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  1. Oh oh! A bit of a stupid question, but how can I check the method of payment I used? Edit - I checked, PayPal, I guess I am ok.
  2. AlexUK

    2019 Reporting For Duty

    I would love a CMBN pack that was a mix, say, of: Some more weapons (I think there are some Axis weapons that were being used) Some new fortifications (e.g. bunkers with AA position on top, or tank turret). Commandos. Some new small tree (shrubbery!) options. A couple new building types (e.g. some Norman churches) Some new sounds for weapons/explosions that work for the Mac (I think ChrisND mentioned these may have been in the works at some point?). ...and a few missions using the new bits. Ok, that sounds like quite a lot for a pack, come to think of it...
  3. AlexUK

    Order completed!

    This has really cheered me up - great news! Made my week 🙂 Really good to hear from you again.
  4. Very cool Bil. If I ever have a go at PBEM i am sure these will be a great resource.
  5. AlexUK

    New Schmuck in need of advice

    That minute traumatised me - I haven’t been able to watch a newer one. You should have put a warning about the graphic content...
  6. AlexUK

    Demo Feedback

    I guess you would need some kind of warning to reload? Otherwise easy to miss? What is interesting in the demo is that the German ifv's pop smoke and retreat after firing TOW. Perhaps an alternative is to apply that to the other vehicles (if they have two missiles loaded, only perform the action after both tubes are empty?)
  7. AlexUK

    Demo Feedback

    Yes, just trying the syrians on a play through of Alamo. Reloading ATGM in BMP means crew member exposes themselves (Target on building). Loader then gets killed by sniper. If crew member has to expose themselves to fire ATGM, I would have thought they would use main gun instead? Also, can the Bradleys reload TOWs without a crew member opening a hatch?
  8. AlexUK

    Minor visual Obdervations

    When roof destroyed (in this case by artillery), at certain distance interior floors become transparent. https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZGsy1wLY5xD1X4Gw9 Also, not really visual observations, but the SA-80 has a very strange tinny sound when playing on mac. Also, I am not sure why the Challenger isn't firing the .50 cal on target light? Does it need to open up to reload? https://photos.app.goo.gl/uw95RKKwxXqhx18p8
  9. AlexUK

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    It would be good to have some more detail on where you are struggling, but an initial question - do you actually need to breach/occupy that particular building? Could it be bypassed instead?
  10. How about, if a designer wants, the player gets s message during the game - 'send for re-inforcements?'. If they answer yes, the reinforcements appear at a later stage in the game (spot VPs as described could be added).
  11. AlexUK

    CM:FI AAR SLIM versus Bletchley_Geek

    I am still not very clear on what effect the experience (Regular, Veteran ) of HQ units has on their troops/ subordinate HQ units?
  12. AlexUK

    Demo Feedback

    I really enjoyed the scenario. I agree that the reinforcements are overwhelming though. Perhaps a tweak to the released version to give a bit more balance?
  13. AlexUK

    Minor visual Obdervations

    No symbol for main weapon on BTR 60PB: https://photos.app.goo.gl/XpJzH1rNh81fMk1i9