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  1. By training like every other army in the world?
  2. They can barely produce the 12 SU-57's they want right now so I'd imagine it might have been planned but it doesn't look like its going to active duty anytime soon.
  3. No. Infantry still need to board vehicles to resupply.
  4. Which was a reverse engineered US RQ-170 drone that they captured 😉
  5. How about you guys keep this important thread on topic instead of filling it with off topic stuff for once.
  6. Honestly REDFOR on-map anti-air assets shouldn't even be firing at BLUFOR helicopters or planes. MANPADS and AAA have a ceiling of about 14k feet at their longest range. BLUFOR aircraft can easily fly above those altitudes and employ their weapons effectively without having to worry about being shot down. Helicopters are the ones most at risk but they shouldn't be doing strafing runs recklessly when you call them in. Is the game assuming that the Syrian IADS is robust enough that BLUFOR aircraft are being hindered by it enough that they need to fly low enough to be hit by shilkas? That makes sense in CMBS sometimes but I don't think it makes sense in the Syria of 2008. So if its unrealistic for Brits to not have stingers, BLUFOR aircraft shouldn't be getting shot down by AAA. Just my two cents.
  7. Can't you just tell your opponent to not take air support if you're playing as a NATO country? I understand your frustration but this is an easily avoidable issue.
  8. As the title says you can't select the BMP-3 as the Syrians anymore. I own all modules so that shouldn't be the problem. Edit: I'm running 2.01
  9. Just to make sure I have this right: The Task Force Thunder and US Marine Campaigns are both updated but the rest aren't?
  10. I have the same problem, except I don't have the paradox version, just bundles of all the CMSF 1 modules, I put in a ticket so hopefully it is resolved soon.
  11. I'm having a problem with the "Shock Force 1" upgrade. I put in both the Shock Force 2 key and my Shock Force 1 key and they both are accepted but it keeps asking me for them again each time I launch the game. The "play" button is greyed out.
  12. Thats because artillery in Black Sea fire Excalibur GPS guided rounds or laser guided artillery rounds when ordered to fire on a "precision" target. In Shock Force a precision fire mission just means that the guns are firing at a small area with normal rounds.
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