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  1. Raptorx7

    CMSF2 Release Update

    Just to make sure I have this right: The Task Force Thunder and US Marine Campaigns are both updated but the rest aren't?
  2. Raptorx7

    CMSF2 Release Update

    I have the same problem, except I don't have the paradox version, just bundles of all the CMSF 1 modules, I put in a ticket so hopefully it is resolved soon.
  3. Raptorx7

    CMSF2 Release Update

    I'm having a problem with the "Shock Force 1" upgrade. I put in both the Shock Force 2 key and my Shock Force 1 key and they both are accepted but it keeps asking me for them again each time I launch the game. The "play" button is greyed out.
  4. Raptorx7

    CMSF2 Release Update

    Just bought it! Thanks BFC!
  5. Raptorx7

    CMSF2 Release Update

    Any day now 😎
  6. Raptorx7

    Demo Feedback

    Thats because artillery in Black Sea fire Excalibur GPS guided rounds or laser guided artillery rounds when ordered to fire on a "precision" target. In Shock Force a precision fire mission just means that the guns are firing at a small area with normal rounds.
  7. I could forgive a conscript for doing that but a vet...yeah that's silly.
  8. Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin covers it but it came out in the late 90's and is not using CM's latest engine. If that doesn't bother you i'm pretty sure its still available for purchase on the Battlefront store.
  9. Raptorx7

    ACOG for the US Army

    The marksman in the US Army infantry squads sometimes carries an M4 with an ACOG so it is present in the game.
  10. The "hunt" order is automatically cancelled when a unit spots an enemy so they definitely weren't trying to carry it out anymore. They just chose a very stupid place to run to.
  11. Raptorx7

    Redfor Campaign?

    There was no REDFOR campaign in Shock Force 1 so no Shock Force 2 will not be shipping with one.
  12. This looks fantastic, great job Thief!
  13. Raptorx7

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

  14. Raptorx7

    CMSF2 Demo Tree's Investigation

    Yeah the foliage is giving me serious frame problems, hopefully this gets ironed out a bit in the full release.
  15. Raptorx7

    SF2 demo game engine enhancements?

    The German scenario gives me a hard time when trees are set to on but everything else runs very smoothly on full settings.