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    AlexUK got a reaction from Falaise in The Year Ahead Bone Post   
    Thanks for the response Steve. I'm not playing on any maps with bocage at the moment because of this issue, so from my point of view it is quite a big one. 
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    AlexUK got a reaction from Wicky in The Year Ahead Bone Post   
    Thanks for the response Steve. I'm not playing on any maps with bocage at the moment because of this issue, so from my point of view it is quite a big one. 
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    AlexUK got a reaction from PIATpunk in The Year Ahead Bone Post   
    Thanks for the response Steve. I'm not playing on any maps with bocage at the moment because of this issue, so from my point of view it is quite a big one. 
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    AlexUK got a reaction from sttp in The Year Ahead Bone Post   
    Thanks for the response Steve. I'm not playing on any maps with bocage at the moment because of this issue, so from my point of view it is quite a big one. 
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    AlexUK reacted to Peter Panzer in The Year Ahead Bone Post   
    Hey Steve:
    Good to see you on the forums - can I take advantage of your inquisitive bug hunting mood from earlier in the thread?
    Here's an unintended consequence of the 4.01/4.02 patch that puts a real kink in the bocage terrain and presumably related infantry TacAI behavior (i.e. displacing into enemy fire) in CMBN.  Some players like @PIATPunk called attention to this a few months ago and @BFCElvis has been helpful in logging it with a viable test scenario.
    You can view page six of the most recent conversation about this, which contains two files uploaded by PIATPunk reproducing the issue.
    In a game where the bocage is often as much a role player as the combatants, perhaps you'll agree this one constitutes more than a nag by a few Normandy buffs.  Maybe a ready fix can be pushed now that the Rome to Victory dust has settled?
    As always, thanks for the countless hours of great wargaming over the last 20 years - you guys really are appreciated!  I'm definitely looking forward to the Black Sea module and a fix for the CMBN bocage/infantry bug!
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    AlexUK got a reaction from Bulletpoint in Best scenarios of the WWII CM2's   
    I enjoyed the Pierrefitte-en-Cinglais scenario too🙂
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    AlexUK reacted to Macisle in CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2   
    AT guns to the left of me,
    Shermans to the right, here I am...

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    AlexUK reacted to PIATpunk in The Year Ahead Bone Post   
    thanks @Battlefront.com for the update!   Steve, could I ask please if there would be any chance of fixing the CMBN hedgerow tac ia behaviour in the near future? 
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    AlexUK reacted to IICptMillerII in ATGMs (and RPGs) an order of magnitude too powerful   
    No military is going to advertise its losses, to the enemy it is fighting, during the conflict.
    “Hey Adolf, you knocked out xx Sherman’s this month! Just wanted to let you know so you know that us allies are the good guys because we disclose everything immediately!” -Eisenhower, showing the world that being a war fighter is no excuse not to disclose the truth at all times.
    The vast majority are wear and tear. Sorry to shatter the sexy image, but after 2003-2004 tanks simply weren’t heavily used all over the place (or really at all in Afghanistan) because they were the wrong tool for the job. On top of that, no one was driving these things down city streets to be lit up by RPGs from every possible angle. 
    So do most heavy units that rotate through NTC. No joke, this happens. A unit slated for a deployment will go to NTC for a train up and break all of their equipment, rendering them unable to deploy. Granted that isn’t the norm, but it has happened a few times. Point is, combat conditions and just general field operations are hard on vehicles. They require constant maintenance to keep in the field. And there are different levels of maintenance as well. All those Bradley’s at a depot in TX? Those are deadlined vehicles that have to be repaired by the company that makes the Bradley. Not from combat damage, but regular wear and tear. 
    These vehicles are 30-40 years old, and are handled by 18-20 year olds who are tired, hopped up on caffeine, and pissed off at everything. And they’re essentially driving a big rental vehicle that they perceive to be invincible. How long do you think your car would last in the hands of a 19 year old with a fetish for amateur off-roading? 
    Again, the point is that regular wear and tear does far more damage to vehicles than people realize. Not to mention the desert is not a friendly environment to vehicles. 
    As you correctly point out, a US Abrams does not equal an Iraqi Abrams. And the fact that the Iraqis lost so many tanks to ISIS is no surprise. You know who the Iraqis also lost a lot of tanks to? Literal human wave attacks in the Iran-Iraq war. As in Iraqi tanks in fighting positions were overrun by Iranian human wave attacks, across open terrain. Yeah... I think it’s safe to say that Iraq could use some remedial training in the art of armored warfare. 
    I certainly agree on both points here. I don’t think RPGs are undermodeled, and I also think that the wounded to killed ratio in general, but specifically with vehicle crews favors killed over wounded far too much. But I suppose that’s a different discussion. 
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    AlexUK got a reaction from Oleksandr in Oleksandr's Modding Space for CMSF2   
    This looks very impressive! 
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    AlexUK reacted to Jace11 in CMFB (Unofficial) Screenshot Thread   
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    AlexUK reacted to Peter Panzer in New "02" patches for Game Engine 4 are now available   
    Thanks to everyone for resurrecting this topic, as well as to @Elvis for being present and hopefully bumping it closer to the top of the internal Please Fix or Do Sumfink List.  I know the R2V module took on a developmental life of it's own over the last months!
    CMBN is my favorite title and I too have held off starting any new games due to the counter logical infantry/bocage behavior.
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    AlexUK reacted to IanL in Here is What I Dont Understand about BF?   
    Oh yes, please. I would love to see that. There are many people who play in tournaments and campaigns at TFGM site that this would benefit - because those organizing them could do even more cool stuff.
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    AlexUK reacted to Zveroboy1 in A bunch of maps of Ukraine I have made over the years   
    So I have been toying with the map editor in Combat Mission ever since I got Black Sea a couple of years ago and I have half a dozen maps that I am fairly happy with, pretty much all of them 90% complete. Most of them are maps of the Donbas region where fighting actually took place but there are also a couple that I simply picked because the topography looked interesting. I have downloaded tons of stuff over the years from other people, scenarios, campaigns, maps and loads of mods so I thought I'd post what I have here. Is not purely unselfish because I also hope it might encourage other people like me to share their work with the community.
    All these maps are based on real terrain and topography, using google earth, tons of photos and a bit of creative license from time to time. But I tried to stick as much as possible to the real terrain. I am going to provide a couple of satellite pictures for each one because some people might find it interesting to know where they are located. But obviously you're free to use them for whatever purpose you like and pretend it is a place in Greenland or Kentucky if you feel like it.
    I decided to post them all in a single thread and plan on releasing them in the next weeks as I put the finishing touches to them. I got one of Nikishyno and Logvynovo in the Debaltseve area in particular that people might like.
    Again feel free to use these for whatever you want. All I ask is that you link to this thread if you end up using them to create a scenario with one of them for instance. Also if you are some sort of genius or mastermind who knows how to create an AI plan for quick battles and make one for one of these maps, please post it here.
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    AlexUK reacted to domfluff in Here is What I Dont Understand about BF?   
    One element that has genuinely changed for the worse is the loss of ChrisND, and his twitch streams. Those were superb content, both in terms of engaging with the player base and highlighting upcoming releases. I can't make a claim that that kind of presentation is cost effective, but it's certainly missed.
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    AlexUK reacted to herr_oberst in Interested to hear if you are trying a Combat Mission 2 engine game for the first time because of the new nations now available?   
    I purchase games/modules in order to support BFC and what they are doing.  Since the early Alpha AAR with 3 pixeltruppen marching abreast, and "Holy Crap, it's Squad Leader in 3D" (my initial reaction), through the current release, I've pre-ordered all the WWII games/modules. Don't have near the time I'd like to play, have 3 different battle maps in various states of completion (1 CMRT - Mius River bend, 2 CMFI - Kertsch peninsula) from 1:25000 copies of captured Truppenkarte maps gleaned from the Library of Congress vaults. 
    Even have CMBS, though I'm not a fan of modern stuff.
    I think of it as placing a wager against my future retirement -- when I finally do retire, I'll have all kinds of content to explore and play.
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    AlexUK reacted to Rokossovski in Bravo!   
    Hats off to the BFC crew; another great new title.  My favorite added feature: a tie between the French and the Indian Army.  (And I love that both have different uniform options to toggle between).
    Thank you for bringing us such a content-rich multi-module Italian campaign!
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    AlexUK reacted to Jumpete in Fire and Rubble   
    Steve spoke time ago about the development of this module for RT, if I remember well, he told that the work was advanced, even that it could be released at once to R2V. Well, now taht R2V is out, what BF can say about Fire and Rubble? (Some bones please).
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    AlexUK reacted to mjkerner in Where are the Goumiers in djellaba?   
    Thanks Steve and MikeyD.  There was a picture of what appeared to be a homemade mod in one of the FI threads a few weeks back that I think is what Zulu1966 referenced.  I might have to resurrect and finish my attempt at modding them that I started 5 years ago!
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    AlexUK reacted to c3k in Groundhog Day again   
    As a Beta-tester, knowing how much pent-up demand there is for Rome to Victory to be released, this only makes me redouble my efforts to find a bug, error, or flaw which will delay it yet again!
    As soon as my Thanksgiving repast allows, I shall dig back in and analyze the spent brass as it flies out of the open chambers of my REDACTED BY ADMIN

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    AlexUK got a reaction from Swant in Updated Troina campaign?   
    The second mission in the original was an absolute beast😧
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    AlexUK reacted to Commanderski in Here is What I Dont Understand about BF?   
    I think that you are referring to when many years ago "back in the day" when they used to give away the new modules. That was when it was just Combat Mission before CMBB.  They don't charge for patches, just for the new modules. They can't really afford to give away new modules anymore as they do take time to program and with all the games out there now some players naturally gravitate to different games and some like me come back after being gone for a while.  The amount of posts is not an indication of sales or how popular the game is. It's usually means that there are no problems with the game and no one is complaining. Only a small percentage of people generally post, in some sites you would think the game is dead but there are actually quite a few people playing.  As far as deadlines go it's better to have some people complaining about how late it is than to have everybody complaining on a poor product that came out on time.  
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    AlexUK got a reaction from Freyberg in Rome to Victory Release Date   
    Agree. Let's have some (more) previews to get us back on track. 
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    AlexUK reacted to Anonymous_Jonze in Rome to Victory Release Date   
    Why don't you all be quiet so this thread doesn't get locked. I think most would like to see previews of content not get into a debate.
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    AlexUK reacted to Seedorf81 in Rome to Victory Release Date   
    I need to apologize. Reacted before I  saw who wrote the comment (your comment) about Goumier and rape.
    Thought it was an ignorant rightwing "the Germans in ww2 hardly did anthing wrong, look how bad the Allies were" view.
    I should have looked before I reacted, because I know that you are a well informed and decent chap.
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