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  1. Russia openly attacks Ukraine for the first time under its own flag. The next day VTB, the 2nd biggest russian bank is on a verge of bankruptcy, having just lost $12 bln into the unknown void. Just a coincidence, as any other such coincidence for the past 5 years. Just sayin' Keep calm and blame Ukraine for the things you do - it always works.
  2. So as I understand it - it's not just a graphics update with all infantry and vehicles remodeled, as well as new orders added (and other stuff related mostly to mission design features) - but missions were updated too. What I want to know is to what extent - is it mostly map detail and some visual stuff added here and there (as seen in the demo) - or does it go beyond that and every mission of every campaign makes use of triggers and more advanced AI plans that other CMx2 games have - bringing it to the same standards (and challenge) of CMBS?
  3. Games are expensive to make? You gotta love this excuse for any game. It's basically asking "yes, rip me off". Wonder why games were not expensive to make and did not require an inflated pricetag at a time when engines had to be written from scratch, tools for them had to be written from scratch, everything had to be animated by hand and took half a year instead of mere weeks in mocap studios. Nowadays about half of game development process is all but finished before devs even start. If games are expensive to make - how come games, which cost a lot more to make than any Battlefront game, rake in hundreds of millions $$$ (and sometimes even billions) of pure profit - if devs and publishers supposedly struggle financially and can barely make do? And if games are expensive to make and require anticompetitive pricing - then maybe the business model of said developer is messed up? Because a business is about knowing how to do the thing you do. Games like ARK were made for a bunch of proverbial peanut cans instead of real big cash. ArmA2 was a low-budget game (a large chunk of assets was even reused from the previous game) and yet a mere free mod skyrocketed the profits. Yet even before that it was chock full of content and effort. Wargame series are fairly obscure games and yet devs managed to easily handle the financial failure that was Act of Aggression and lackluster sales of Steel Division 1 - because Wargame series still brought in good profits without inflated pricetags. If your product is good - the budget does not matter.
  4. Well the "lore" of CMBS definitely hints at an invasion from the sea, check the manual. And Steve hinted at CMBS receiving the module after CMRT. So yes. The real question here is whether we get it as fast as you got this reply to your thread. Which is not and the game is 4 years old without any module announcement.
  5. Sorry, but releasing your game with half the portraits and flags missing of countries that are already there and then charging money to have them back is BS. Especially since portraits are randomly generated by the code that is there too and you pay for a simple unlock. At one point they had like 12 DLCs to just allow you not to stare at a black silhouette of a face. And let's not forget about the glorious preorder content getting cut for people who dared not to buy the game before it's released.
  6. The bitter bit for me here is a realization that CMBS module isn't happening before 2020
  7. Yes if by "tribal/PMC raid party" you mean professional russian soldiers armed with modern tanks and large caliber arty and yes 0 casualties for US.
  8. TBH after the 200+ : 0 outcome of that battle of US vs. russian troops in Syria this February I have to say CMBS is probably not accurate enough
  9. Looks like a trainer for firing while moving
  10. Just Easting 73. And that was just a single generation of tanks apart
  11. To put it shortly - you'd think the most hyped, supposedly best, most intimidating russian tech wouldn't just stop working outright in the middle of a military parade designed to intimidate other countries.
  12. US has been supplying Red Army with ammunition, tanks and trucks since june 22 1941. In fact every second bullet fired by the soviets has been of american make. And all the supplies moved here and there were almost exclusively by american trucks. If not for this and Germans being so tied down in 3 other theaters - it would've been a short fight for USSR. War is not just shooting - it's also about logistics. As US has shown in its direct involvement in the war from 1941 till 1945 - logistics reduce casualties greatly, while defeating a superior force (like Japan, which outright ruled the sea military-brute-force-wise). Now compare that to 27 mln soviet losses (or 42 mln according to current russian officials) - germans just got stuck in dead bodies.
  13. It also "bled to death" in Europe (if only having to keep there a huge standing army to fight partisanen and ever-looming invasion), Africa and Italy but let's just ignore those unimportant theaters in favor of lend-leased Red Army
  14. The correct question is 'which CM is better in WW2 and Modern era" since they play quite differently. Can't say much about the WW2 since I own only CMBN (although Big Bundle is richest of all content-wise atm) - but for modern era it's CMBS hands down. CMSF and CM Afghanistan have their quirks and character and the former is just pure content porn - but gameplay- and difficulty-wise Black Sea is where it's at.
  15. You spend the last 4 years (especially) talking BS about the US and boasting about immortality and invulnerability of your own troops. And then You accidentally into reality
  16. While having to bring the camera down to the ground level every time to check which position will give a good LOS is a PITA - it is certainly very representative of what your troops will see. Rain, fog, mist, low-light conditions and simply a prone stance of troops can cause this. In fact rain and fog heavily degrade thermal optics.
  17. In CMBS I've managed to whack nearly a dozen BMPs and several tanks with a Ukrainian ATG hidden in the woods - and it survived the battle - so it's definitely possible. Yeah OK not a WW2 title - but hey - modern era optics and target acquisition make hiding something a lot harder.
  18. About artillery - since it requires spotting rounds to make sure it hits where you want it to hit - how would a spotter know if artillery is on point if he does not see the rounds and thus can't communicate corrections?
  19. Like a game that gets released in 2030
  20. No unlicensing. You have 3 or 4 activations and have one restored every year. Perhaps it's better to contact support directly from the main website (not via email) if you are having issues. Their responses to support tickets happen within a day from my experience
  21. Well about one of the original complaints - CMBS does not visually depict a smoke trail for ATGMs. So in reality it would be possible to spot a place a missile came from and naturally fire a HE shell there. And certainly tanks don't immediately spot an ATGM that hit them. I hid one so well in a recent mission it was able to whack a T90A and 4 BMP2s before they started firing at its position. I think what works against the believable illusion of CM games is that much like ArmA they have no concept of area suppression for AI. So it's either firing when the target is positively identified or not firing at all - whereas a human player would start blazing in the general direction of a shot. Thus it does seem like AI has a magical awareness
  22. I've been playing the game since CMSF but in no small part due to CMBN being WW2 era I get to have new experiences of an awesome attention to detail. On one of the missions my Panther spotted an M10 tank destroyer just around the corner. Panther fired, causing a catastrophic explosion... a resulting shrapnel murdered everybody in an open-top jeep nearby. On another mission I was going after the Sherman hiding in a bocage with a small team armed with just a panzerfaust (you know 30m maximum range and all). The team didn't use it though, one of the guys just tossed a grenade into an open hatch, killing nearly everybody inside with just one crewman surviving, panicking, trying to bail out and escape, but getting shot by the other guy on that team. Needless to say that both of these examples would probably not happen in a modern era (and didn't ever for me in either CMSF or CMBS) due to even small transports being fully armored and no need to sneak up close to fire a rocket.
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