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  1. DougPhresh

    A plea for a French Army DLC

    It's not like the Canadian (or US, or Australian, or UK etc. etc.) Army is "soft", so much as I think we've moved past beatings and hazing as discipline and rucking until socks are bled through as effective PT. Still, the French Army has a great TOE and OOB and would be great in game.
  2. Related, but does anyone know how to use the Dutch light infantry? The G-Wagons are pretty potent, and dismounted those teams pack a punch. The typical formation is very experienced, well led and motivated, which is great. In terms of spotting, stealthy approach, and winning firefights they do a great job. My issue is that even Syrian conscripts with BTRs can be hard to shoot off their position. I read this manual on Light Infantry and I've figured out "fight at night and in close terrain" but how do I close with those BTRs and BMPs so the Panzerfaust 3s can get to work? https://www.armyupress.army.mil/Portals/7/combat-studies-institute/csi-books/Historical-Perspective-Light-Infantry.pdf
  3. DougPhresh

    A plea for a French Army DLC

    I was this close to going out for the FFL when I got out, but heard they don't like Brits, Yanks or Canucks and would prefer Eastern Europeans who aren't used to NATO service culture. Still, the AMX-10RC is a marvelous piece of kit.
  4. DougPhresh


    I'm just wondering if there is a general overview of what units should have manpack and what units should have handheld radios. I'm thinking by '08 radios were a bit more prolific than shown. In the Dutch Ind Light Inf Co, the "B" Team Assistant Section Leaders do not have a radio, which leaves the team out of comms when dismounted. The "A" team has the Section Leaders handheld radio, which leads me the believe that the "B" team would have the same.
  5. DougPhresh


    The Canadian Forces LBE seems to be a bit out of date. While the OD pattern was in use in the early 2000s, Afghanistan drove the development of new kit. This is what seems to be in game This is what I was issued for roto Here's the temperate LBE over the arid frag vest
  6. DougPhresh


    I'll try it out! Thanks for finding the pam on the AAV, I was scratching my head. Hard to be an air controller without a radio. 😉
  7. DougPhresh


    I thought I'd open a thread so that there'd be a common pool of questions and observations about the TOE and OOB. Dutch - Dutch Forward Observer Teams do not have a radio. - When split, half of a Dutch section is without a radio link to the rest of the squad or higher HQ. - When purchased Recce Fennecks have 2 crew and 1 dismount, when they come as part of a romation they have 1 crew and 2 dismounts. USMC - I'd like to know the proper loading of infantry into AAVs. Is it one platoon per AAV? A Marine squad has 13 men but an AAV has 25 seats, so how do I load a platoon or company?
  8. DougPhresh

    QB Maps

    Maps seem pretty good so far. Standout feature for me is amphibious maps, both beach landings and a river crossing without a ford of bridge. That's something I'd like to see in Black Sea for sure.
  9. DougPhresh

    Armor fire mission

    NATO uses the following fuze settings: Proximity, Time, Point Detonating and Delay, in common jargon for missions those are VT, Time, Quick, and Delay. Those fuzes can be used with different times of shell, but generally carrier shells (smoke pots and illum) have time, WP is PD, and HE can have any of the other types. There is not anti-armour 155mm shell in NATO inventory besides DPICM. To neutralize armour in indirect fire you would use HE Quick or HE VT. HE Delay produces fewer fragments, and as you noted a direct hit will kill armour anyways. Since you can't ensure a direct hit with unguided indirect fires, you want to produce fragments to wreck antennas, optics, external stores etc etc. He Delay is a great for targeting structures or fortifications though.
  10. DougPhresh

    Artillery in SF 2

    Seen, I'll post over there. I checked and armour is not a mission type in any of the other titles!
  11. DougPhresh

    Armor fire mission

    It seems to be HE Delay. Which is fine, and I'd like to see in the other titles, but speaking as a gunner, is not "anti-armour" in any sense of the word. DPICM would be a welcome addition to the modern titles though. One suggestion is to have artillery missions renamed the following: Smoke = Smoke (although there is a difference between carrier shells and WP, that I'd like to see) General = HE Quick Personnel = HE VT / HE Timed (depending on setting) Armour = HE Delay I can't be the only gunner to play the CM games and scratch my head at the fire procedure! 😉
  12. DougPhresh

    VBIEDs in QBs

    QB doesn't allow any uncon vehicles right now. It also doesn't say which weapons teams are fighters and which are combatants.
  13. Instead of saying "Medium Tanks" or "Squadron HQ" etc. it says T-72. Other OOBs are the same.
  14. DougPhresh

    Dutch OOB

    I thought I'd open a thread for general observations on the Dutch TOE and OOB. - Dutch Forward Observer Teams do not have a radio. - When split, half of a Dutch section is without a radio link to the rest of the squad or higher HQ. - When purchased Recce Fennecks have 2 crew and 1 dismount, when they come as part of a romation they have 1 crew and 2 dismounts.
  15. I've noticed that Armour is an effect setting in the artillery menu. Is that supposed to be HE delay? It sure isn't DPICM. It doesn't exist in the other titles, so I'm guessing it was ported over from CMSF 1 and i've forgotten how it works.