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  1. Outside it's snowing, and I'm re-reading "Rundstedt Sends His Best" AAR. I'm missing Bud comic AARs. Maybe, with the new module for CMFI....
  2. amidali:

    The mod is ready for release. Except-We (CMFDR and myself) need the small icon reference and readme translated into Italian. We want a readme and icon key in English, French and Italian.

    Would you be able to do it? I have it in a small zip file and I can send you the link to download. The documents are not very big.

  3. Hi 11) Engineer/Pioneer - In italian, Genio has 2 meanings (Genius OR engineering, depending on the context). So: PLOTONE GENIO is correct 8) Ammo Bearer - The Italian Infantry squad had 18 men organized into a gruppo fucilieri (8 men) and a gruppo mitragliatori (8 men). The "gruppo mitragliatori" (Light machine gun Group) had 4 ammunition bearers, called PORTA MUNIZIONI (see: Italian Platoon Diagram). IMHO, you could use this symbol.
  4. Oh dear! I'm learning a lot of things about my country... // -------------------------------------------------- P.S Translation: 1) Platoon diagram symbols: -Comandante di plotone (Platoon commander) -Comandante di squadra (Squad commander) -Graduato (Corporal) -Fuciliere (Rifle Soldier) -Porta munizioni (Ammo-bearer) 2) 6078-military-symbols-redux: -Compagnia carri M (Medium tank M13-M14 Company) -Compagnia carri L (Light tank Company. The Renault R 35 was considered a light tank) -Compagnia semovente 75/18 (Self-propelled gun 75/18 Company) -Compagnia semovente 47/32 (Tank hunter 47/32 Company) -Compagnia autoblinda (Armored car Company) -Batteria (Battery) -Cannoni (Guns) -Obici (Howitzers) -Cannoni per fanteria 65/17 (Infantry guns 65/17) -Cannoni controcarro 47/32 (Anti-tank guns 47/32) -Cannoni controaerei (Flak) -Autodrappello (Transport/Trucks)
  5. The original manual is from 1935, so a few symbols are missing (NO Self-propelled guns or Tank destroyers in 1935). 1) The missing symbols are: -light tank (Carro armato leggero: Ansaldo L 6/40 OR Renault R 35) -light_truck_antitank (Autocannone) -light_truck_heavy_weapon (Camionetta Sahariana) -self propelled gun (Cannone semovente) -tank destroyer (Caccia carro) 2) This is the list of the other symbols. -ENGLISH (ITALIAN TRANSLATION --- SYMBOL NAME): -ammo_bearer (Porta munizioni --- Scaglione munizioni) -anti-tank gun (Cannone anticarro: http://www.comandosupremo.com/symbols.html/5) -armored_car (Autoblindo --- Autoblindomitragliatrice) -engineer (Genio --- Plotone o sezione) -flak (Cannone antiaereo --- Cannone c.a.) -flamethrower (Lanciafiamme --- Lanciafiamme) -infantry_gun (Cannone per fanteria (65/17 o 47/32): http://www.comandosupremo.com/symbols.html/3) -light_machinegun (Fucile mitragliatore: http://www.comandosupremo.com/symbols.html/3) -machinegun (Mitragliatrice: http://www.comandosupremo.com/symbols.html/2) -tankette (Carro L3 --- Carro d'assalto OR Carro veloce) -truck (Autocarro --- Autocarreggio OR Autosezione) Hope this helps
  6. If you need help for the translation, I can help (I'm italian...)
  7. A question to Battlefront. CM Black Sea introduced Amphibious vehicles. Are you planning to add LVT Buffalo and/or boat to CMFB? (I'm thinking of Battle of the Scheldt)
  8. "We can beat them, just for one dayWe can be heroes, just for one day..." David Bowie - 1977 3rd Reserve Company, 1945
  9. I agree, CMFB has not been published yet, but... Is Juju already working on the User Interface mod? I can't imagine myself playing to CMFB without this great mod!
  10. Maybe a smallish scenario, Infantry strong? I'd like to see Volksgrenadier troops in action...
  11. Just a curiosity. CMFB added the M 24 Chaffee and the M 36 tank destroyer to the Allied tanks. I suppose that the Commonwealth/ Spring 1945 module will add also the M 26 Pershing and the Comet. Were these 2 tanks actually used in combat, or should we wait for Combat Mission Korea?
  12. A request to Baneman Bil is starting every turn with: "TURN 16 (1:15-1:14)" IMHO following the AAR this way is easier. Could you do something similar?
  13. No news from Lt. Blanchard? Should we start to worry?
  14. Question for the history buffs (CM Final Blitzkrieg vs CMFI second module vs CMRT winter module) CMFB will have new forces (Volksgrenadier and Gebirgsjäger), new TO&E and new vehicles. I expect to find most of these also in the new CMFI and CMRT modules. From what I remember, there should be Volksgrenadier on the Eastern front, but not in Italy. Any other German forces, formations, vehicles specific to one front? P.S. Volkssturm: Is Battlefront planning to introduce them? Thank you
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