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  1. Thanks for the AAR! Following with interest☺️
  2. Mmm, I think the new CMFI module will keep me occupied for a while.
  3. That sounds utterly grim🙁 I hope your recovery goes as well as it can.
  4. That's a good point. One of the default sounds that to me sounds really off is the soviet wheeled MG (I think that's the one - travelling)
  5. There are a few problems with that in my experience. Grenades are not thrown rapidly, the throwing can be spread out. I would rather have several thrown at the same time. Also, smgs will also often fire, this using up the clip and reloading as they are charging in.
  6. I would really like to see improvements to sounds - they are a big part of immersion for me, and default sounds, particularly small arms fire, could do with some changes. CMRT in particular. I also think a throw grenades command would be a great improvement.
  7. Thanks, that makes sense then... I'll bring some help in😏
  8. I am having difficulty getting troops to use satchel charges - a patch change? https://photos.app.goo.gl/iJcTBuMN85mCaxxe8 These guys have been sitting here for two turns, threw all their grenades early on, now using garlands to shoot at the bunker, no use of satchel charges. MG scenario Out on a Limb. This is combined with the old issue of invulnerable troops leaving a knocked out bunker, means I don't want to move them closer... Is there a maximum range for satchel charges that is shorter than for grenades?
  9. Yes, I have experienced too. If not a big, it would be good to get an audio message explaining the reason.
  10. Really looking forward to this Bil, I'm pleased you are playing with the same side too, that takes Javelin out of the equation.
  11. Good answer😉 At last I will be able to play CW forces - thanks for the patch. Of course, now it would be good to get some news on other developments😛
  12. I've really enjoyed it, it was interesting to read about your thought process behind your orders. Well done on the victory!
  13. I miss new Paper Tiger campaigns😢 I am waiting on getting a new computer before I play through any of his later campaigns, so I can properly appreciate them.
  14. It's positive that they are dedicating more resource to communications. It is also great that they are maintaining all titles up to date, despite of all the problems associated with that. It's interesting that BFC are trying to standardise - hopefully that means they expect to make lots more content in the future😋
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