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  1. Thanks very much for the responses. This game is really cool! MOS:96B2P, I notice your C2 icon is an antenna vice a radio. Is this a mod? The ony thing as good as this game are the folks here at the forum. Cheers all
  2. Yes, IanL, there is green radio status in the Damage panel whether or not the company commander is atop the tank. If the commander is off the tank, the C2 radio icon on both the tank and the commander disappear. The Special Equipment panel never shows a radio for either unit, whether or not the commander is riding. The tank's Special Equipment panel does show binocs, so I'd assume there'd be a radio icon, too, if the tank had one. Curiouser and curiouser. When my Mortar Battery HQ — which also doesn't have a radio — climbs aboard one of the tanks, the same thing happens as with the infantry company commander. What's also strange is the lower echelon 1st Mortar Platoon HQ does have a radio while his immediate superior doesn't. Methinks this is not the way it's supposed to work.
  3. To clarify further, the armor units were individually selected and assigned to the infantry company. Could it be the armor always has radios (even w/o any indicator in the Special Equipment panel), but can only have a C2 link if there's a sufficiently senior commander to use it?
  4. Newbie question (I did search first). In a Quick Battle setup I noticed the following: In deploying a Soviet infantry company commander, two T-34-85's, and two SU-85's (all w/o a radio icon in the Special Equipment panel), a radio icon suddenly appears in the C2 panel when I place the company commander on one of the armor units. What's up? TIA for any response.
  5. Jyri, agree. I didn't expect an easy time overall; there was mention of a counterattack and my first thought was to grab objectives and good defensible positions ASAP. That was a really bad thought!
  6. To any newbies to CMRT, like me: Beware! The Angriff briefing is a head fake. "We can expect logistics elements and rear guard units so this should be a walk in." Really! I quickly closed my eyes and quit the scenario 30 seconds into it after losing half my light armor. So much for tacintel. I'll now try again; this time more prudently.
  7. Interesting scenario. I touched The Cutting and assaulted the Ganger's Hut, then ran my guys back down the tracks and exited for a tactical victory. Unfortunately, one lone soldier — part of a squad that had already exited — wouldn't move from the hut; I could select him, but he was unresponsive to any commands. Hate to leave a guy behind! The scenario didn't end, probably because of the straggler, until I "ceased fire."
  8. I'm having similar Command problems. When you get it, please post the response from BF tech support, it may help me.
  9. Okay, after patching, I now see v3.11 Game Engine 3 and the appropriate 1 & 2 Star tank icons on the opening screen. However, the on-screen menu commands are really screwed up, some are missing and those that are there are wrong. I'm running the latest Yosemite. As always, all help is appreciated.
  10. "The patch is NOT compatible with the 1.0 or 2.0 branches of the game." I may be a little thick here, but does this mean if you install this patch you lose all the Commonwealth Forces scenarios? It shows them all grayed out on my machine (Yosemite 10.10.1). TIA
  11. It's happened a couple of times in two different scenarios, most recently in Vierville. All the appropriate green lines were in place among the target, spotter, and mortar, but the mortar never fires. A close inspection of the mortar unit reveals the gunner going through his motions over and over and over ... to no effect. Could it be me mortar unit is too close to a building that's giving it cover? TIA
  12. WRT the above little problem, do not put periods in scenario names because they don't work well with the game's algo for saving and numbering battle files. Or you can change the default filename to something without a period.
  13. I'm running OS 10.9.5 and just installed the 3.0 engine upgrades for the Mac. Started playing a new scenario, but every save results in overwriting a single file, "UK Loamshires v.bts" in this case, with no save number as in the past. What's up? Update: When I saved the game just now the filename in the save window was "Loamshires v. Hannovarians 022," so something is slipping betwixt cup and lip.
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