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  1. This looked kind of novel to me. Decided to try it ($15 at Battlefront). I'm normally a flight simulator guy exclusively (RoF, IL-2, OFF, BoBII, SF, CFS, LOMAC). Probably because I'm a real pilot. I'm mostly a gaming "virgin" though (note the screenname? ) & don't do well with "shooter" games with lots of views, menus, keyboard commands, etc. But I'm having fun with this! Takes a little getting used to. The manual & tutorials are pretty sparse. I usually get clobbered the first couple of attempts until I sort out what they really want me to do & how to do it (so I consider these first missions as "tutorial extensions"). But I'm almost through my first campaign (Weserubung- "S-booten") & I can honestly say that I'm getting my $15 worth of fun and then some! Too bad they didn't include U.S. PT Boats in the Pacific. Maybe a "PT Boats Pacific" version, if ever? No biggie, enjoying the current game as is. Just thought I'd say so.
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