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  1. I've really enjoyed it, it was interesting to read about your thought process behind your orders. Well done on the victory!
  2. I miss new Paper Tiger campaignsšŸ˜¢ I am waiting on getting a new computer before I play through any of his later campaigns, so I can properly appreciate them.
  3. It's positive that they are dedicating more resource to communications. It is also great that they are maintaining all titles up to date, despite of all the problems associated with that. It's interesting that BFC are trying to standardise - hopefully that means they expect to make lots more content in the futurešŸ˜‹
  4. Ok, I'm feeling it in my waters, patch will be out by end of April.
  5. Great, the German forces have a really cool equipment set, I'm looking forward to playing it!
  6. A couple of oddities. The briefing says that I have the support of Apaches but I can't see them in the mission (I haven't played all the way through but not showing as reinforcement either) Also, the F16 bomb ticks down one but with no explosion on map?
  7. I would guess that if the objective of a flare is to increase spotting ability, then that would be the big issue (I can imagine loads of complaints if it was just eye candy)
  8. I had a go last night. I aimed for a setup on the ridge overlooking the town on the right flank - pre set artillery was painful, followed by a succession of additional pain, primarily snipers on infantry and rpgs on Strykers. Next go I thought - what favours US? Distance - so I shifted all forces to far left flank and set up base of fire with MGS with manoeuvre forces gradually closing in. Ran short of time at the end so lost a handful of Strykers when pushing too hard, but got Syrian surrender with not much of their forces left on map.
  9. It sounds like a great idea - lots of small battles would be really good from my point of view. In the short term I would probably be able to manage once a week, for the next three weeks at least. I tried downloading the first ones and putting them in the CMFI Scenarios folder but when I go into the game I can't see them (running a mac, but not sure that is relevant).
  10. Yes! I don't use sound mods for that reason. I am running a very old system though - 2009 MacBook Pro.
  11. Oh oh! A bit of a stupid question, but how can I check the method of payment I used? Edit - I checked, PayPal, I guess I am ok.
  12. I would love a CMBN pack that was a mix, say, of: Some more weapons (I think there are some Axis weapons that were being used) Some new fortifications (e.g. bunkers with AA position on top, or tank turret). Commandos. Some new small tree (shrubbery!) options. A couple new building types (e.g. some Norman churches) Some new sounds for weapons/explosions that work for the Mac (I think ChrisND mentioned these may have been in the works at some point?). ...and a few missions using the new bits. Ok, that sounds like quite a lot for a pack, come to think of it...
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