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  1. Seems like a major change in direction. I hope it works out for the company.
  2. Looks good, I like the slight elevation changes too
  3. I had a vague recollection of that too. It would be great if that were changed, as I'd hate to miss out on a good scenario🙂
  4. Wish, looks like a huge campaign, very cool!
  5. Remind me what those are again😉
  6. These little bits of the engine are great! I didn't realise that the longer the unit is in position the more difficult it is to spot. Makes perfect sense. Cool!
  7. I think mantlet penetrations are worth looking into. I thought mantlets acted as additional armour, with the hill armour still underneath, and from head on they are often curved. Edit - just to be clear, what I am referring to above are mantlet penetrations that also penetrate the main armour. No expert but seems a problem when I play
  8. That is very, very cool. Brambles and nettles for sure. I'd love to see these incorporated into the game itself.
  9. Personally speaking, I'm still recovering from the pain of the last few posts.... I hope you can turn it around.
  10. Great news 🙂, looking forward to getting back to CMBN
  11. Interesting shots of some German equipment at 8:20 ish point, are these in game?
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