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  1. Without reigniting the BTG discussion, you can lavishly equip units with organic fires on a small scale but that wouldn't be sustainable for generating a larger force.
  2. I saw it and will be picking it up. The titles they've had on the modern Russian military have been top notch and really dispel a lot of the pro-NATO narrative that I think is clouding the reality. Everyone who has gone to war with Russia (and lost) always talks about how they have a pitiful, outdated military with obsolete doctrine. I think maybe since the Gulf War NATO has believed our own hype. Georgia and Ukraine should have been wake up calls. It's not 1992 anymore.
  3. A 155mm round is about 100lbs compared to the 30ish lbs of a 105mm. In the early 2000's a lot of NATO planners assumed artillery would be standardized to 155mm but operational experience has shown that cheap, light, mobile guns are valuable. I'd rather have a 105mm on call than a 155mm tied up supporting other units. More tubes are generally better than fewer state of the art tubes with precision rounds. I think the Russian way of war is on the right track in that regard. See also the return of 60, 81 and 120mm mortars to NATO after all those theorists thought precision CAS would replace organic fires. When I joined the military as a field artilleryman, even at the school staff were bemoaning the End of Artillery because everybody was reading about how armed UAVs, small diameter bombs on CAS, land-based CIWS, Hell even tactical lasers had made artillery obsolete. I think NATO thinkers get tied up in the latest and greatest until the next conflict. Look at all the loony ideas before Vietnam, or even throughout the 70's and 80's.
  4. If anything, I would expect more fires to come down on the Ukrainians since there'd be no pretense of deniability. Just speaking from time in Starychi, the Ukrainians are a step up from the ANA/ANP but they aren't a NATO military and it shows. Coming under Russian division fires would be a test for a Western unit. I don't know how many tubes would be supporting an end run on Kyiv, but I think Russian artillery would break the back of any unit not very deeply dug in. Anything moving by road, for sure.
  5. Considering the Russians (Allegedly!) used RPV-spotted MRLS to obliterate Ukrainian mech battalions, I think Russian artillery could use a second look. Their doctrine has (allegedly) really developed in Ukraine, and it's a force to be reckoned with.
  6. There must be Osprey or similar grog books that have the TO&E all laid out. Those Battle order books come to mind https://ospreypublishing.com/store/military-history/series-books/battle-orders
  7. I was in Starychi, and PPCLI, RCR, Vandoos like everyone else wear the standard CADPAT. http://www.combatcamera.forces.gc.ca/en/photo-search.page#ipa_pastEvent=OPUNIFIER&etitle=Operation Unifier&ftitle=Opération Unifier e: except the CSOR guys, who wear multicam. In terms of patches, it depends on unit to unit. Some sergeant majors will smoke you for wearing a patch, some commands encourage it.
  8. These are basically the same patches I had with ISAF: Canadian IR Flag, Canadian IR Patch, Task Force Patches A lot of guys had CP Gear patches on ARPAT backings, but depending on your command you might get jacked up. http://www.cpgear.com/blank/Branches-Brigades-Services-Corps-?c=3957968
  9. It's also the cover for Cladio Pavone's The Civil War, the best history of Italian Resistance published in English. https://www.amazon.ca/Civil-War-History-Italian-Resistance/dp/1781687773 I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the last 2 years of the war in Italy. (Including Devs thinking about RSI, partisans, co-belligerents ) However if you want to read something with 650 fewer pages, Osprey has a more approachable title out World War II Partisan Warfare in Italy https://ospreypublishing.com/world-war-ii-partisan-warfare-in-italy
  10. I've been playing the Dutch campaign as well as scenarios and QBs with them. I really like their equipment and organization, and they get high quality troops most of the time. I especially like having a GPMG in the rifle sections rather than a LMG. However, I am having a damn hard time separating Syrian infantry from their BTRs and BMPs. I know that is why there are MRATs and Gills organic to Dutch units, I'm just not sure how to best use them. Any tips from someone who has done well with the Dutch?
  11. I agree with Rokko here. Troops on hunt in the other titles hit the deck if they are fired on.
  12. I guess more broadly my issue is that none of the scenarios would have that equipment. I think the BN vehicle pack is great, and the AVRE, Crocodile and Crab are fantastic editions to the game, but unless you really like QBs or playing online, you aren't going to see them. Which isn't to say they should stop making the packs, I think they've rolled those assets into the other series and also the battle pack for BN, but it does mean the pack on its own isn't the best way to add content IMO. In short: What if there were Syrian MTLBs in the TOE? You would never see them unless you picked them for a QB or your opponent also had the pack and chose to bring them to a game.
  13. It's not like the Canadian (or US, or Australian, or UK etc. etc.) Army is "soft", so much as I think we've moved past beatings and hazing as discipline and rucking until socks are bled through as effective PT. Still, the French Army has a great TOE and OOB and would be great in game.
  14. Related, but does anyone know how to use the Dutch light infantry? The G-Wagons are pretty potent, and dismounted those teams pack a punch. The typical formation is very experienced, well led and motivated, which is great. In terms of spotting, stealthy approach, and winning firefights they do a great job. My issue is that even Syrian conscripts with BTRs can be hard to shoot off their position. I read this manual on Light Infantry and I've figured out "fight at night and in close terrain" but how do I close with those BTRs and BMPs so the Panzerfaust 3s can get to work? https://www.armyupress.army.mil/Portals/7/combat-studies-institute/csi-books/Historical-Perspective-Light-Infantry.pdf
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