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    New Website status update

    Really hoping to get Patches and CMSF2 this week.
  2. DougPhresh

    BMP-3M Disabling Own 30mm

    My last save was played on a converted CMFI map. I could probably manage to do it again on a stock BS map.
  3. I've just noticed on larger maps, when BMP-3s are really lobbing those 100mm rounds downrange, they are receiving "hits" that only disable their 30mm guns, and without taking return fire. I'm guessing at high elevations the vehicle is shooting itself. In my last battle on a huge map, with a full battalion, about 50% had damage only to their 30mm guns, and those were the vehicles that had engaged the most at long ranges.
  4. DougPhresh

    BMP-3M Disabling Own 30mm

    BMP-3M, maybe even just the ERA version since that's what I buy the most, and only at very long range.
  5. DougPhresh

    BMP-3M Disabling Own 30mm

    BMP-3s will occasionally shoot their own 30mm gun barrels!
  6. DougPhresh

    I Don't Read the Dev Updates BINGO!

    Okay but on the topic of map sizes...
  7. DougPhresh

    BMP-3M Disabling Own 30mm

    Finally found it happening!
  8. In CMBS with points set to 150% a side can buy a full tank battalion and two mech battalions, you can barely get a full German tank battalion in CMRT
  9. Is there a file that sets the points for QB's? CMBS has many many more points than RT, could I just change the point limit for Huge to 20k?
  10. DougPhresh

    Quick battle maps

    Would really be nice to see some more Large and especially Huge QB maps.
  11. DougPhresh

    CMRT TacAI Engine Comparison

    I am watching the CMSF2 AAR very carefully for this reason. I've been playing CMRT and having problems because scenarios and QBs besides meeting engagements are really dragged down by infantry bolting out of their trenches.
  12. DougPhresh

    Discussion of Soviet Offensive Tactics

    Bringing this back from the dead. Lately I've done much more reading on Soviet forces in 1944. I'm having a much better game consequently, both from a role playing and game play point of view. What I can't find out, is how dismounted Cavalry squadrons should be used. I know they should accompany tanks and assault guns, and I know they have much more weapons support than infantry units. However making those 4 squadrons of 2 sections platoons work is proving difficult. Is it just a matter of pushing up the machineguns and shooting the Germans off their positions?
  13. Sorry to bring this back from the dead years after the fact, but I was hoping to do a QB in CMRT with Regiments. The point limit for CMRT seems to be less than in CMBS, or at least I can't stretch out the points the way I'd like to. I don't want to fuss around with the editor, coordinate AI plans or anything like that. Is there an easy way to play on the existing maps with existing objectives and plans, but with bigger formations?
  14. DougPhresh

    CM:N... I need flares!

    I need illum missions in my life.
  15. DougPhresh

    History accuracy

  16. DougPhresh

    History accuracy

    The M1919A6 is indeed available earlier in CMFI. As for the SVT, this is apparently Belorussia in April '44.
  17. DougPhresh

    New features curiosity

    After reading up on night battles during Bagration, and trying to create them in CMRT, I think we are in desperate need of illumination missions. My carefully planned ambushes of tank columns turn into slugging matches at less than 100m as there is no way to light up the enemy when they enter the kill zone besides leaving my prepared positions and wading in. The quality of night combat in CMBS thanks to NV just illustrates how badly a way to fight at night is needed for the other titles.
  18. I was just musing on how great an addition hit decals and uniform variations are and thought that maybe having an additional option to have unit insignia would be a good addition. Here are Russian unit patches spotted in Ukraine, that would fit nicely in to CMBS. http://euromaidanpress.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/russian-arm-patch.pdf
  19. DougPhresh

    A long delayed update

    Wargamer just covered Battlefront though, it's not all bad. https://www.wargamer.com/articles/combat-mission-screenshots-battlefront-shock-force-2/
  20. DougPhresh

    A long delayed update

    As Graviteam’s creations and those of Battlefront.com regularly find themselves rubbing Schürzen in forum posts and reviews, I asked Vladimir if he felt BFC was missing a trick by not making the Combat Missions available through platforms like Steam. Given Graviteam’s own distribution approach, his answer came as a bit of a surprise: “They have their own audience and their own tried-and-tested platform. Going to Steam would probably make it not as profitable, and the effect of the transition may not be significant given the percentage that Steam takes. After all, wargames have their own audience, this genre is not very optimal for mass distribution platforms aimed mainly at games of simpler and more popular genres.” https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/06/29/the-flare-path-ukrainian-edition/
  21. DougPhresh

    Are AT guns too fragile?

    I'd like to be able to remount AT guns. It's too easy to get the crew to run, and impossible to get them back into position. Another fortification type that improves on the sandbag wall would be nice. Either that, or a way to get gun crews to use the foxhole fortifications better.
  22. DougPhresh

    Ukrainian Side is Seriously Underpowered

    On the other hand, fuel tanks work well as a spall liner, under the right conditions. The BMP-3 is a giant leap forward over the earlier BMPs.
  23. DougPhresh

    History accuracy

    I don't think "balance" should be an issue at all. The K98 is hardly balanced against the Garand, but I wouldn't want full German squads of G43s.
  24. DougPhresh

    CMSF2 - UK-Germany Beta AAR

    Ah that makes a bit more sense.