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  1. Charging Stryers right at the enemy is not out of character for the American Way of War 😉 - General DePuy, in remarks on the character of American Infantry
  2. I do find that in QBs on either large maps or with large forces decals don't show up unless I zoom very close. I suppose they are a low priority for rendering.
  3. This observation applies to QB as well as the campaign: Not even in the Stratcona's does a Trooper get command of his own vehicle! Better to have a Cpl or MCpl rank displayed for NCM vehicle commanders I think.
  4. CMFI RTV - SS officers in Sept '43, service cap texture isn't aligned with model
  5. Soviet infantry killed panzers at close range all of the way from Moscow to Berlin. Clearly their tactics worked because 45mm AT guns, AT Rifles and AT Grenades were not discarded along the way. German counterattacks, including those of heavy panzer battalions were turned away by soviet infantry, with their organic weapons in their trenches or built up areas. This needs to be reflected in Red Thunder, else as you said, as soon as your opponent fields a tiger or tiger ii you may as well call for a ceasefire.
  6. I was under the impression that in the East, IL-2s roamed doing their own thing but I seem to recall Typhoons and Tempests being tightly controlled by the Commonwealth. Which is how it works now, so far as I can tell. I believe one patch changed all WW2 air to the RT system but then it was changed back.
  7. @BFCElvis Strictly hypothetically, since Polish voice files exist in BN and FI, what would the devs need to do to add the LWP as a third Allied side? 😉 OOB Research? TOE Research? Uniform and Vehicle illustrations? You know... seeing as you're still tweaking Fire and Rubble. Now if I were to really get carried away, I'd suggest that if the FB module brings Commonwealth forces through the end of the war, 1st Czech Armoured Brigade could be added. With the Czech voices files from that, should a future RT module bring in the fighting in Central and Southern Europe, the voices for 1st Czech Army Corps would already be in the game. 😈 Of course I know people would rather see the Bulgarians, Romanians, Finns and Hungarians but a man can dream!
  8. It's well worth it though. I can only hope @Vein takes notice of Rome To Victory and the upcoming Red Thunder Module. Ditto @Aristoteles 😉
  9. I suppose this could rightly apply to all CM titles. I really appreciate the equipment selection as well as the appearance selection in some titles. As seen below, a British Mech Infantry Battalion in Shock Force 2 has a variety of options in Quick Battle: However, as a quality of life improvement, it would be nice to know what the 4 APC options are for without exploding the OOB view and discovering through trial and error. I believe the ww2 titles do this already. In this example: Sniper Team Platoon HQ APC (Includes Company and BN HQ vehicles) Javelin Detachment Vehicle Fire Support Section Vehicles Mortar By comparison, below is a Russian BTR Motor Rifle Battalion in Black Sea: The issue with Black Sea's selection is that there is not enough granularity. A default option for the Russian Motor Rifle Battalion (or Tactical Group) BTR, is the assignment of BTR-82s to the infantry platoons in each company, but the cannon-armed BTR-82As to the weapons platoons. This makes sense and boosts organic firepower while preventing spending points on cannons that will not be fired. However the player cannot make that decision, only choosing all BTRs except for HQs. The BTRs in the weapons platoons can be deleted and replaced with single vehicle BTR-82As but they won't have the proper ammo for the support weapons as vehicle cargo. With the variety of very expensive BMP-3Ms, I would also like to have more granular choices, like assigning APS only to valuable HQs, or to 1 company or platoon out of 3. This is similar to the Dutch assignment of CV 9035s to only a few units within a formation. I think the best elements of both approaches should be combined. Shock Force 2 and Rome to Victory have impressed me especially with the change to how force selection works. Infantry units, while being infantry keep their organic vehicles. For example a USMC Infantry Battalion: I believe that is how the editor has always worked, but it is a big step forward for QB. I'd like to see that standardized across the board. It is certainly better than Black Sea where a US Army Infantry Battalion appears twice. Once stripped of all vehicles under the infantry tab: and again with all of the assigned vehicles under the mech tab: In conclusion, the QB force selection in Shock Force 2 represents a step forward in how forces are split up into Infantry/Mech/Armour while retaining organic vehicles, but could use improvements in how labels are applied when selecting which vehicles be assigned to which sub-unit within a formation. Black Sea labels only HQ vehicles and "everybody else" and could use more categories. Moving forward, having QB selection mirror the editor, with more granularity in assigning particular vehicles to subunits and clearer labeling would be a quality of life improvement across all CM titles.
  10. I can't really think of a situation in Red Thunder where I would want my Soviet Cavalry Troops to be mounted. Isn't the drill to dismount and send the horses to the rear upon either contact or when close to the suspected enemy forward positions? I can however, think of a million situations where I'd like their blue pants to be a uniform option a la panzergrenadiers rather than a mod tag. 😉
  11. The Soviet troops do have anti-tank weaponry, their RPG AT grenades (and possibly molotovs?). In the illustration on the previous page you can see it being thrown out of a window down onto the Panther and the caption mentions how the RPG-43 could easily defeat the roof and engine deck armour of the Panther. "Attack from above was the optimum option"
  12. I suppose that could be the scenario designer confusing two models of Stryker, but there are plenty of times in military history equipment was taken out that was not needed. It would be interesting to play scenarios where you have assets that are not perfect for your given mission but find a way to make them work. I know in Afghanistan we used our TOW for observation with the great optics, especially the thermals but never contemplated firing a missile.
  13. Thank you both! I appreciate your understanding. I'm sure she appreciates it too. I actually really like horror movies. It's more hearing machine guns rattle in movie theater surround sound puts me back in a mental place I don't want to linger in. It's hard to distance myself from the experience. When I saw Krampus and Crimson Peak back-to-back a few Christmases ago, it was a fun and scary movie theater experience but I always felt like I was watching a movie. I remember reading that when Saving Private Ryan came out some well-meaning people arranged for groups of Normandy veterans to go see the movie. I can't imagine what that was like for them. Those first 20 minutes of the film must have been so painful for those guys.
  14. Is that the turret of the Sprut? The Nona/Vena and Sprut are interesting weapons systems that I would love to see in CM.
  15. Bringing this back from the dead for two reasons: 1) I had forgotten how to do this and Rome to Victory and Shock Force 2 have some outstanding maps and 2) I was hoping to find my own dropbox files only to see that the links were dead here as well. Does anyone know the hex code for SF2? Those maps would be great in Black Sea and vice versa.
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