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  1. I see the difficulty. Does the current system cut down on development time for future modules? For example, now that there are Canadian and British forces through '45 in FI, and German forces through '45 in both FB and coming in the new RT module, does that make a Commonwealth module though the end of the war easier for FB? Most of the assets for a Scheldt campaign and Operation Plunder to Hamburg campaign now already exist in-game.
  2. Anecdotally, even though the exercises we go on now are force-on-force and the Battlegroup deployment is to Latvia, pretty much everybody still has their habits from Afghanistan. For example, my last exercise was a mechanized brigade opposed river crossing, which is about as conventional as you get. The mission and doctrine was thoroughly conventional. We fired illum and smoke missions to help the engineers build bridge sections and operate assault boats and ferries, missions we hardly, if ever shot in Afghanistan. We also fired full battalion missions which we haven't done in anger since Korea. We camouflaged the guns, dug gun pits, the artillery recce and OP dets used LAVs, and we took precautions against counterbattery fire - all things that did not happen in Afghanistan. However, in practice anything that wasn't explicitly ordered defaulted to how things were done in Afghanistan. Our road and foot patrols were done how we did them there, the M72s and Carl-Gs stayed packed up in echelon, the battery GPMGs and GMGs were left in the trucks, our medical drills assumed easy medivac and casevac by helicopter instead of road ambulance to a casualty collection point, that sort of thing. Guys still wear shemaghs and don't put on campaint. It's the opposite of how when we first went to Afghanistan, everybody was doing drills from Bosnia or West Germany.
  3. NATO and Warsaw Pact both forecast heavy urban warfare from at least the '60s on. I can only speak of my own experience but I trained in a replica of a "typical" West German town and that has been expanded to include a replica Afghan Village. I'm an artilleryman and we still do extensive CQB and FIBUA training even though you would never place the guns there. I agree that "conventional armies are doomed!" reminds me of the Popular Mechanics hardware fetishism that has been a problem since the 50's. The missile age was supposed to end surface combatants, manned aircraft and AFVs and 60 years latter here we are! A cynical person might suggest that Raytheon, General Dynamics and our other good friends in the MIC like to drum up sales by exaggerating threats and inflating their own capabilities. That cynic might also suggest that the defense staffs might tell the public and politicans that their militaries are doomed without massive spending to protect their own interests. 🙃
  4. It wouldn't be a very fun game if we had whole Ukrainian units turning tail . 😉 I have read that both Russia and Ukraine use the 2A45M towed 125mm AT gun. How common are these guns and what formations have them?
  5. A few years ago where some bones came out for FI, there was discussion about possible roadmap. iirc, a pack containing Commandos and partisans was mentioned as being a possibility after R2V, as well as adding the RSI, Italian Co-Belligerents and fleshing out the existing Italian roster to add dismounted Breda Model 35, Solothurn and Cannone da 90/53 as a module. Is this still possible? I would gladly pay for a pack with partisans, commandos and goumiers and would certainly pay for a module expanding the Italians from '43-45 e: I had no idea that an Italian Co-Belligerent unit liberated Venice. They made pretty significant contributions to the Allied cause.
  6. We'd better hurry up! I Canadian Corps was ordered to prepare to ship to the Netherlands in February of next year. 😉
  7. I know this is hyperbole, but the community has been exceedingly patient with missed deadlines and a major patch breaking infantry behavior for a year.
  8. Very late in the day but I hope there's more Canadian content. Ortona was sorely missed.
  9. Speaking from the Canadian Army in Afghanistan - I was with the guns and pulling security for a PRT but 10 x 30rd magazines is more or less accurate. I'm sure that during Medusa or among units who were out looking for a fight they might have carried more.
  10. I thought it was VDV and MPR. I'm a sucker for the naval infantry, so it should be interesting.
  11. Exactly right. At least on LAVs and RGs. I wasn't up on tanks.
  12. pl-1ir-laser-illuminator.bmp on the BMP3 in BS looks like this, and appears as such in-game.
  13. How does Graviteam do trenches and weapons pits without the change to mesh changing LOS?
  14. I was serving at that time, in Afghanistan. We didn't carry Carl Gs when/where I was but a tonne of LAWs to bust grape huts. I'll ask around. Also 8 man section is absolute. Sometimes we were shorthanded, but most often not. Is the LAV commander considered a dismount?
  15. We've all seen threads go rapidly downhill, so I was wondering if we could get general guidelines on: Clean Wehrmacht Clean SS Holocaust Denial Major Warcrimes denial Nazi/Imperial Japanese apologia I like this place and the community that has formed around it. I know, as most of you do that military history is itself often contentious and WW2 history in particular attracts certain types of people. I'd rather not have this go the way of the axishistory forums where whenever I want to look up a unit history I have to read past David Irving quotes at best, and outright Nazi propaganda at worst. I don't think this is an issue of "political correctness" I'd just rather not read about how unfair Nuremberg was when someone's Opa was fighting for Volk und Vaterland.
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