacker. It will be also an easy target for any counter attack. With strong ZOC it would be very hard for the attacker to advance in my opinion. From my pbem games as far as I can tell lines are generally solid and overall movement feels historical. But maybe cavalry movement, deep raiding at times can be a bit frustrating.
  10. Related to AI. Does she have reinforcement bonus or maybe free garrisons in beginner level & under normal settings ? I see most of the towns,cities full of detachment& divisions protecting it. Rare to see empty unprotected location. I also like call to arms scenario very much and the AI. It feels like pbem play with back and forth attacking with rotating units from multiple directions. Naval AI also rapidly response to situation.
  11. Hello Bill, Now to think of it (At least in early game) there is slightly more Germans than French in western front so it is always better to move some of it when threat arise in east borders while western front relax a bit and do some entrenching. Possible Bulgarian and Ottoman presence in their back door should definitely help. Thanks
  12. As far as I remember there is a game event ask you if you want to do Unrestricted Warfare or not only after you disrupt merchant routes. If you choose not to I think event doesn't pop up again in entire game. I think most logical approach is to choose Uwarfare in every game but not overdo it. I'm not sure or clear about if UWarfare has great benefits. There is also a warning message for Entente about whereabouts the raid took place so It can be pretty hard to lose sight from British navy.
  13. In my Pbem game(call to arms) after adequate advance through France(Paris not captured but they don't pose threat) I had problems defending eastern borders of Prussia and Silesia. Russians are numerous and Austrians retreated from Belgrade to help Silesia. But it seems they are outnumbered by Russians and incoming Serbs. How to stop Russians and does the player need to conquer Serbia as it seems it is very difficult to make them surrender.
  14. This is the best grand operational ww1 game I have played so far about AI and events. I haven't played C.Great War yet (But familiar with Slitherine popular latest titles)but I think tactical and strategical approach is the best in this game. It would be best to spread the word so dedicated players can be found. This game deserves it.
  15. Same experience. I felt like winning in 1914 as CP and negletted artillery. But later found out my mistake after I saw French dig in. İmpossible to advance with all the high level trenches. I also negletted Ottomans(They didn't join the war at all) and I guess that's why Russia reinforce Danzig with many troops !. That was under normal setting.
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