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  1. Great advice, googled that nick and found loads of posts and stuff from all over the place. Curly_Wull is a nickname I've had since my early teens, 70's big hair days, given me by a fishing mate it stuck and I used it almost everywhere. Found some stuff on a back up disc relating to it a while back and used it to post on fishing forums again along with the photobucket account. Even found some cheeky fellow hotlinking some stuff from there too ! Had no memories of posting on Medal of Honour or il-2 forums though but the evidence is there ! I've reformatted this pc and changed ISP so that avenue is closed.
  2. Not one............ not two ................ but three floaters !
  3. Then there are those odd things that occassionally occur ......
  4. Well, I feel like I'm on the verge of remembering stuff if only something triggered. Been downloading scenarios from SD2 and a surprising number were very familiar, also I been searching through some back up discs I made sometime and came across some pix that may remind somebody of a battle we fought, I'm certain these came from pbem games ........ I had serious BMP issues for ages, reinstalled game several times, even formatted HD but it always returned.
  5. Pity they never showed the damage the impacting round caused.
  6. I understand that perfectly Michael, for I've suffered from what I call "random selective memory" for many years, can't tell you how many times I've gone to say something but as I open my mouth to speak whatever it is just melts away .......... When I was under the doctors, some specialist or other explained memories as electrical circuits with a charge (the memory) endlessly flowing around a circuit until it is required, then a switch is thrown adding a route from the circuit to a screen and the memory can be accessed, or remembered. As we age the switches seize or jam and these memories don't get routed to the screen quite as readily. When a stroke occurs some of these routes get broken permanently, some temporarily. Sometimes the brain reroutes circuits and sometimes it does'nt. My trouble is that the part where people memories are stored is "partially burnt out", some were rescued but others appear to have been moved elsewhere to save them or lost altogether. When it first happened, I never forgot my wife or my sons but things were very hazy around my mother and my daughter. Same with CMBB and CMAK, no problems playing but I know I played pbems but who with ??????
  7. Hi folks and thanks for your concerns and efforts. The odd thing about my condition is that I can remember most things but not people. When I got back on the pc it was like I'd never been away, no real problem playing CM except the feeling that something was missing. I keep looking at threads where some names seem familiar but nothing clicks. What I have got are strong memories of battles in CM x1, fought "Royal Opponent" three times against one chap as well as many others, we had great banter but I can recall nothing about him what so ever. Played many battles from the Proving Grounds with another guy, we reviewed them but when I look there all I get are blanks. I got bad sectors on my hard drive
  8. Not played a pbem for aeons, perhaps longer ? Not yet close to being in a position to play CM:BN but would love to have a go at either CMAK or CMBB, any battle/operation, either side, minor preference for the larger battles.
  9. Already done that and I have to say that lots of user names appear familiar but nothing more. Is CMX1 still popular or has the community migrated onto CMX2 now ?
  10. The early days of CMAK ? I recall endless desert meeting engagements but what you mention there is not how I would of played ......... I think :confused:
  11. Hi John, thanks for responding, I had a car accident in 2005 in which I had concussion then I had a minor stroke in Nov 2007 that triggered a series of "brain storms". This pc has had the operating system reinstalled many times since then and I've changed ISP so all email and notepad files are long gone. I began with CMBO but quite late and as I was easing into it CMBB hit the shops, whenever that was and I began email games shortly after. Looking through the link I'm certain (?) that I was never a member but lots of little things seem familiar but I'm not sure.
  12. Greetings, I used to play Combat Mission a lot, like really a lot but due to a series of unfortunate events my mind is not what it was and I have many blank areas where I know stuff went on but nothing adds up. I cannot remember my user name or names, neither can I remember much about who I played with but if I put down what I can recall perhaps someone reading this can recognise a fact or two that will help jog my memory. I know I played CMAK and CMBB by PBEM and had many games going. I'm from England but never played with ,many English, mostly Dutch, some North Americans, Australians, Finns, French and a guy who lived on a boat somewhere ? One guys wife had a daughter while we were playing named Hope. One opponent worked in a solar power station. Definately was playing a pbem called "Blut Und Ehre". Was making a series of scenarios based on Barbarossa with someone. Perhaps a little about myself, My names Mick, I was living in London, have three kids, work as a domestic appliance engineer which I still do. Sorry to be so vague but thats about it, hopefully someone may remember me !
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