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  1. kraze

    A long delayed update

    The bitter bit for me here is a realization that CMBS module isn't happening before 2020
  2. kraze

    How accurate *is* CMBS?

    Yes if by "tribal/PMC raid party" you mean professional russian soldiers armed with modern tanks and large caliber arty and yes 0 casualties for US.
  3. kraze

    How accurate *is* CMBS?

    TBH after the 200+ : 0 outcome of that battle of US vs. russian troops in Syria this February I have to say CMBS is probably not accurate enough
  4. Looks like a trainer for firing while moving
  5. kraze

    Who's winning the tank war?

    Just Easting 73. And that was just a single generation of tanks apart
  6. kraze

    Who's winning the tank war?

    To put it shortly - you'd think the most hyped, supposedly best, most intimidating russian tech wouldn't just stop working outright in the middle of a military parade designed to intimidate other countries.
  7. US has been supplying Red Army with ammunition, tanks and trucks since june 22 1941. In fact every second bullet fired by the soviets has been of american make. And all the supplies moved here and there were almost exclusively by american trucks. If not for this and Germans being so tied down in 3 other theaters - it would've been a short fight for USSR. War is not just shooting - it's also about logistics. As US has shown in its direct involvement in the war from 1941 till 1945 - logistics reduce casualties greatly, while defeating a superior force (like Japan, which outright ruled the sea military-brute-force-wise). Now compare that to 27 mln soviet losses (or 42 mln according to current russian officials) - germans just got stuck in dead bodies.
  8. It also "bled to death" in Europe (if only having to keep there a huge standing army to fight partisanen and ever-looming invasion), Africa and Italy but let's just ignore those unimportant theaters in favor of lend-leased Red Army
  9. kraze

    Best CM Game?

    The correct question is 'which CM is better in WW2 and Modern era" since they play quite differently. Can't say much about the WW2 since I own only CMBN (although Big Bundle is richest of all content-wise atm) - but for modern era it's CMBS hands down. CMSF and CM Afghanistan have their quirks and character and the former is just pure content porn - but gameplay- and difficulty-wise Black Sea is where it's at.
  10. You spend the last 4 years (especially) talking BS about the US and boasting about immortality and invulnerability of your own troops. And then You accidentally into reality
  11. While having to bring the camera down to the ground level every time to check which position will give a good LOS is a PITA - it is certainly very representative of what your troops will see. Rain, fog, mist, low-light conditions and simply a prone stance of troops can cause this. In fact rain and fog heavily degrade thermal optics.
  12. In CMBS I've managed to whack nearly a dozen BMPs and several tanks with a Ukrainian ATG hidden in the woods - and it survived the battle - so it's definitely possible. Yeah OK not a WW2 title - but hey - modern era optics and target acquisition make hiding something a lot harder.
  13. About artillery - since it requires spotting rounds to make sure it hits where you want it to hit - how would a spotter know if artillery is on point if he does not see the rounds and thus can't communicate corrections?