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  1. I'm really looking forward to this! I bought Shock Force a few years ago and never got into it, so hopefully this will show me what I'm missing. I appreciate all the effort you go to Bil, it makes for an AAR that is a fantastic read and I also learn a lot.
  2. AlexUK

    The patch?

    From my perspective, updates are being provided, apart from the regular beta tester posters, eg sburke, the above is a good example - benpark is heavily involved in at least the CMRT module, and, within the limits of what he can say, has said: Several people are working very hard on the new stuff. There are no major issues with BFC or the planned projects. Progress is being made. For me, that is good enough (and benpark has also posted elsewhere recently to the same effect). P.S. I am hugely impressed by the time and effort the beta testers are putting in to support BFC, and help out with problems on the boards.
  3. AlexUK

    An Possible Exploit

    Actually I think this might happen at the moment. I think in certain situations where you haven’t spotted the shooter (small calibre rounds only), you do not hear the sound of rounds hitting. I often see troops with suppression indicators showing but with no sound of rounds hitting nearby (could be other reasons though - again I haven’t tested). For me this is a bit of an immersion killer.
  4. AlexUK

    An Possible Exploit

    I get the impression that contacts (not sure how to differentiate between sound and other types) tend to show the exact spot. I haven’t tested it though.
  5. AlexUK

    An Possible Exploit

    Yes, I miss the non-exact icons too, I think there is too much information given on location at the moment.
  6. AlexUK

    Lend-Lease stuff coming soon?

    Thanks for taking the time to post benpark - I appreciate the information and I am looking forward to more of your excellent scenarios.
  7. Nice! Another AAR, and it will also whet my appetite for CMSF 2 - I bought CMSF 1 but could never get into it - I guess mainly because of the graphics. Thanks for doing this
  8. AlexUK

    AAR - A Lesson in Defense

    Wow, I would never have thought to do something like that. Presumably a risk is for the attacking force to get cut off and destroyed - but in this terrain your support could presumably interdict any attempt to do this, given the dip between your forces and his support location. You presumably also needed to decide between fast movement - before he can react, and while his forces are hunkering down, vs slow, with less chance of detection. How did you approach this?
  9. AlexUK

    AAR - A Lesson in Defense

    It would be interesting to know how you were planning on using your on and off-map artillery Bil.
  10. AlexUK

    AAR - A Lesson in Defense

    I have a question about your setup Bil (having just played through the scenario as attacker so I could better follow the AAR). I was wondering whether you considered setting up higher up the hill near the objectives, where there is less/no LOS from likely enemy support fire locations (could you call it reverse slope defence?). Where you are now seems in sight, and therefore vulnerable, once you open fire and reveal your location.
  11. AlexUK

    AAR - A Lesson in Defense

    An AAR from Bil - great! I am definitely going to enjoy this - thanks for all the time you put into these Bil!
  12. Possible gun mantlet bug?
  13. This is a bit annoying for me - when I target with the team, the single carbine starts shooting before of the flamethrower, which attracts the attention without doing much damage - result - the flamethrower gets hit before he can fire. I guess this is a difficult one, as some may prefer this, but I would prefer only the flamethrower to fire unless he is out of ammo.
  14. :-) It can get kind of addictive - at least I can console myself when I lose yet again to the AI.
  15. Thanks, but normally I would expect crew ammo to be quite low - in this case it is 4000 rounds - shouldn’t this be in the vehicle side? This was the default allocation - I didn’t acquire anything. The vehicle itself did have some mg ammo too, in the screenshot I had already used that up.