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  1. Erwin, it is possible to play quick battle but admittedly the AI plans are not particularly great. Definitely recommend playing H2H. If you do play against AI, you would need to play as blufor. There is no plan currently in place for redfor.
  2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/h4blsbydvnlm04p/South Sahrani Beta 5.btt?dl=0 Here we are guys. Had some issues where the original "beta 4" file got corrupted and I had to back track and start over. There are some poorly setup zones and objectives currently which I may work on at a later point. But everything else is completed at least in a usable manner. Please feel free to make any changes that you feel necessary, no need to be concerned with modifying anything. Hope everyone enjoys.
  3. I do have a Beta 3 and it opens fine. Unfortunately it is just outdated enough to present a problem. Stupid me not having enough backup saves.
  4. Same problem here. Not sure what to make of it or how to rectify it.
  5. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ag3w2bawytlt7bs/South Sahrani Beta 4.btt?dl=0 Hopefully the above link works and you can access it. CMSF2 is the game.
  6. Ran into a strange problem today that is worrying me quite a bit. I have a map that I've been working on for some time. I tried to load said map in the scenario editor today, however instead of opening the map, it just starts with a fresh template. I tried moving the map file into the scenario list to see if I could access it from there and it is not showing. However when I look within both my map editor/scenarios folder, the file is there and everything looks correct. Any idea why I am not able to access this? Has it become corrupted somehow?
  7. I am not sure why, as others can, but perhaps I can try to upload a few additional screenshots another way. Sorry about that Thank you! Thank you...I think that Northern Sahrani is actually far more interesting geographically than the South, but I am hesitant to try and map it as I am not sure the elevation will transfer nicely. Trying to get South Sahrani's main mountain looking halfway decent was work enough and I am still constantly finding ways to tweak it. But should I ever do so, there are several islands dotting the northern coast! The one's featured thus far are small, but with the right equipment each can be reached and used for a variety of tasks. Might be a good location for an FO to call fire missions in as BMP's storm across the bay. Thank you! If anyone should get some sort of credit it would be yourself, as I never tried doing anything too serious both in modding and in the editor had it not been for your words of wisdom some months back. The SLA you created are fantastic. I owe the creation of this map to you and your work. I don't think I would have thought to even consider Sahrani had I not stumbled across your units. That is perhaps one of my favorite parts about the ArmA series - the maps! They are fantastic and great to work with when creating maps in CM. I have a few other maps I've started work on based on the ArmA series. I would love to do Chernarus or a part of Altis, such as Kavala. I know at some point someone else on here was working on some Turkish forces, makes me wonder if Greece would be hard to cobble together as well to fit such an environment. Certainly generates a lot of ideas! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ...and thank you to everyone else, should I have missed anyone. I did not really expect much if any feedback after posting this so the positivity has certainly been encouraging. The so-called 'beta' version of the map is done at this point. Although I've labeled it 'beta' I expect the terrain portion of the map to be completed at this point so I doubt there will be any changes made in that department unless during play testing issues are discovered. I have attempted to double check everything and make sure there weren't any glaring issues terrain wise however the map is so big its hard to make sure everything has been covered. I have had some trouble with walls not sitting correctly along elevation changes as well as disappearing/moving flavor objects that had set me back a little bit but otherwise we're rounding third and heading for home. I even added some forces for a rough scenario and created some rudimentary (read: AWFUL) AI plans for REDFOR to give it some play-ability solo. I am going to add in some objectives and setup zones tomorrow; after I hope to post to the forums with a dropbox link sometime after work (assuming I don't run into any major issues). In the meantime, here are a few more screenshots, which hopefully everyone is able to see this time around: Aerial View SLA Armor Crossing the DMZ into Western Corazol Especas near one of South Sahrani's many Hotels Overwatch outside Ortego Securing Paraiso, block by block...
  8. Sahrani has always been a favorite of mine over the years. Recently, I stumbled across a mod made by |||CPTMILLER||| that turned our Syrians into members of the SLA. Feeling inspired, I decided to see how feasible it might be to recreate Sahrani, or a portion of it, in CM. I ultimately decided to go with South Sahrani (and a small part of its northern neighbor). The end result was a fairly accurate recreation of the map itself. Due to map size limitations, the island is roughly 12% smaller than the one featured in ArmA but still comes in at a whopping 4,272m x 3,856m. Some features, like building placement and terrain, had to be modified to fit the smaller scale or changed slightly due to not carrying over in CM's world builder the same. Other features, like the light houses, had to be left out all together because I simply was not happy with the available substitutes. It is not a 1:1 recreation by any means, but it is close enough to where I am happy with it. The map is pretty much completed at this point, with only a few changes left to be made to the terrain, so I would expect a release sooner rather than later. Some screenshots: Editor Map (South) Editor Map (North) Southern Port at Corazol Paraiso, International Airport & Government District Ortego & Geraldo Ortego Street View East Corazol - part of North Sahrani Dolores East & West Corazol
  9. Happy to see the release! Thank you so much for your hard work. Now, I haven't had a chance to download just yet, but I was curious, are we able to mix and match DPM and DDPM uniforms?
  10. Not for the first time, no. But without the new nationalities, I'm not sure if I would've bought the new expansion. Even with TOE changes, the typical units present in the base game get kind of bland after awhile. This isn't limited to just Italy, I'd say it counts for every other base game. I can't even remember the last time I used US anything for say, CMSF. Half the fun in playing is learning the strengths and weaknesses of other nations, putting them to the test in actual battle.
  11. So I'm curious. Being able to change out models is fantastic. Is it possible to add additional or custom TO&E for factions? Ex adding "special forces company" to US with their own models? Or is that hard-coded?
  12. No problem, was just curious! Hope everything is okay on you end mate.
  13. @mjkernerhave you ceased work with this one? I hope that isn't the case; I am oh-so-excited for the mixed uniforms.
  14. Hello, I have been playing via a Hamachi connection with a good friend for a few years now. We played a 2 player turn based game approximately 3 nights ago with no issues to report. However, this evening we attempted to play another match against one another and ran into an issue where the player joining the host is stuck on the "Loading Data" screen perpetually. We tried switching hosts, changing Hamachi networks, tweaking and ultimately shutting down firewall protection completely, all to no avail. Again, both myself and my opponent ran into this specific issue no matter who hosted when things were working just fine a few evenings prior. IP and port are both set correctly, the host can load into the match but again the player joining the host is faced with a never ending "Loading Data" screen. So odd. I was curious to see if anyone had any ideas on potential fixes or what could be going wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Pertinent? information: OS: Windows 10 (both players) Game: Combat Mission Shock Force 2 Both players have the most recently up to date version of Hamachi. We are willing to try just about anything at this point, so any suggestion is more than welcome.
  15. I don't know if it is possible or not, but I was wondering if anyone would be able to add a few woodland DPM tops to the British infantry for a little more variation. There are several photos during this similar time period of infantry wearing woodland tops and desert bottoms. Always thought it would be cool to add. Unfortunately I am horrible at modding thus my request. I love the variation we have now and wanted to expand upon it a little further if possible. If this is not allowed feel free to remove. Here are some reference photos below:
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