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  1. CMFDR, great points... I will have to make those adjustments.
  2. Her is my latest menu mod for Combat Mission Shock Force 2. This will work for the demo as well. The file Includes multiples UI screens and a full set of module icons. I will be updating with more mods in the future. Cheers, XACTO Download page: Xacto's “Camo” Theme Menu Mod for CMSF2
  3. Yes, I was going for something with a little attitude. However, funny you say this... I am almost finished with a new theme that shows men running into battle. Stay tuned....
  4. While waiting for the final release😉, i decided to create a menu mod for Combat Mission Shock Force 2. This will work for the demo as well. The file Includes multiples UI screens and a full set of module icons. This is my first mod, so please let me know what you think! Cheers, XACTO Download page: Xacto's “Chaos” theme Menu Mod for CMSF2
  5. Thanks for the tip... I did some digging and found Game Extractor that will grab game assets. They have a JAVA version that can be run in the mac terminal. Works like a charm! Here is a link in case people need this in the future: http://www.watto.org/game_extractor.html
  6. Just thought I would look into doing some art skinning... Where do I find the existing art files? I am on a mac and when I view the package, I only see a few folders/files without any image files. Is there a way to extract them so I have a base to work on? Thanks for helping this Noob!
  7. I have been downloading from my account (purchases)... is there another location? Is there a number that will let us know which one is the latest version of the installer? Thank you!
  8. Still does not install as of this morning. Even though I submitted a ticket, here is my spec in case this helps anyone. Model Name: Mac Pro Model Identifier: MacPro6,1 Processor Name: 8-Core Intel Xeon E5 Processor Speed: 3 GHz Number of Processors: 1 Total Number of Cores: 8 L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB L3 Cache: 25 MB Memory: 32 GB Boot ROM Version: MP61.0116.B11 SMC Version (system): 2.20f18 Illumination Version: 1.4a6
  9. Argh! I re-downloaded and when I launched the installer I get the same message. I used the link that was sent via email... is there another link?
  10. I have the exact same problem... Same message. All my drive have the yellow icon letting me know that I can not install. I opened up a ticket. If anyone finds a solution, please let me know.
  11. Elvis and Lucs Sorry... I am at work so I will try your suggestions when I get home. Thank you!
  12. Steve, I am not sure where you get the idea that I did not follow the process. Please re-read my original post above... I DID take the opportunity to read the database and when I could not find a solution I submitted a ticket to the help desk... a few times. I then submitted another ticket to Martin in eIncense in case it was a license issue. In another attempt to get some information I then submitted the EMAIL which you said was my choice and the result of all of this. Not sure how I should take this attitude as a loyal customer, but whatever... I can forward you a couple of the receipts of the email for the ticket if you do not trust me.
  13. Hey Ricky, I checked my spam folder from gmail like you suggested and it looks like there are no spams from them. I checked the box "email a copy of this message to your own address" each time i submitted a ticket. This is the only mail I have from Battlefront support. Maybe there is something wrong with their online submitting form? I also emailed them directly from the receipt. About the MAC and PC thing; It was a long story so I did not go into the boring details. Here is the short explanation: I ordered the MAC version, however when I received the confirmation with the download and serial number it was for the PC (EXE). While not a big deal as I have boot camp... i contacted them to see if they could switch. So after a week of no contact I decided to see if I could figure it out myself. So I just dual booted up windows and installed the supplied download and when I enter the serial number it said that the serial number was incorrect. Thinking that I had a MAC serial number with a Windows download (in my account section), I downloaded the MAC demo and tried to enter my serial number for this version. Same message : serial doe not work on either. All I need is a serial that works. Mac or PC.
  14. Thanks Jardotn, Unfortunately, they have never said they are looking into this issue. There has been no communication from any of the emails and support tickets that were submitted. I have been very respectable when communicating my issue, however after 5 different emails and 7 days of no confirmation... I am at a lost. Anyone know a phone number I can call?
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