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  1. AlexUK

    CM:FI AAR SLIM versus Bletchley_Geek

    Thank you for the interesting AAR. I have never tried a scenario in these conditions but if I do I will be looking here first!
  2. I read 1st SSB - it would be great to have the commandos in game.
  3. In real life, in a full scale battle, how likely would one platoon which has seen combat, and is still in immediate danger, give up ammunition to another platoon? I would guess it would be pretty unlikely? Maybe after the fight is over, but during the battle? I agree that there doesn't seem much of a weight penalty to 'overstocking' with Ammo, I have no military experience, but I would guess most soldiers will have to balance personal mobility Vs ammo.
  4. AlexUK

    Kharkov Map Sneak Peak

    Oh... my ... word... This looks incredible - roughly how much time do you reckon you've spent so far?
  5. The ones on the left seem to fit better with the other portraits.
  6. AlexUK

    The state of CMSF2

    I would be interested in knowing the kind of things that go on behind the scenes. Pros and cons taken into account when making a decision, areas being worked on, some things that have been achieved since the last update. It may also have the side effect of people realising, and appreciating, more what goes into each game. For example, something that i have been thinking about is the work involved in a new vehicle. I guess research has to be performed on armour, effectiveness of weapons/ammo, ammo load out, performance on/off-road, then building the model (with armour values for every panel?), modelling separate elements (eg road wheels/tracks to simulate suspension), siting the crew members so that they fit and access the viewing ports ( no idea if that’s modelled), designing one or more skins - depending on weather conditions (are skins needed for different levels of detail?). I’m sure i’ve missed lots out. When I think about it I am amazed at the final product.
  7. AlexUK

    CMA Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    I really like the hilly/mountainous maps in CM:A, and the force mix is intriguing. If it was updated I would buy it with no hesitation.
  8. If you already have CMSF then the upgrade cost is super reasonable, so with the money you saved, I would also recommend CMFI+ GL. A new module will be released soon-ish (hopefully will get an update), and a Big Bundle may then be available for all three. In general, there are lots of video AARs of all the different WW2 Games in YouTube. There are also demos of each one (I think).
  9. Congratulations Ian, and thanks for the updates MikeyD - it's clear that there is a lot of work going into the update! I'm quite happy that the release is delayed if it means more new stuff.
  10. I found out recently that you can throw grenades over a wall (I think from a forum post). You need to be careful of squad placement if I recall. If I remember correctly, the grenades can also take down the wall itself after a time.
  11. I really like the narrative style Ian - it’s nice to have some context. Good luck!
  12. AlexUK

    The state of CMSF2

    It's incredible how property prices are so crazy different! Thinking about trying to buy a house here in Brussels - starting price for three bedroom and a tiny garden is probably upwards of 450,000 Euros!! I have serious indigestion even thinking about it.
  13. The Syrian models are looking great - the BMP 3 in particular - I'm looking forward to the release even more! All the armour seems to be in camo except for the BMP 2 - any reason for that? Will there be options to switch skin?
  14. Hi Bil the BMP 2s seem surprisingly expensive. I haven’t had much success with them in CMBS. What was your thought process when selecting? Also, do Canadians have Javelin in the game?