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  1. Thanks for the response Steve. I'm not playing on any maps with bocage at the moment because of this issue, so from my point of view it is quite a big one.
  2. I enjoyed the Pierrefitte-en-Cinglais scenario too🙂
  3. I'm guessing New Year bones. Would be nice to get a late Christmas bone for the red thunder module.
  4. I think I have noticed a few changes to existing things too. I for one would appreciate a bit more insight into the changes that are less visible, but that go into making a better experience for us.
  5. I have raised this before. I don't think this has always been the case. I preferred the tree trunks close only option myself
  6. I had trouble with an older install of CMFI, you mention all in one version, where can I find this? I downloaded v 2.1 but it is saying I new to have v2. 00 or later installed first.
  7. The second mission in the original was an absolute beast😧
  8. Thanks for letting us know, really looking forward to the module. Just need a new computer now🙄
  9. Agree. Let's have some (more) previews to get us back on track.
  10. I'm getting confused, is it imminent only with a second very, or have we already had two, or is it three verys ? Or are we still waiting for the 'extremely' 🤔
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