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  1. I just picked up CMBN after having all the other titles and modules so I was curious since I wasn't following it during development.
  2. It would be really great to be able to get them all, especially since I'm not sure what iteration of CMmods I'm supposed to use and if everything made it over.
  3. I was wondering, if the Americans really only encountered Tigers 3 times in North-West Europe, why are they included in the base game? It seems like they could have been saved for the Commonwealth module.
  4. The Firefly was really better than it had any right to be considering how they managed to cram that gun and ammunition into the Sherman, and all of the compromises that entailed.
  5. I have to say I'm also a Battalion scale guy, with some qualms about the CM UI and would be Brigade scale, given some major changes. This could mean anything from being able to assign follow orders and still placing waypoints so a single vehicle drives down a road, but all others follow, to a way to automatically draw move orders along a road, to telling units to move and ticking a box so they take roads when appropriate. Having a "semi-automatic" system, halfway to graviteam would do a lot of good. Having the option like Graviteam or Command Ops to give orders to a HQ and for all of their subordinates to execute would reduce player workload at those larger scales. I like the granular control compared to Graviteam, I just don't need it at all times. I'd like to order a battalion to move to contact with a few clicks, but still manage a team during the firefight if it comes down to it. Quality of life changes and more TAC AI improvements could go a long way. I believe infantry on long distance move orders already drift towards columns and seem roughly to follow roads and paths along the route.
  6. When trenches are on uneven terrain I often wonder if the 2ft protruding above ground on a single side does any good. IIRC hits by small arms are modeled on a per-pixel scale and not abstracted, meaning that those trenches are not doing much if anything.
  7. OP LINNET II is in my opinion, one of the single best CM scenarios, full-stop. I would be over the moon to see scenarios, campaigns and especially QBs at that scale. Especially because we don't have operations, large scenarios with several battalions and reinforcements are especially satisfying. If anything, I would have liked a scenario generator for LINNET. The concept of 4 variations with the same German force is great for replay ability and really shines. It would be nice to select force templates, almost like QB so it could be, for example "OP LINNET e - POLgnd CDNgnd" where the initial forces are elements of the Polish armoured recce and motor infantry and Canadian armour comes to the rescue. Add the same for the German side, so it's a SS formation attacking or so on and you have some of the biggest battles in CM with many iterations without new or more casual players fiddling with the editor for hours.
  8. I'd like to say coming from Fortress Italy, I've found that the Allied halftracks with guns and howitzers are very useful. I know they are conceptually similar to the Stryker MGS, but in practice I've been able to get much better use of them. Having a big gun with Commonwealth armoured car formations is a tremendous boon to their ability to recce and screen, and when used with motorized infantry, a powerful direct fire weapon that can keep up with them and fire from under armour is incredibly valuable. I can see why the StuH and Sherman 105 are better, but when those aren't available, it's much better than towing guns into action or redirecting a tank platoon to neutralize a stubborn trench. Any thoughts here on the Autocar SP 75mm or the M3 and T30?
  9. As the timeline heads towards the later war, did Canadian forces transferred from Italy to North-West Europe have battledress from Canadian stocks (green) or from UK stocks (brown)? I seem to remember reading that supply in the Italian theatre used UK stocks but I can't find the source right now.
  10. Not trying to derail, but at what point would you say that most FJs did not have jump training and most Gebirgsj├Ąger were not skilled climbers?
  11. FJ troops using the "winter" appearance wear Field Division uniforms, including the M1935 helmet.
  12. Great stuff. I know the mod community is spread thin with all of the upcoming modules for other series but I'm glad an oft forgotten theatre has gotten so much love
  13. I was wondering what the function of 2IC teams is in this system. Does putting a 2IC team next to another formation's HQ increase integration? i.e parking Tank Squadron 2IC next to Infantry Btn HQ, or vice versa.
  14. I just wanted to say this this is an incredible resource! Bookmarked.
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