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  1. Seems like a major change in direction. I hope it works out for the company.
  2. Looks good, I like the slight elevation changes too
  3. I had a vague recollection of that too. It would be great if that were changed, as I'd hate to miss out on a good scenario🙂
  4. Wish, looks like a huge campaign, very cool!
  5. Remind me what those are again😉
  6. These little bits of the engine are great! I didn't realise that the longer the unit is in position the more difficult it is to spot. Makes perfect sense. Cool!
  7. I think mantlet penetrations are worth looking into. I thought mantlets acted as additional armour, with the hill armour still underneath, and from head on they are often curved. Edit - just to be clear, what I am referring to above are mantlet penetrations that also penetrate the main armour. No expert but seems a problem when I play
  8. That is very, very cool. Brambles and nettles for sure. I'd love to see these incorporated into the game itself.
  9. Personally speaking, I'm still recovering from the pain of the last few posts.... I hope you can turn it around.
  10. Great news 🙂, looking forward to getting back to CMBN
  11. Interesting shots of some German equipment at 8:20 ish point, are these in game?
  12. Cool, one of my small wishes for the new module was more variety in soldier models🙂
  13. Haven't played CMRT for a while, but do some of the Russians have the great coat/bed roll slung round shoulder now?
  14. It's been a long while since I've played. I seem to remember the barn is a deathtrap, hardly any protection. One thing maybe worth doing is to try to suppress multiple buildings at once with your MGs, so the new occupiers are not immediately under accurate fire. Suppression may not stop the enemy from firing altogether but it will mean their fire is less effective (eg less accurate), that is what I believe is the case anyway. Grenades have a max range. Currently no 'throw grenade' command, wish there was. Rifle Grenade launchers are different, and they can explode inside a building and be effective.
  15. I haven't played the scenario for a while, but smoke mauy be handy to use to block sightlines from other defended buildings, but be careful it doesn't block sight to your support fire on the building itself - used the wrong way it would give the defenders time to recover just as your assault is going in. Are there unoccupied buildings you could take before storming the occupied ones? That would give you the benefit of the added protection, and you could flank fire?
  16. I think that scenario is practically unwinnable. I have a vague memory of doing it perhaps once or twice after countless attempts....
  17. Wow, great story Bud, makes me want to fire up a game right now and spend more time following an individual team. Love the ending letter.
  18. The penetrations in the mantlet have been a worry for some time. Is this an official bug?
  19. I don't know how many titles it is affecting but I am getting blast order turning to quick.
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